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Posted on: 03/01/12

Liberals Know Best

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ICL Executive Director David Ripley public issued a response to yesterday's press release from Democratic leaders attacking several pro-Life bills pending in the legislature.

"The press release from the Democratic Party purports to speak for all Democrats," Ripley said. "I hope that's not true. In fact, I believe it is not."

"They claim that legislation which would require an ultrasound prior to an abortion threatens a woman's health," Ripley continued. "That is not only ridiculous, it is logically contradicted by the language of the bill. Ultrasounds pose no health threat, and, in fact, are important to protecting the health of women. Abortionists regularly use them to learn the baby's gestational age. That helps ensure a safer abortion procedure."

"SB 1349 will strengthen the Informed Consent Law by making sure that women and girls have the information they need to make a careful decision before undergoing a life-altering procedure. "

"The Democrat attack on this legislation also betrays a certain paternalism toward women," Ripley said. "Women and their babies are best served by having access to complete medical information before they undergo an abortion. This bill does nothing to deprive women or girls of their present authority to make that decision."

"That same ‘liberals-know-best' attitude is demonstrated by their attack on another bill - SB1348. The Democrat press release claims that this end-of-life protection constitutes an ‘attack' on the rights of patients and their families. Again, this turns logic on its head and is refuted by the plain wording of the bill."

"SB 1348 actually protects the rights of patients and their families," Ripley continued. "We are working to ensure that only a patient or her legal surrogate can decide whether to forego food and water. No one else should be able to deny a patient these most basic needs."

"It is especially important to construct these kinds of legal safeguards for patient rights with the threat of ObamaCare hanging over our heads," Ripley concluded. "Rationing of services by nameless bureaucrats is a near certainty if the federal take-over of health care is realized. We must act to protect health care providers and hospitals, as well as patients, from that threat."


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