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Posted on: 02/22/12

ICL Endorses Santorum for President

Idaho Chooses Life announced today that it was urging pro-Life Idahoans to support Rick Santorum in the March 6th GOP Presidential Caucuses.

"The Board of Idaho Chooses Life has voted to support Rick Santorum," said David Ripley, Executive Director, in a prepared press statement, "based upon his viability, his stellar record and his unquestionable passion for defending the sanctity of human life."

"We have watched with increasing revulsion as President Obama leads an unprecedented assault on Life and Liberty," Ripley continued. "The hour demands a leader with a deep understanding of the threat posed by government-run health care. As Rick Santorum has argued, ‘ObamaCare will crush economic freedom, will make people dependent upon government for the most important thing: their very lives'."

ICL noted that Santorum has been in the forefront of the national pro-Life movement for many years. He was a principal sponsor of the Partial Birth Abortion Ban and the Born Alive Infants Protection Act as a member of the U.S. Senate. But Santorum has not just fought against Roe v. Wade - he has worked to provide women and girls in difficult situations with real world help. In 1999 he sponsored the Women and Children's Resources Act to help women access health care, housing and educational services. 

Santorum's fundamental grasp of the core issues at stake in the pro-Life battle is further demonstrated by his sponsorship of the Assisted Suicide Prevention Act and the Alternative Pluripotent Stem Cell Therapies Enhancement Act. This latter bill would have directed resources toward medical research on stem cells derived from ethical sources.

"Idaho pro-Lifers have an historic opportunity to impact the national race for president," Ripley concluded. "We urge our supporters to get involved and make a difference on March 6th."



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