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Posted on: 05/29/12

The Poisonous Fruit of Abortion for Profit

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Drudge is carrying a link to a series of stories on Planned Parenthood's support of sex-selection abortions. Perhaps it will serve to awaken some people to the depravity of abortion-for-profit. Perhaps it will help people understand what can go wrong when we allow a government-sponsored corporation to market death. But only if we have the moral strength to ponder this ugliness.

Sadly, many will continue to motor down the road, distracting themselves with an inane text message until the discomfort passes.

Planned Parenthood has built a powerful conglomerate around the idea of enabling a "woman's choice", regardless of how morally corrupt or depraved that "choice" might be. It is even willing to destroy other women (in the form of preborn baby girls and in the form of their mothers who must live with the consequences of this desperate decision).

Surely even some pro-abortion folks around the nation will find it ironic that the feminist movement has matured into a machine for the destruction of baby girls simply because they are ... inconveniently female.

History tells us that when compelling ideas produce poisonous fruit, it is past time to re-examine the assumptions underlying those grand ideas. There is something fundamentally wrong.  Can the feminist movement find the moral courage to engage in such a soul search?

We in the pro-Life movement must so pray.

Here is a link to the story.

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