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Posted on: 10/27/11

An Absurd Abuse of the Courts

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Hear about the case of the Democrat turned out of Congress last year launching a lawsuit for "loss of income"? Ohio Democrat Steve Driehaus was fired by constituents over his breach of faith with pro-Life voters. He was one of those "pro-Lifers" who followed Bart Stupak over the cliff, abandoning his supposed principles to support Barack Obama's scheme for nationalized health care - which includes massive subsidies for the Abortion Industry.

Most defeated politicians find some reasonably honest way to support themselves. A good number devote hours and months plotting a return to power. But Driehaus has filed a federal lawsuit against the Susan B. Anthony List for defaming his "good" name. They committed the offense of informing Ohioans that Driehaus had betrayed his commitment to defend the innocent.

One could reasonably assume that any federal judge would dismiss such nonsense - but Driehaus had the good fortune to locate an Obama appointee who is happy to waste his time and the public's money. It gives the judge a chance to do a little favor for the most abortion-happy president in U.S. history. 

But there is an even darker aspect to this story which moves it from the curiously self-abusive to outright dangerous: It turns out that Federal District Judge Timothy Black is the former head of Planned Parenthood of Cincinnati. Since he obviously did not have the integrity to recuse himself from the case - and the U.S. Senate did not have the wits or courage to deny Black's life-time confirmation to the federal bench - our friends at the Susan B. Anthony List have good reason to worry about this otherwise ridiculous case. One can see it becoming a serious financial liability for the pro-Life organization going into next year's election year.

The ramifications of the lawsuit go beyond Susan B. Anthony's finances: Judge Black and former Congressman Driehaus may be working a scheme to do criminal damage to the First Amendment.

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