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Posted on: 02/08/12

Obama Mandate and State Insurance Exchange

Conscience Protection
Kudos to Austin Hill (KIDO Radio - Boise) for his show on the dire threat of Obama's "contraceptive" mandate. This new exercise of raw federal power shows the dangers of ObamaCare. But contrary to the liberal media spin, this raw power grab impacts much more than the Catholic Church or religious institutions.

Under the new edict, EVERY private employer will have to provide free sterilizations, contraceptives and abortifacients to their employees. Not only will every employer have to provide those "benefits" - they will have to pay the full cost of doing so. President Obama has determined that it is an "unreasonable burden" for employees to cover even a modest co-pay. That makes every private employer, including the many who have pro-Life/Christian values, an unwilling party to the destruction of innocent life.

This is but one example of the grave moral danger associated with the drive in the Idaho Legislature to submit to ObamaCare by creating a state insurance exchange. Regardless of the hype coming from the gaggle of lobbyists pushing greater state power and control over insurance competition - a state exchange is the cornerstone block of ObamaCare.  As such, it must adhere, by federal law, to the rules and guidelines issued by the Obama Administration.

A state insurance exchange is an expensive idea whose time may never come; but is downright dangerous now as part of Obama's drive to remake Idaho.

Austin Hill, ObamaCare, insurance exchange

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