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Posted on: 01/06/12

Abortion Lobby Spins Idaho Lawsuit

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A story last month in Newsweek attempts to portray Pocatello woman Jennie McCormack as the next Norma McCorvey, more victim than perpetrator. She is the woman at the center of a lawsuit which seeks, among other things, to create a "right" to easy abortion access.

This woman apparently killed her preborn child - during the late 2nd or early 3rd trimester - using RU-486 pills she obtained over the internet. McCormack tells her sympathetic media confessor that she decided to end the baby's life for the sake of her other children. (Quite a burden for those siblings to carry).

In a lawsuit against Bannock County prosecutor Mark Heideman, Ms. McCormack argues that not only does she have a right to an abortion - she has the "right" to access an abortion provider. Her constitutional gripe is that there aren't enough abortion providers in Southeast Idaho. So far, she has found a sympathetic audience in federal judge Lynn Winmill. (In fact, we are hard pressed to recall a single instance when Winmill has denied demands from the Abortion Lobby - but that is fodder for a congressional investigation).

The upshot of this lawsuit is a drive by the Abortion Industry to legalize the use of RU-486 at any stage of pregnancy and without medical supervision. Such a circumstance would contradict regulations issued by the FDA when it approved the deadly drug - in which they limited its use to the first 49 days of a pregnancy, as well as requiring a physician's involvement to protect the health and lives of women using it).

This lawsuit highlights one of the great lies behind the Abortion Industry's claim that it is all about protecting women. The strategy to remove any restrictions on the sale and use of RU-486 is all about money.

We encourage you to read the disturbing account of McCormack's crusade to expand abortion in Idaho for yourself by clicking here.

As an aside, we would urge Ms. McCormack to be cautious about her present role as professional victim for the Abortion Industry.  We had a chance to meet and talk with the original Norma McCorvey when she came to Boise in 2010.  She continues to carry a heavy burden for the role she played in moving Planned Parenthood's agenda.  It is hard to see how this ends well for Ms. McCormack.

McCormack, Winmill, Newsweek story

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