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Posted on: 10/19/11

Remote Control Abortions

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Planned Parenthood is pushing a new business model - remote control abortions. Talk to someone who claims to be a doctor via the internet. He or she pushes a button, which opens a drawer containing death pills. Fast and profitable.

America's Merchant of Death has been providing this "service" to women and girls in Iowa, and is now working to make the same offering available in Minnesota.

RU-486 was legalized by Bill Clinton in the waning days of his presidency. The regulations of the FDA required that the lethal drug regimen be used only during the first 49 days of a pregnancy. That means a doctor must confirm the gestational age of the baby prior to prescribing the drug.

The question naturally arises: How can a doctor make such a determination without a physical exam?

Obviously RU-486 is lethal to babies. But there is mounting evidence that it threatens women and girls as well. LifeNews reports that dozens of mothers have died from complications. And the FDA is collecting reports from over 2,000 girls and women of serious health problems.

If a girl uses the drugs from the remote-controlled drawer, what is she to do if she gets sick? Will the blinking computer screen help her get to the hospital if she starts bleeding?

Profits before women. That is the simple truth of Planned Parenthood's business model.


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