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Posted on: 11/14/11

ObamaCare Increases Uninsureds

National Health Care
By any measure, ObamaCare is already a tremendous failure. New estimates developed by the Gallup organization indicate that some 4.5 million Americans have lost their health insurance since Obama signed his dream act into law.

When Congress was debating the legislation, the Congressional Budget Office - probably under intense pressure from Princess Nancy and Democrat leaders - claimed that the number of insured Americans would actually increase in the first year of federalized health care. By some 6 million.

That means we are something on the order of 10 million families behind the estimates CBO used to calculate the cost of ObamaCare. Put another way, those people should be on private insurance plans, reducing the public cost of covering uninsured families. So not only do we see the problem of health care access growing under the president's plan, we are experiencing rising costs.

To say that those outcomes are the exact opposite of what Pelosi and Obama promised the American people is to understate the matter.

Critics pointed out that federalization would naturally destroy the private insurance sector, or at least make it a wholly-owned subsidiary of the government. That could only increase costs and bureaucracy. It is simply a law of nature that anything the government subsidizes becomes more expensive.

This problem is coming to Idaho. The state's insurance lobby is already working overtime to force Idaho legislators to go along with a plan to create Obama's "insurance exchange" here. Their calculus is that they must aggressively move to get a piece of the federal subsidies - or be forced out of the health insurance market altogether. This will no doubt be one of the signature issues of the 2012 session.


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