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Posted on: 12/08/11

Lightning Strikes in DC

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It seemed all but certain that women and girls would be able to get "Emergency Contraception" straight from the grocery store shelves after intense lobbying by drug makers seeking to expand their profits. They were partnered with the Abortion Industry, which blindly seeks to increase the number of babies killed in the womb.

And the heck with those girls and babies who may be destroyed in the process.

Under regulations adopted during the Clinton Administration, Emergency Contraception can be obtained by women "behind the counter", at the local pharmacy. Girls under 17 need a doctor's prescription.

Responding to the long-term lobbying campaign, the FDA approved changes in regulation of the deadly drug - treating "Emergency Contraception" essentially like Tums or aspirin.

This drug regimen contains super-doses of the hormones contained in "The Pill" - which, by the way, requires a prescription. The reasons that normal contraceptive pills need professional involvement are known to anyone watching television commercials, in which drug manufacturers list many potential serious complications stemming from the use "The Pill". (We have also seen many lawyers trolling for clients in lawsuits against those drug companies).

The point is that "Emergency Contraception" pills are potentially dangerous to both girls and the babies who may be killed by their use. It is unbelievable that the FDA would ignore the dangers and obvious opportunity for abuse. We have heard direct testimony from counselors at Idaho pregnancy centers regarding the prevalent abuse by teenage girls of the "Morning After Pill". (Readers should also know that the FDA has NEVER conducted research on the long-term impact of EC on the health of teenage girls who avail themselves of the drug).

Imagine how much worse it could be without any kind of hurdle to obtaining the drugs!

And that says nothing about the ease with which predators could buy supplies of the drug to enable their continued abuse of teenage girls.

So - how to explain the completely uncharacteristic decision by Kathleen Sebelius to overrule the FDA? This rabid abortion champion has gone to unseemly lengths over her public career to advance abortion-on-demand; going so far as to facilitate the shredding of Planned Parenthood records during her tenure as Governor of Kansas.Abortionist George Tiller With Kathleen Sebelius

One can only say that some sort of miracle has taken place. There may be more mundane explanations available - but we can say with certainty that the Abortion Industry must be as stunned as we at Sebelius' intervention.  

Photo at right shows Sebelius with late abortionist George Tiller.  Tiller was a large donor to her political campaigns in Kansas.

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