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Posted on: 11/02/11

Staggering Corruption in Kansas

Planned Parenthood
We have followed the scandal in Kansas for many years, and each new chapter surpasses the last. It is difficult to believe the level of moral and political corruption on display as various public figures go to increasing lengths to protect Planned Parenthood. 

The nation's largest abortion racket has escaped justice for many years, despite overwhelming evidence that it has flouted several state laws dealing with underage abortions, as well as late-term abortions. There has still been no trial on the 107-count criminal complaint filed against the organization in 2007. The organization's primary defender has been Kathleen Sebelius - now Obama's Secretary of Health & Human Services.

For years, Sebelius-appointed judges on the State Supreme Court have gleefully stymied prosecution, focusing instead on a witch-hunt against the righteous man who sought justice for the many children victimized by Planned Parenthood.

We now learn that Sebelius ordered Planned Parenthood documents shredded while she was governor of Kansas. That may make a successful prosecution of the abortion racketeers impossible.

Kansas has begun to turn the corner on political corruption with the election of Sam Brownback as governor. But it will probably take many years to undo the damage Kathleen Sebelius has done to the justice system in that state. Meanwhile this morally damaged woman continues to wreck havoc with the nation's health care system. The next presidential election cannot come soon enough. 

To learn more about the Kansas scandal, see Michelle Malkin.


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