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Posted on: 10/18/13
In the midst of the heated struggle in Washington, D.C., the ObamaCare Exchanges have ducked scrutiny by the media. Of course, there have been stories about the websites and technical "glitches". But those are not the important questions.

First among the critical questions: How much will policies cost Idahoans?

Just yesterday, the Heritage Foundation published data on premiums under the new Obama Insurance Company. It is not pretty.

For a single person, age 27, premiums are expected to rise by a whopping 86%. A single Idaho adult, age 50, will see premiums increase 34%. By comparison, an Idaho family of four will see relatively modest increases of "only" 9% in their monthly premiums.

But this is certainly not the end of the story. The Heritage numbers do not include information about the all-important deductibles associated with the new ObamaCare policies. We will continue to hunt for information about this critical component of any family's financial situation.

Families in 21 states are facing double-digit increases in their premiums next year. Even more disturbing, Heritage projects that in just five states will families see any relief in the already-high cost of providing health care to spouses and children. That means increases are coming for virtually every family in America - despite Obama's repeated claims that he will save the average family $2500 a year on their health insurance costs.

It is clear from such painful data that Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Idaho's senators were right to stage a last-minute struggle to prevent ObamaCare from pounding America's hard-pressed families. Sadly, they lost the battle, and now we will all pay the price.

Part of that defeat came from a failure of messaging: From the beginning of Cruz's crusade in Senate, the media characterized his strategy to defund ObamaCare as something extraneous to the grave fiscal and debt issues facing the nation. But, in truth, ObamaCare was/is central to the question of America's long-term financial health. Obama has doubled the national debt in his first five years in office. And that is without ANY of the insanity of ObamaCare hitting the nation's bleeding checkbook. By the end of his term, we will all look back at the "good old days" when America was in bondage to a "mere" $17 trillion.

Meanwhile, Idaho's Obama Exchange continues to plug faithfully along, adding expertise and competence to a disastrous social policy.


Posted on: 10/10/13
We recently talked with an Idaho Legislator who wanted to know if the state insurance exchange was carrying policies which provided for elective abortions. The answer is, we don't know for sure.

Two specific Idaho laws forbid the coverage of elective abortions. The most recent was enacted by the Legislature two years ago as we faced the threat of ObamaCare in one form or another. That "opt-out" bill took advantage of a specific provision of the federal law, and it stated that states could protect preborn children and taxpayers if they enacted legislation prohibiting such coverage in either the federal or state exchanges. Idaho Chooses Life brought that bill and succeeded in getting passed.

That would seem to settle the matter.

However, there is another provision of ObamaCare which requires that an elective abortion rider be available in all the states - though not necessarily at taxpayer expense. It has always been unclear how these two seeming contradictory provisions of the ACA would work out in real life.

Congressman Chris Smith (R-CT) took to the House floor this week and urged Americans looking at buying policies through the various exchanges to beware that they might be sucked into providing money to cover elective abortions. There is a surcharge buried in the fine print of insurance policies which gives the client the option to contribute to an "abortion fund". Only by positively opting-out at the time of initial sign-up can a person be protected from aiding and abetting in the destruction of another human being.

In fact, Smith and some 60 other members of Congress have introduced legislation called the "Abortion Insurance Full Disclosure Act" to force insurance exchanges to plainly and clearly inform potential customers whether the policies they might purchase include either abortion coverage or an abortion surcharge designed to finance the abortions of others.

This complex funding scheme is but a symptom of the evil being perpetrated upon the American people by President Obama through his health-care take over.

Only time will tell whether the Idaho Exchange is a participant in this particular outrage.

And even if elective abortions - or its indirect funding - is prohibited by the Idaho version of the Obama Exchange - it is clear that they are participating in the destruction of human life by requiring policy holders to pay for coverage of abortion-causing drugs like the "Morning After Pill", now available to children of any age without adult supervision.


Posted on: 10/03/13

Join pro-Lifers from across the Treasure Valley this Sunday afternoon as we launch another Life Chain.

This prayerful event is an opportunity to stand with others gathering together in over 1500 American cities and reminding our neighbors of the threat posed by abortion.  We will plead for the lives of preborn children and urge mothers to understand that there are loving options to aborting their babies.

Join us!  We will meet on Milwaukee Street, across from the Boise Mall, at the intersection of Westpark.  2 pm.  If you can't stand for the two hours, we'll gratefully receive any time you can spare!

Each year we see miracles happen.  Don't miss them.

We ask our friends to join with us in praying for the Lord's blessing of this event, that He might use it to save lives and draw our community closer to Him.

Posted on: 09/18/13

A dysfunctional federal government; a Republican Legislature cooperating with the Obama Administration in imposing ObamaCare upon the citizens of Idaho; a culture in which abortion, pot smoking and homosexuality have been "mainstreamed" by a relentless media and corrupt political class.

Every sit back and wonder if you are the crazy one?

David Kupelian has a provocative column running on WorldNetDaily which is well worth your time:

"How America Morphed Into Bizarro World".

Regular prayer is in order during these days of profound moral confusion.  Despair and silence are not.


Posted on: 09/17/13
We're now about two weeks from the official launch of Obama's health care revolution. It is anyone's guess as to what will actually transpire when the enrollment period begins. But the last couple of weeks have not been pretty.

A review of the headlines shows that public opposition is growing, while the nation's political class - particularly Republicans - continues to fiddle. Organized Labor has risen up to raise serious objections to ObamaCare and the devastation it will wreak upon existing health insurance plans they fought so hard to secure. But their friends in the White House have rejected pleas for an extra-legal fix of the problems caused by Obama and Democrats in Congress.

Instead, Obama has spent his time figuring out how to help members of Congress and their staffs get special exemption from the provisions of the very law they are imposing upon the American people. The greed and self-seeking of our national political class is simply disgusting.

Meanwhile, we learn that health care rationing is being implemented as an essential part of ObamaCare. The state of California, which seems to have a more advanced system in place to implement this "obamanation" than other states, has announced a package of plans to be available on its insurance exchange. Insurance companies are severely restricting the doctors and hospitals they will cover as part of their "networks".

One doesn't have to be rocket scientist to figure out that pushing more people to fewer health care providers will increase wait times and discourage people from seeking health care until problems become acute.

And then there is the news that Sebelius will order doctors and hospitals to collect "behavioral and social" data on patients. This data will become part of our permanent "Electronic Health Record" , stored and maintained by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Such data records will be linked to public health departments. In addition to data on gun ownership, this database will seek to track sexual patterns.

The more we learn about this scheme, the worse it gets. In fact, it seems a kind of madness has gripped has gripped our political class. The corruption of our Constitution and the ensuing threat to our privacy and personal liberty is so very painful to witness.

It would seem that the only clear option for the average American is to resist ObamaCare by refusing to participate in Obama's exchanges. Perhaps Idahoans can "vote with their feet" next month when Governor Otter reveals his version of ObamaCare. If few people cooperate, maybe we can force an admission by the ruling class that Americans will not be hogtied.


Posted on: 09/11/13
The Dean of the Conservative Movement in America took time on his show this morning to challenge the prevailing humanitarian superiority of Obama's Administration following the presidential address last night to the nation. President Obama rightly called upon America's attention to the outrage of a government using chemical weapons against civilians - including children.

But Limbaugh pointed to Obama's stark hypocrisy on the use of chemical weapons by recalling the permanent American war against babies in the womb, largely financed by unwilling taxpayers. Millions of America babies are killed each year through the use of chemical weapons in the form of RU-486 and the "Morning After Pill"; yet few voices of outrage are raised in alarm.

(Where is Senator Huff & Puff - a.k.a., John McCain - on this issue of huge moral import?)

Perhaps the difference is that we don't have handy pictures of those American babies, bundled in piles for the world to see.

It is too easy to turn away from the American slaughter of the innocent. They pass silently and privately into death, shrouded by a conspiracy so that we don't have to confront our own holocaust.

Please read Limbaugh's powerful commentary for yourself.


Posted on: 09/10/13
As the world watches Obama succumb to the superior diplomatic skills of Vladmir Putin, the federal and state bureaucracies grind on with their blind mission to animate the monster of ObamaCare. Over 10,000 pages of new regulations, in addition to the hills of paper being created by Idaho's own health insurance exchange bureaucracy.

We now learn that virtually every company in America is being forced to help Obama implement his mad scheme: A company with even a single employee must notify - in writing - each employee about the health insurance exchange and the availability of federal subsidies. Failure to do so could result in a $100 per day fine. So, at the point of a bayonet, private employers will join the ranks of Hollywood and the NFL in a high-stakes propaganda effort in selling the Obama Exchanges as they launch early next month.

Welcome to the new America.

Even as more bricks fall upon the private sector, Republican leaders in Congress continue to shy away from a direct confrontation with Obama over the menace of his health care scheme. Rather than use the power of the purse to shut down ObamaCare, Speaker Boehner and his cohorts intend to finance ObamaCare through a continuing resolution. But to appease their conservative base, Republicans in Congress will pass yet another piece of legislation to repeal ObamaCare - safe in the knowledge that such legislation will not become law, will not interfere with the grinding forward motion of the federal government's plan to consume the nation's health care system.

One is tempted to pronounce such GOP stratagems pure cynicism.

The last line of defense against ObamaCare will be the American people themselves. Long before the next election, the public will get its best shot at derailing the president's scheme by avoiding the insurance exchanges altogether. In about a month, we will begin to see whether the public is participating in the exchanges in large enough numbers to make ObamaCare anything close to functional.

A wholesale avoidance of the Obama exchanges might be enough to embolden the House Republicans to use the power they have under the Constitution to defend our birthright of liberty.


Posted on: 09/04/13
Dr. Bryon Calhoun, an OB-GYN at West Virginia University, was recently interviewed by Operation Rescue about the state of health care for women who submit to abortions. He told their reporter that he sees women suffering from botched abortions on a regular basis at the emergency room in Charleston; an average of once a week.

"These people [ post-abortive women] are told to come to our hospital because the abortion clinic providers do not have hospital privileges to care for their patients, so we must treat them as emergency ‘drop-ins'," Calhoun said. He adds,

"No other medical providers are allowed to care for patients, have no backup coverage, and then abandon them to the emergency room. ... The fantasy of women's reproductive health seems to allow these individuals who perform abortions some special dispensation to provide substandard care."

The "fantasy" he refers to is the media-fueled notion that the Abortion Industry is committed to protecting women and their health. Like drug dealers who peddle drugs on street corners, abortionists are only interested in their clients for as long as the money is good. Once they meet the demand, collect the money, they are done with the people they claim to serve.

All across the nation, in various states, Planned Parenthood and their abortion colleagues are fighting attempts to hold them accountable to decent standards of medical care. In California, they are pressing the Legislature to make it legal for nurses to perform abortions as a strategy to improve profit margins.

It is striking that the Death Industry would be so brazen with the profound moral and health scandal of Kermit Gosnell just months old. It is a reflection, we believe, of the national atmospherics engendered by President Obama and his unwavering loyalty to the Abortion Industry. They clearly believe he is big enough to protect them.


Posted on: 08/21/13

Boomers Too "Special" to Die Naturally?

By Wesley J. Smith

Oh good grief. We Baby Boomers are such a pain. It's always about us: Me. Me. Me.

And now, according to Time, we are supposedly going to change "how we die." ("A Good Death: How Boomers Will Change the World a Final Time.")

For eons, folks grew old, endured the symptoms, and died when it was their time-according to God's will, some would say, even if it involved fighting through lingering illness, pain and suffering, or years of mental or physical incapacitation. A "good" death was about having lived long enough to see grandchildren, put one's affairs in order, and pass away surrounded by a loving family.

Well, that's because earlier timesdid not have the medical means to do otherwise. But supposedly, nowwe are different:

Boomers don't see it that way. To them, a good death is more about a good life. When they can't have that any longer, it's time to pull the plug. This will be the first generation to broadly eschew painful life-extending procedures and make the most of palliative care to live better in fewer days, and then die with dignity.

But that's not true. Hospice, which allowed for this approach, has been with us for more than forty years. My dad died in 1984 under hospice care, eschewing life-extending treatment and dying pain free from metastatic colon cancer. We Boomers aren't pioneering this approach in the least!

But here is where things could get dangerous. Apparently to "die with dignity" is to kill ourselves: Boomers are supposedly going to lead the way into assisted suicide:

Suffering people have long sought an early end, of course, and many have done so quietly-or not so quietly in the case of patients of euthanasia advocate Dr. Jack Kevorkian. But we are now seeing the beginnings of a broad movement that will change the game for good. "People are starting to think about aid-in-dying as the next civil rights movement," says Goldstein. "Death with dignity is the final frontier of human rights and freedom of expression."

So what was once a taboo subject-how to die-is now in open discourse. The "death café" movement encourages people to meet and discuss the concept of a good death. This dialogue is being fed in part by less rigid adherence to organized religion, which has strong views surrounding death and dying, and advances in medicine and technology that make it easier to feel you can control pain and symptoms and the way you die.

Okay. I get it. Nothing new here. Just tired advocacy for assisted suicide masking itself as the newest news about the Boomers.

Boomers are not a great generation. To the contrary, we did shamefully little considering how much we were given.Too busy patting ourselves on the back, perhaps, and breaking the china.

Frankly, I think we are going to leave quite a mess. And if we do open the spigots to assisted suicide, it will be to our everlasting shame.


Posted on: 06/24/13
Due to some excellent reporting by the Idaho Reporter, we learn that the Idaho Department of Health & Welfare has given $385,000 to the insurance exchange to cover operating expenses and start-up costs.  The promise of "free federal money" used by promoters during the legislative session has yet to materialize.

According to the conservative news website, the decision to transfer funds was made unilaterally by the Department's director, Dick Armstrong. He moved the money earlier this month, in apparent violation of the state law creating the insurance exchange.

The enabling legislation, narrowly approved by the Legislature this last winter, made it clear in two different sections of the law that no state funds would be used in running the ObamaCare Exchange:

IC 41-6105 (2)(a): "The exchange shall be financially self-supporting and shall not request any financial support from the state ... or encumber state assets."

IC 41-6105 (2)(j): "The state of Idaho shall not be liable for any obligations of the exchange ...."

After operating with the money for nearly a month, the Board of the Exchange formally requested an Attorney General's opinion on the transfer last week, after the Idaho Reporter story went public.

Sen. Dean Cameron, the Legislature's dominating authority on budgetary matters, seemed relatively unconcerned about the apparent violation of state law - not to mention the appropriation process itself - but did acknowledge to the Idaho Reporter  that other legislators had expressed concern.

We encourage you to read the Idaho Reporter story for yourself and talk with your local legislators about the matter.


Posted on: 05/17/13
The now notorious abortionist Kermit Gosnell is in prison for the rest of his natural life. Given the difficult judgment facing him, one could imagine that he is hoping that prison time lasts for a long, long time. He was held accountable for but a fraction of the crimes committed, but we can give thanks for the fact that a jury of ordinary men and women had the strength of character to endure a horrific trial to render a guilty verdict.

Imagine for a moment the dire social consequences had they failed to find such a man guilty.

Now our attention can turn to the possible fallout from the Gosnell trial.

Many on the Left would have you believe that he was an evil aberration. Some would have you buy the notion that abortionists are simply kind, gentle souls rendering a public service. But abortion is, by its very nature, a grisly and bloody business. Gosnell is no by means an "outlier". (In fact, several abortion operations have come in for public scrutiny since the Gosnell trial began - Texas and Delaware come to mind).

What is genuinely unique about the Gosnell case is that it has forced the public to see and hear the sordid details of America's abortion culture. The nation, including media personalities impersonating journalists, have been cornered into actually seeing behind the dark curtain which surrounds abortion mills. We are collectively nauseated, our hearts hurt over the evil we silently tolerate.

Will the revulsion last? No. The nation is all too anxious to move along, to think of more pleasant things. But a deep crack in the foundation has nevertheless developed. For all our denial, somewhere in our minds the images and descriptions of industrialized child murder linger. Seeds of doubt have been planted in even the most virulent defenders of abortion. Some abortion supporters have even publicly changed their minds on the matter.

The fact that Gosnell was even tried proves that the nation's conscience still exists, that there are boundaries of decency left.

We must take encouragement from this demonstration of decency and nurture the seeds into mighty shade trees of relief from this national scourge.


As further demonstration that the violence on display in the Gosnell matter is inherent to the Abortion Industry, see the story running about an abortionist in Texas:  Link



Posted on: 05/13/13

U.S. Federal Judge Edward Korman (New York) issued an order on Friday making "Emergency Contraception" available to girls without restriction. His order was a direct answer to the Obama Administration's attempt to limit easy access to girls 15 and older.

By the terms of Korman's order, girls of any age can purchase the potent drug without identification or prescription from the shelves of any drug store. By the terms of his order, parents will, of course, be cut out of the process. And so will medical personnel, including pharmacists. Girls will have easier access to "Plan B" than adults do sinus headache medicine.

As we've noted before, this imperious social engineering will have devastating implications for the health and safety of America's daughters. Allowing grade school girls to ingest these dangerous and powerful hormones without adult supervision is simply madness. Which is to say nothing about the deaths of untallied preborn children and the further erosion of parental authority.

Nearly every profound social ill is on display with this story: the abuse of power by our federal judiciary; disregard for the family; and an evil agenda by the American Left to destroy the lives of America's youth by imposing a dysfunctional and degrading sexual ethic upon the culture.

With our federal and state authorities so compromised by this whole dynamic, pro-Lifers must focus significant prayer time on behalf of our nation's vulnerable daughters.


Posted on: 05/03/13
The unrelenting campaign to allow children free and unaccountable access to the "Morning After Pill" is nothing short of an effort by evil to destroy the innocence of children, particularly female children. The manufacturer of "Plan B" has been pushing for years to allow unsupervised and unrestricted access to their deadly product in the cause of greater profits. They have been joined by zealots in the Abortion Rights movement who seek to unfetter America from any moral concerns about sex or its consequences. Those forces have recently gained invaluable allies in the Obama Administration and the federal courts.

The first victims of their campaign to make Emergency Contraception as easily available as Luden's cherry cough drops will be the new human beings destroyed by the drug's powerful chemical make-up.

But the collateral victims will be the girls who use their new "Green Cards" to engage in premature sexual activity. By order of the federal government, these children will now have official permission - even encouragement - to engage in self-destructive sex before they could ever possibly appreciate the emotional, spiritual or physical consequences. Parents will be officially banned from interfering in the matter. Even doctors won't be allowed to obstruct access to the pills painted by the media as the "solution" to whatever consequences might follow premature sexual activity.

Could anyone concoct a more heinous plot to destroy innocence and future well-being?

Sadly, the dire consequences of this policy shift don't end there. Not by a long shot.

Official permission to access the Morning After Pill - which, again, acts as an abortifacient - will almost certainly lead to higher rates of sexual activity among the nation's children. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to realize that this increased rate of premature sex will lead to higher numbers of STD's, and higher rates of teenage pregnancies. With each destructive sexual encounter, innocence is wounded. Denigrated self-esteem and guilt is sure to follow, leading to other sexual encounters as a band-aid for the spiritual and emotional pain.

And we haven't even touched upon the ‘predator dynamic' - the easy availability of this deadly drug without medical and parental supervision is cause for celebration among those family members or neighbors who would prey upon the vulnerable and innocent.

And then there is there is the deadly matter of the health impact of the Morning After Pill itself. No long term studies have been performed on the consequences of ingesting these mega-dose hormones into the bodies of girls right in the midst of the most profound developmental changes. During the very period when they are maturing into women, the abortion-drug cabal would allow girls to freely add powerful hormonal cocktails into their bodies.

That cocktail contains mega-doses of the standard contraceptive pill, already shown to produce heart problems and even cancer in women who use the pill for extended periods of time. What happens to a young girl who uses "Plan B" on a repeated basis? No one knows. And no one - at least in official Washington circles - seems to care.

One could go on and on about the dire implications of this movement to normalize sexual activity among children. But be assured that countless future mothers, sisters, daughters, spouses will be forever changed by this sinister plot.

But there is one more dynamic which must be added to your consideration: the Idaho Legislature.

Last month we sought to insert a "Religious Liberty Amendment" into the language creating Idaho's new Obama Insurance Exchange. It would have prevented the exchange from forcing any employer or individual from paying for insurance covering abortifacients - like the "Morning After Pill" - if that employer had moral or religious objections to participating in the destruction of the innocent(s).

Our efforts failed. A majority of Republican senators were more interested in helping Blue Cross build an insurance monopoly in Idaho than they were in protecting human life or our religious liberties.

As a result, it is entirely possible that not only will a 12 year old child be able to walk into an Idaho Falls Wal-Mart and purchase Plan B off the shelf - she may be able to do so without a dime in her pocket. Those deadly drugs may be "free" to her under the terms of her father's group health insurance plan.

Lord have mercy upon those children we are publicly and willfully betraying.


Posted on: 04/30/13
The Gosnell trial in Philadelphia is coming to a close. But the trial is no longer just about a murderous abortion doctor who long ago abandoned any pretense of the Hippocratic Oath. The public revelations of what happens behind the heavy dark curtain has put the abortion industry on trial. 

And make no mistake: Gosnell's horror show is not some aberration.

Planned Parenthood has long fought for abortion at any place, anytime. They fought President Bush tooth-and-claw when he supported the Born Alive Infants Protection Act some ten years ago. It was their public policy to ensure that a doctor should have as many swings at the defenseless baby as necessary in order to guarantee a corpse is produced.

And don't be deceived that the unhealthy, contaminated, barbaric treatment of women at Gosnell's shop is unique. As a by-product of the Gosnell trial, nurses at a Planned Parenthood clinic have come forward to describe that an abortion factory in Delaware to describe their operation as "ridiculously unsafe". Former Planned Parenthood employee Joyce Vasikonis told reporters, "They were using instruments on patients that were not sterile."

This is the way that these supposed "advocates for women" treat those they claim to serve; imagine the barbarity they use in treating those innocent babies, deemed "enemies" of their world view.

The Gosnell trial has also put members of the media on trial. They have been weighed and found wanting. Most of the main stream media simply turned its back on the story. Liberal writer Marc Lamont Hill admitted as much in a posting on the Huffington Post:

"I do think that those of us on the left have made a decision not to cover this trial because we worry that it'll compromise abortion rights... there' a direct connection between the media's failure to cover this and our own political commitments on the left... I think it's dangerous."

Yes, dangerous for women and babies, certainly. But the failure of our nation's 4th Estate to perform its basic function is dangerous to the nation on a very basic level.

But despite that unspoken conspiracy, the truth is leaking out. The conscience of the nation is being challenged. Even the ethics of journalists are being challenged by the facts of this Gosnell trial, hearts are being reached. (See the heart-moving interview of a journalist by Governor Mike Huckabee on his Fox News Show).

The truth shall set us free.


Posted on: 04/17/13
Sen. Marco Rubio has come under gentle pressure from some conservative quarters over his adoption of the term "undocumented " in his bid to persuade Americans that the Rubio/McCain/Schumer plan to deal with illegal immigrants is good for the country.

The left has been using the power of language to manipulate Americans for many years, and this debate gives us an opportunity to examine how it is done, why it is done and the impact on public policy.

Breitbart traces the fight by the left wing to cleanse the media of the term "illegal immigrant" because it is "offensive": As far back as 2004, academics have been pressuring the Associated Press to drop the terminology. For years, the AP resisted, saying that the term was accurate because it described a "person who resides in a country unlawfully". But politics is everything.

Just this month, the AP announced that it would no longer use the term.

The same cleansing has occurred in the abortion debate, though over a much longer period of time. The media refuses to call groups like Idaho Chooses Life as "pro-life" - while having no trouble describing Planned Parenthood as "pro-choice". Of course that is frustrating because it drains so much of the debate of its importance.

But the manipulation of language by the Left often has real-world consequences. During this past legislative session, abortion advocate John Rusche - Democrat leader in the Idaho House - "officially objected" to the use of the term ‘abortifacient' during floor debate because "Emergency Contraception doesn't cause abortions".

Of course, what Rusche would not admit is that the Left - including members of the medical profession - have conspired to change definitions so that pregnancy no longer means what we all understand it to mean. By their cynical cleansing of the abortion debate, a new life simply doesn't exist until the fertilized ovum manages to attach itself to the uterine wall. Since Emergency Contraception is specifically designed to interfere with that process, pregnancy doesn't happen. And you can't have an abortion if you don't have a pregnancy to begin with.

Pretty slick, right? So slick in fact, that it is very difficult to even address Emergency Contraception in legislation because of the intentional abuse of language by operatives like John Rusche and the liberal media.

Even more important: Manipulation of language, words, has profound consequences because it is the medium of rational thought. An idea generally requires words to exist, and we certainly needs words to communicate our ideas to another. Win the battle for the dictionary and you can sometimes deprive your fellow citizens of truth altogether.


Posted on: 04/11/13
It's been about a week since the new Legislature finished the work they intended, with legislators returning to their districts.

So how did Idaho fare?

Democrats and powerful lobby groups are clearly happy with the session, to judge by their public comments and other press reports which show that Democrats have a new sense of power in the 62nd Legislature. That is particularly true in the House, where Democrats and moderate Republicans combined to impose Obama's Insurance Exchange upon the people of Idaho.

Despite fierce protests from Idaho business leaders, citizens, pro-Life groups, agriculture and the Idaho Republican Party, Idaho is now a full-fledged junior partner in an unconstitutional scheme to remake the economy and culture under the guise of "health care".

Idaho Chooses Life strenuously fought ObamaCare coming to Idaho, but we were simply overwhelmed by the immense resources Blue Cross and their allies brought to bear. We were further hamstrung by the large number of freshmen in the building who seemed dazzled by the attention given them by some of the state's most powerful lobbyists. It proved nearly impossible to reason with some of these folks, who clung to the mythology that, somehow, Idaho would be able to protect its sovereignty by submitting to federal control of our health care industry.

Particularly disappointing was the failure of the Legislature to adopt our "Religious Liberty Amendment" - which would have at least pushed back at the Obama Administration's evil plan to force Christian employers to pay for abortion-causing drugs as part of their company insurance policies. Many of those voting against our amendment proclaim pro-Life values, some even voted for a "memorial" to Congress just last year on this very topic; but when it really mattered, too many were apparently intimidated by the power of the insurance lobby or the federal government or both.

Idaho's religious liberties, as guaranteed by the state and federal constitutions, remain unguarded.

All in all, it was a very disappointing session for the pro-Life movement. Not only did we suffer defeat on the Obama Exchange - this legislature failed to pass a single pro-Life bill. That has not happened since the late 1990's.

We will have more to say about all this in coming days. But know that our resolve is strong to move Idaho forward in defending the innocent and their mothers from the scourge of abortion. It is too early to give up on this Legislature, despite its horrible beginning.


Posted on: 03/22/13
The Idaho Senate gave final approval to Obama's Exchange on a 23-12 vote Thursday. The last act of the drama will be Governor Otter's signature in the next week or so.

Voting for Obama Exchange: Sens. Steve Bair (R-Blackfoot), Les Bock (D-Boise), Bert Brackett (R-Rogerson), Cherie Buckner-Webb(D-Boise), Dean Cameron(R-Rupert), Bart Davis(R-Idaho Falls), John Goedde(R-Coeur d'Alene), Jim Guthrie(R-McCammon), Marv Hagedorn (R-Meridian), Lee Heider (R-Twin Falls), Brent Hill (R-Rexburg), Shawn Keough (R-Sandpoint), Roy Lacey (D-Pocatello), Todd Lakey, (R-Nampa), Patti Anne Lodge (R-Huston), Fred Martin (R-Boise), Jim Patrick (R-Twin Falls), Jim Rice (R-Caldwell), Dan Schmidt (D-Moscow), Jeff Siddoway (R-Terreton), Michelle Stennett (D-Ketchum), John Tippets (R-Montpelier) and Elliot Werk (D-Boise).

Voting No (the pro-Life position): Sens. Cliff Bayer (R-Boise), Branden Durst (D-Boise), Russ Fulcher (R-Meridian), Dan Johnson (R-Lewiston), Curt McKenzie (R-Nampa), Dean Mortimer (R-Idaho Falls), Bob Nonini (R-Coeur d'Alene), Sheryl Nuxoll (R-Cottonwood), Monty Pearce (R-New Plymouth), Steven Thayn (R-Emmett), Steve Vick (R-Dalton Gardens), and Chuck Winder (R-Boise).

Here is the Senate vote on our Religious Liberty Amendment (Nuxoll/Fulcher):

Voting to Amend the bill: (the pro-Life position): Sens. Cliff Bayer (R-Boise), Branden Durst (D-Boise), Russ Fulcher (R-Meridian), Dan Johnson (R-Lewiston), Curt McKenzie (R-Nampa), Dean Mortimer (R-Idaho Falls), Bob Nonini (R-Coeur d'Alene), Sheryl Nuxoll (R-Cottonwood), Monty Pearce (R-New Plymouth), Steven Thayn (R-Emmett), Steve Vick (R-Dalton Gardens).

Voting Against the Religious Liberty Amendment: Sens. Steve Bair (R-Blackfoot), Les Bock (D-Boise), Dean Cameron (R-Rupert), Bart Davis (R-Idaho Falls), John Goedde (R-Coeur d'Alene), Jim Guthrie (R-McCammon), Marv Hagedorn (R-Meridian), Lee Heider (R-Twin Falls), Brent Hill (R-Rexburg), Shawn Keough (R-Sandpoint), Roy Lacey (D-Pocatello), Todd Lakey (R-Nampa), Patti Anne Lodge (R-Nampa), Fred Martin (R-Boise), Jim Patrick (R-Twin Falls), Jim Rice (R-Caldwell), Dan Schmidt (D-Moscow), Jeff Siddoway (R-Terreton), Michelle Stennett (D-Ketchum), John Tippets (R-Montpelier), Elliot Werk (D-Boise), Chuck Winder (R-Boise).

And here is how the Idaho House of Representatives Voted on the Obama Exchange, which passed by a vote of 41-29:

Voting yes: Reps. Anderson(01), Anderson(31), Anderst, Bedke, Bell, Bolz, Burgoyne, Chew, Clow, Collins, Erpelding, Eskridge, Gannon, Gibbs, Hancey, Hartgen, Henderson, Hixon, Horman, Kauffman, King, Kloc, Malek, Meline, Miller, Morse, Packer, Pence, Perry, Raybould, Ringo, Romrell, Rusche, Smith, Thompson, VanOrden, Ward-Engelking, Wills, Wood(27), Woodings, andYoungblood.

 (13 Democrats + 28 Republicans)

Voting No (the pro-Life position): Reps. Agidius, Andrus, Barbieri, Barrett, Bateman, Batt, Boyle, Crane, Dayley, DeMordaunt, Denney, Gestrin, Harris, Holtzclaw, Loertscher, Luker, McMillan, Mendive, Monks, Moyle, Nielsen, Palmer, Patterson, Shepherd, Sims, Stevenson, Trujillo, Vander Woude, and Wood(35)

Here is how the House voted on our Religious Liberty Amendment (Barbieri/ Boyle), which failed on a 32-38 vote:

Voting Yes (the pro-Life position): Reps. Agidius, Andrus, Barbieri, Barrett, Bateman, Batt, Boyle, Collins, Crane, Dayley, DeMordaunt, Denney, Gestrin, Harris, Hartgen, Holtzclaw, Loertscher, Luker, McMillan, Mendive, Monks, Moyle, Nielsen, Palmer, Patterson, Shepherd, Sims, Stevenson, Thompson, Trujillo, Vander Woude, andWood(35).

Voting No: Reps. Anderson(01), Anderson(31), Anderst, Bedke, Bell, Bolz, Burgoyne, Chew, Clow, Erpelding, Eskridge, Gannon, Gibbs, Hancey, Henderson, Hixon, Horman, Kauffman, King, Kloc, Malek, Meline, Miller, Morse, Packer, Pence, Perry, Raybould, Ringo, Romrell, Rusche, Smith, VanOrden, Ward-Engelking, Wills, Wood(27), Woodings, and Youngblood

(13 Democrats + 25 Republicans)



Posted on: 03/20/13
Catholic Charities testified before the Senate Commerce Committee this week, urging legislators to impose ObamaCare upon the citizens of Idaho by creating Obama's insurance exchange.

In so doing, the Church-affiliated organization gave some political cover to legislators grasping to maintain their pro-Life credentials while helping President Obama expand his attack on the sanctity of human life.

In essence, Ms. Tiddens told committee members: Our priority is helping the poor with more government money. We may feel bad about that abortion stuff ... but that is really a federal problem. What's important here is the money.

To say the least, this is troubling - particularly because many legislators believe that Ms. Tiddens was/is speaking for the Bishop of Idaho.

Ms. Tiddens is factually incorrect when she argues that there is nothing Idaho legislators can do about the Obama Mandate to provide free abortifacient drugs under a health insurance exchange. We have been pushing a "Religious Liberty Amendment" all session, and continue work behind the scenes to secure this basic protection for Idaho citizens and employers. We have done so, by the way, without any help from Ms. Tiddens or Catholic Charities.

Catholic Charities is also apparently oblivious to the fact that the threats posed by ObamaCare go well beyond abortifacients.

For example, what will their rationalization be when health care is restricted for certain citizens deemed "unworthy" of communal resources? When the Death Panel begins imposing rules and regulations upon the people of Idaho?

The Catholic Church has long taught the doctrine of refusing to cooperate with evil. It is indisputable that much evil is loose in ObamaCare - which is more about imposing a foreign value system than it is health care. But it seems that Catholic Charities is blinded by a different doctrine - a "social justice" agenda that is often nothing more than whitewash for social activists at war with traditional Catholic values.

The Lord himself declared that we cannot serve God and mammon.


Posted on: 03/09/13

The following testimony was delivered by David Ripley on behalf of Idaho Chooses Life before the House Health & Welfare Committee on March 7th:




















Posted on: 03/06/13
The following guest opinion by Rep. Lenore Barrett appeared in the Idaho Statesman on Tuesday:

Where would we be today if David had looked up at Goliath and said, "Whoa! I ain't takin' on this dude!"

Well, David showed up at the American Revolution, and the rest is history. It only took 236 years, but we finally forgot the roots that gave us wings. The power of the "Crown" still dwells amongst us. Only the names have changed. God is being mocked, and sacred honor goes to the highest bidder.

Sovereign states have become tiny fish in a big federal puddle and can't see the hook obscured by the fat, federal worm. Why, if your car stalls on the track in front of an oncoming train, would you not get out? America is a country in decline; and, since misery loves company, the federal government wants state government to join it on the way down!

So, what is happening at the Idaho Statehouse? Depends on who you ask!S1042 (Idaho Healthcare Exchange) sailed through the Senate and is docked in the House Health and Welfare Committee, where it will get a new shade of lipstick on the same old money-sucking mouth.

House freshmen want to sugar coat (amend) it and make it more palatable, or they won't support it; however, if you sugar coat a cyanide pill, you'll still be dead. Make no mistake, this is a sovereignty issue. Idaho passed a Health Care Freedom Act, joined in a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Obamacare, and the Idaho Republican Party, by resolution, has repudiated the state exchange, as has the Idaho Farm Bureau and a majority of right-thinking Idaho voters; but, the "Crown" moves amongst us and extols the delight of savoring that fat, juicy worm obscuring the deadly hook.

Over half the states in the Union have rejected state/federal exchanges. They understand that the state will be nothing more than a federal flunky, with or without amendments to the contrary. If the House passes S1042, it will enable the federal government to move forward with Obamacare. So much for State Sovereignty!

The Heritage Foundation suggests that if the feds are stuck with it, they will fail and the whole exercise will implode. No more Obamacare! Only if the state pays the bills, enforces the regulations/rules and submits to the IRS, can the feds succeed; but, the feds can't succeed with this unconstitutional activity unless the Idaho Legislature acquiesces. There ARE other options, but we must first rid ourselves of this federal healthcare albatross around our neck.

If anyone gets to read this, S1042 may well be fait accompli. So, save it for "I told you so!"




Posted on: 03/04/13

The Washington Examiner is carrying a column which explores the dynamics at play inside the Statehouse.

It is particularly illuminating given that the Insurance/Medical industries have unveiled their "new and improved" Obama Exchange bill in the House today.  The final push is on and Idaho citizens have precious little time to protect themselves from the mandates, restrictions and taxes of ObamaCare.

Read the story, Health Industry Pushes GOP States Toward ObamaCare, and pass it along to your friends.

Pay particular attention to the paragraph dealing with the CATO Institute analysis which debunks claims by insurance lobbyists that Idaho will "gain a seat at the table".

Posted on: 03/04/13
The Idaho Statesman reported over the weekend that Blue Cross is now sitting atop some $500 million in cash reserves. That is nearly double the amount of money it had on hand when Barack Obama was first elected in 2008.

Blue Cross officials said they were building the cash to deal with the various costs of ObamaCare.

But the simple truth is they are making record amounts of money. In most business circumstances, one would call this pile of money what it is: profit. But in this case, given the special privileges and market power that Blue Cross enjoys, company officials prefer to call this pile of money a "savings" account.

These profits come, of course, from the excess of premiums charged business owners, government and families. Those premiums have been increasing rapidly under the cover of ObamaCare. It is hard to avoid the conclusion that Blue Cross has been taking advantage of the mass confusion over ObamaCare to do a little pillaging of Idaho households.

That pillaging appears headed toward even greater levels given the fact that the Idaho Legislature is poised to impose ObamaCare upon the people of Idaho.

One would hope that state representatives would take a deep breath and look at these staggering profits before going even deeper into protecting Blue Cross with an insurance exchange. And, regardless of anything else you've heard - the heart of the exchange debate going on at the Statehouse is protecting Blue Cross' dominant market share.

Here is a link to the Statesman story.


Posted on: 02/26/13
President Obama has become a master of manipulation. When confronted with opposition, he enlists the MSM to deliver his version of contorted reality without scrutiny. We saw another stage production just this week when the Idaho media reported on Obama's message that he will hurt Idaho kids, seniors, travelers, military personnel - unless Congress capitulates again to tax increases.

Under the guise of implementing the "sequester" - Obama says he will cut $3.7 million in federal funds to schools. Particularly hard hit will be those children with disabilities. Funding for Mountain Home Air Base will be cut. Grants for law enforcement, kids' vaccines, and even a program to help women caught up in domestic violence will suffer because Barack Obama says they must. They must suffer to make Republicans pay and repent of their obsession with fiscal responsibility.

Why do we talk about this?

By our count, Obama is threatening to stop something like $15 million in federal funds from going to Idaho if the sequester happens later this week.

Here's another idea: The Idaho Senate just approved a plan to implement an insurance exchange as part of Obama's plan to impose health care "reform" on the people of Idaho. A program no one but Blue Cross wants. Attached to the bill is a $30 million federal grant.

How about we tell Obama to keep his $30 million, and keep the change to pay down the deficit - so long as he promises to leave us alone? So long as he stops using our tax dollars to impose ugly social policies upon the people of this state, so long as he ends his war on our religious freedom?

And why hasn't Dan Popkey or other media personalities commented on the expansion of federal "aid" to Idaho at a time when Obama is threatening to slash spending in other areas already dependent upon the Santa Claus on Pennsylvania Avenue? For that matter - why haven't members of the Idaho Legislature taken notice of this tragic irony?


Posted on: 02/22/13
The Idaho Senate has decided to follow Governor Otter's recommendation that his state government cooperate with the Obama Regime in implementing ObamaCare. The battle to preserve liberty now shifts to the Idaho House, where lobbyists for the insurance industry have been working hard to charm, cajole and corral the large class of freshmen legislators.

It would be easy to use this page to vent. Let's limit the matter for now to an expression of disappointment in the majority of Republican senators who determined that cooperation with the Obama Administration was our only course.

Instead, let us celebrate and acknowledge the patriots who stood all day on the Senate floor defending the Constitution, the cherished value of limited government and individual liberty. And honor the fight they made to defend the sanctity of human life.

Sen. Monty Pearce read from the Federalist Papers, trying to turn the Senate's gaze back to a more heroic age, one in which men risked their very lives to resist tyranny.

Sen. Curt McKenzie gave one of the most eloquent and briefest arguments against submitting to the plans of Barack Obama to remake America. He said that he understood the "Affordable Care Act" to be unconstitutional and he could not in good conscience help advance its implantation in Idaho.

He hit upon the very core question before the Legislature: Shall we cooperate with the evil that is ObamaCare?

Sen. Cliff Bayer argued that buried in the fine print of the legislation was language which stated that the Idaho insurance exchange will comply with "all applicable law" - meaning, of course, that Idaho will be bound to implement the regulations and policies of the Obama Administration. Those that exist today, and those yet to be imagined by the likes of Kathleen Sebelius.

Sen. Russ Fulcher, who has been a stalwart leader of the conservative opposition, took his turn on the floor to urge rejection of SB1042:

"Supporters of SB1042 have indicated they want to resist ObamaCare. In my opinion, what that says is we're going to resist by complying, or we're going to resist by doing what they tell us to do."

They were joined by Sen. Sheryl Nuxoll, who tested the proposition of resisting ObamaCare by asking the Senate to amend the bill. She wanted our language protecting the religious liberty rights of Idaho citizens and employers embedded into the act creating a state insurance exchange:

"The exchange shall respect the religious and conscience liberties of Idaho citizens, employers, churches and religious organizations. No health benefit plan offered through the exchange shall require the purchase or provision of benefits which include sterilization, contraceptives, abortifacients or drugs or devices which act as abortifacients, emergency contraception or surgical abortions."

Unfortunately, her attempt to amend the bill was rejected by a majority of Senate Republicans, who stood on procedural grounds to avoid the profound question by the amendment: If Idaho is creating a state exchange in order to "resist" the federal government - then what more basic rights are there but the right to life and the right to freedom of religion?

Republicans Cliff Bayer, Russ Fulcher, Dan Johnson, Curt McKenzie, Dean Mortimer, Bob Nonini, Monty Pearce, Steven Thayn and Steve Vick stood with Sen. Nuxoll and the pro-Life movement to support the amendment. A lone and courageous Democrat, Sen. Branden Durst, joined them.

A number of historically pro-Life members of the Senate voted against the amendment on procedural grounds. During debate of the motion, numerous references were made to support for a "trailer bill" which would incorporate the religious liberty language. We'll have to see how those promises bear out.

The language of our amendment was overwhelmingly supported last year - when the Legislature passed SJM 104 in response to the Obama Mandate on contraception and abortifacients. But that was largely a feel good measure consisting of sending President Obama a strongly worded letter defending religious freedom.

One is tempted to be discouraged and conclude that for some, pro-Life principles are good for campaigns and fine when it doesn't really matter. But that is probably the wrong view. There is time yet in this session for getting language in the state exchange bill which would put teeth into those pro-Life principles - language which would prevent the state from using its police powers to enforce Obama's anti-Life agenda upon Idaho citizens.

Now we turn our attention to the Idaho House. And let us celebrate the vision and courage of those righteous dozen who waged battle on the Senate floor for our children and grandchildren.

And pray that the Lord raises up more such men and women.


Posted on: 02/12/13
The Idaho Senate will consider SB1042 this week. This legislation will implement ObamaCare in the state through the creation of an insurance exchange. 

Idaho Chooses Life opposes this legislation because it will facilitate ObamaCare - which threatens to produce the greatest explosion in abortions since the Roe decision.

Many legislators we have visited with seem rather oblivious to the dire pro-Life implications of cooperating with the Obama Administration in this scheme, arguing that ObamaCare is now the "Law of the Land". We urge the citizens of Idaho to weigh in on this matter: From the outset, this nation was built on the concept of citizen sovereignty and a little principle called "consent of the governed".

Polling in Idaho has demonstrated that Idaho citizens are in no mood to consent to what the Insurance Industry is peddling.

And as for the fatalistic argument that we have fought ObamaCare long enough and must now submit to reality: We have been fighting the Insurance Lobby at the Statehouse for the past 3 years on ObamaCare. They are by no means the reluctant patriots their PR campaign would have you and legislators believe. Rather, they are part of the original conspiracy - having been part of the strategy and bill writing back in the days of Nancy Pelosi. Make no mistake: Blue Cross wants ObamaCare because they believe it will be good for their company and profit margin.

There was a day in America when you could hear the expression, "What is good for GM is good for America".

The atmosphere at the Statehouse these days seems clouded by the notion that what is good for Blue Cross is good for Idaho.

Hopefully your phone calls and emails will help pierce that fog.

And, hopefully we can find enough leaders in the Idaho Senate with vision to understand that we must continue to resist. For the Scripture tells us that where there is no vision, the people perish.


Posted on: 02/03/13
A news report from the Washington Post reveals that the Obama Administration is having a tough time finding anyone willing to serve on the 15-member "Death Panel" at the heart of Obama's plan to cut health care costs.

The legislation passed by Pelosi's Congress gave extraordinary power to this panel, with power to unilaterally cut payments to doctors and hospitals for services.  This is tantamount to denying services to patients.

You'll remember that Sarah Palin has received broad condemnation and ridicule from the main stream media for suggesting that ObamaCare even contained the notion of health care rationing. But the fact that no one wants to serve on this panel strongly confirms her charges. It also points out one of the darker elements of ObamaCare.

How else does one explain that no one seems interesting in taking a $165,000 job with the power to restructure health care in America?

It seems that the advocates of health care rationing would rather write articles in academic journals than actually wield the knife. Apparently it is one thing to talk about cutting off older American from health care than being the person who actually votes to shorten lives.

As you think about it, much the same seems true about the Abortion Industry. A story appeared a few weeks back which claimed that there were just four American "doctors" who performed abortions on late-term babies. Just not that much interest in living with bloody hands and conscience, perhaps.

It is a lot easier to talk about politics and bumper stickers and "rights" and profits than it is to hold the carved up remains of an innocent victim of our national hard-heartedness.

But lest you draw too much encouragement from the dearth of applicants for Obama's Death Panel, the Washington Post story says that the power of life and death it would wield devolves upon Secretary of Health & Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius. Given her ardent support of the death culture over a long public career, it is clear that the disabled, seniors and others deemed "unworthy" of life still have much to worry about.


Posted on: 01/21/13
Four years ago we witnessed the first inauguration of Barack Hussein Obama as the 44th president. His ascension to power coincided with the 36th commemoration of Roe v. Wade - and legalized abortion in the United States.

Today the forces which re-elected Barack Obama will party on the national credit card to celebrate their historic return to power. Such is our national history that the Obama Campaign has the right to claim such spoils.

The national pro-Life movement will conduct a huge pro-Life March down the National Mall on Friday, January 25th.

I had the privilege of addressing the March for Life in Boise in January of 2009, just days after Obama had taken his first oath of office. I read through the notes I made for that speech the other day to see where we were then. I asked the crowd to pray for President Obama, confident that the God who has shown me such mercy was anxious to do the same for Barack Obama and his family.

As Obama took office four years ago, the quasi-official death count due to legalized abortion stood at 49,489,528 innocent lives.

As he starts the second term, that number has risen to 55,808,387 babies destroyed in their mother's womb through surgical abortion.

6,318,859 lives can be laid at the feet of President Obama and the policies he has pursued with such immoral abandon since placing his hand on the Bible four long years ago. In a very real sense, as he takes his second oath, Obama will be standing upon the broken bones of those innocents needlessly sacrificed.

Of course, Obama is not solely responsible for that carnage. But he is due no excuse or rationalization either.

The tone and content of his last campaign promise an even faster rate of destruction in the second term than in the first.

Implementation of ObamaCare alone nearly guarantees seven or eight million more preborn children will die before the nation finds potential relief in a new president - that is, unless the Lord intervenes in some other way between here and January, 2017.

But in those remarks I made four years ago, I declared we had to be vigilant against despair. I argued that we had to win the battle one baby at time, one heart at a time. Those thoughts are probably more valid today as we grieve over the long road ahead.

There will be all too much time in the coming months to discuss the expanding impact Barack Obama will have on our culture and morals in his second term.

I would like to conclude instead with a quote from Scripture which should help us keep perspective as we suffer the spectacle of the Abortion Industry dancing in the nation's capitol:

"And now, O kings, give heed; take warning, you rulers of the earth. Serve the Lord with fear, and rejoice before Him; with trembling pay homage to Him, lest He be angry and you perish from the way, when His anger blazes suddenly. Happy are all who take refuge in Him!" (Psalm 2:10-12).

May the Lord speak wisdom into President Obama's ear and soften his heart in the years ahead.


Posted on: 01/15/13
The National Review has posted an interview on its website with Karen Handel, author of Planned Bullyhood and the woman at the center of the Komen-Planned Parenthood fracas of just a year ago.

She recounts in the interview some of the key material from her expose, as well as a powerful rebuttal of the simplistic definition of "women's health" used by Planned Parenthood to extort millions from the government treasury.

She identifies the close partnership between government, media and the nation's leading abortion provider - a partnership which has resulted in the death of millions of American babies. (As we run up to the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, it is important to understand how this abortion culture sustains itself through our tax dollars).

Here is a link to the interview:


Posted on: 01/12/13
An Ada County woman has filed a federal lawsuit against Blue Cross of Idaho for engaging in practices which unfairly limit competition. Melissa Allen wants to get her case treated as a "class action" lawsuit so that all Idaho premium holders could benefit if she wins.

Allen notes in her lawsuit that Blue Cross commands 52% of the entire Idaho market. The next-largest competitor is Regence Blue Shield, which serves 22% of Idahoans with private health insurance.

Ms. Allen charges in her suit that Blue Cross' dominance is the result of an illegal conspiracy between various subdivisions of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, in which participant organizations have divided up the nation into exclusive territories free of competition.

It is through such a monopolistic arrangement that Blue Cross has amassed some $400 million in assets and profits, according to Ms. Allen.

Blue Cross officials told the media that they would vigorously fight the lawsuit.

The lawsuit has been consolidated with other, similar lawsuits in an Alabama courtroom.

Questions have been asked around the Idaho Statehouse about the lack of competition in Idaho's health insurance market for years. Those questions have become intense as Blue Cross has pushed legislators hard to create a state "insurance exchange". Regulators in other states have opposed such a move largely because they believe that Blue Cross' control of state insurance markets will only expand under governmental sponsorship of their product.


Posted on: 01/08/13
In the rearview mirror, the Komen saga of late 2011 and early 2012 set the stage for Obama's re-election effort. It was through their coordinated attack on Komen that the Abortion Industry and its purchased political stable launched the "War on Women" charade upon the American people. 

Karen Handel, in her new book, "Planned Bullyhood", details the strange naïveté which drove Komen executives to hire Hillary Rosen as their key media advisor after the decision was made to sever its ties with Planned Parenthood. One of Rosen's clients was (and is) Planned Parenthood. It is painfully obvious that this operative most likely provided Planned Parenthood with advance notice of Komen's decision.

It is also quite likely that Rosen was intimately involved in helping Planned Parenthood develop its nasty campaign against Komen which resulted in the charity's complete capitulation after just 3 days of the Planned Parenthood offensive. (Our readers might best remember Hillary Rosen as the Democrat activist who attacked Ann Romney as "never having worked a day in her life". She also served as Sandra Fluke's press agent.)

We may never know for certain how many consultants and "friends" willingly betrayed Komen to serve their masters at Planned Parenthood.

What we can say for certain is that Planned Parenthood demonstrated for all to see its ruthlessness and sinister character by the way it savaged an organization that had provided financial support to Planned Parenthood for decades:

"I did not anticipate that the passion and support for Planned Parenthood would make Komen expendable; that Komen would be seen as necessary collateral damage," Handel writes.

What should alarm everyone reading Handel's book is the demonstrable fact that Planned Parenthood engaged in a vicious campaign to destroy Komen in lieu of a surrender. (How dare Komen stop paying protection monies to Planned Parenthood?!) Cecil Richards & Co were perfectly happy to see either outcome. And they were more than willing to sacrifice the health of women suffering from breast cancer - the very people they claim to "serve" - in order to achieve their political goals. Even ardent liberals should shudder at the duplicity and cynicism of this nefarious organization.

What did Handel learn from the sorry experience - which included death threats and libelous accusation?

"Unless Planned Parenthood and its elite liberal forces are stopped, what they did to Komen is just the beginning....Planned Parenthood has honed its political combat tactics and is poised to shape elections today and well into the future. With Komen, they achieved something they never had before: the public (near) destruction of a widely trusted and passionately supported organization dedicated to nonpolitical goals. This has broad ramifications. Planned Parenthood has opened the door to a shakedown of American politics by liberal interest groups, employing mafia-style tactics to hold hostage sponsors and advertisers and even other nonprofits that dare to defy their agenda or support those who do."

Many of us in the pro-Life movement followed the Komen controversy closely. Yet few of us appreciated the huge significance of the quick surrender and what it tells us of the American social/political scene.

Not only is Handel's book a moral tale - it should be required reading for conservative activists and politicians. Too long have we underestimated the evil and power of Planned Parenthood, Inc.


Posted on: 12/29/12
It seems like a decade has passed since the raging controversy over Komen's reversal on funding Planned Parenthood. The truth is, that drama is less than a year old. A new book by a central character in the political theater orchestrated by Planned Parenthood argues that it was actually an opening salvo in the president's re-election effort.

Karen Handel has decided to tell her side of the story. She was the Republican Vice-President of the Komen Foundation in charge of Public Policy. She was also the victim of a dark public relations campaign by the Abortion Industry and their allies in the Democrat Party. The book is entitled, Planned Bullyhood: The Truth About the Planned Parenthood Funding Battle With Komen.

She describes the coordinated attack made on Komen by Planned Parenthood, the Obama Administration, members of Congress and the National Democratic Committee. But before going into that political story, it is important to hear what Handel has to say about the reasons Komen decided to end grants to Planned Parenthood in the first place:

"The grants to Planned Parenthood - about $700,000 in 2011, or less than one-tenth of one percent of Planned Parenthood's $1 billion annual budget - were not high quality grants. Planned Parenthood did not provide mammograms. Their educational programs were duplicative and there was virtually no way to determine what, if any, tangible, meaningful results were achieved. The decision to stop the Planned Parenthood grants had been months, even years, in the making." (p.2)

Thus, the leadership of Komen sought to end its controversial financial support of Planned Parenthood for the very best of reasons: The organization was not materially advancing the fight to protect women from breast cancer - Komen's central mission.

Handel relates that the majority of grants to Planned Parenthood were repeat grants - with local organizations receiving money year after year, many on the same vague grant proposal. For example, one PP affiliate had received years of funding from Komen for providing "free clinical breast exams" to women and girls coming to their clinics. Yet Planned Parenthood was providing those exams as part of its basic gynecological exams. Even more alarming - such services were reimbursable under Medicare guidelines.

Another PP affiliate claimed its grant proposal to Komen that the money they provided would "save 450 women from dying of breast cancer". As ridiculous as it seems, this unprovable claim was enough to justify years of funding from Komen.

In other words, Komen had a fiduciary responsibility to its donors to end the waste of their money to subsidize an organization which was not delivering measurable services to women in need. 

In addition, the Komen leadership were under increasing pressure from the pro-Life community over the relationship. (Remember the scandal of the New Jersey Planned Parenthood employee helping a pimp gain abortion services for his teenage prostitute?) That was hurting Komen's fundraising efforts.

Handel began to assert her view in 2010 that Komen must tighten its grants guidelines, and needed to find a way to disengage from the abortion fight: As she states numerous times in her book, Komen had no business being part of the abortion fight. 

Part of her discomfort came from Handel realizing that, despite public claims to the contrary, Komen grants could, in many cases, be used to support the general administrative costs of maintaining Planned Parenthood clinics and operations - a direct subsidy to its primary operation of killing preborn children. (p 71).

Yet the internal discussions around this issue demonstrate that much of the staff and leadership in Komen was (and is) very supportive of Planned Parenthood's agenda. The Vice President of Communications, for example, is reported to have argued that Komen could not end funding of Planned Parenthood since the latter organization was under intense public pressure because of things like the New Jersey scandal. Withdrawing now would be a "body blow" to Planned Parenthood.

Despite this internal opposition, the decision was made to end grants to Planned Parenthood for the reasons outlined above. Sensing the public relations controversy which might ensue, Komen reached out to Planned Parenthood months ahead of time. Handel claims that a "gentle ladies" agreement was reached to cooperate in the public relations effort to demonstrate that the policy change was an amicable break.

We know that it became anything but. Planned Parenthood unleashed a ferocious public attack on Komen and Handel - sufficiently ugly to cause Komen to reverse its position and accept Handel's resignation.

Handel documents a close, historical relationship between Planned Parenthood and Komen officials. It is her contention that those relationships lay the groundwork for a well-planned public attack to seriously undermine Komen's credibility.

We will talk in more detail about that campaign in our next update.


Posted on: 12/23/12
As we move toward closing out 2012, the celebration of the Lord's birth gives us a chance to put things into hopeful perspective. 

2012, hyped by the media and many lost souls as the cataclysmic celebration of "ancient wisdom", will end in the normal fashion after all. A simple turning of days into weeks, on into a new year. No burning asteroids or Yellowstone explosions. No definitive proof that the Mayans were imbued with special knowledge as a result of their intermingling with ancient aliens.

One imagines the perverse disappointment in many enlightened circles.

All of which is not to say that 2012 did not bring painful and destructive events. Topping the list must be Barack Obama's re-election. The national government will apparently be controlled by abortion zealots for another four years. That translates into a lot of lives lost, and too much time for the deeper penetration of Planned Parenthood's world view into the American soul.

One can foresee the coarsening of American culture and the hardening of the federal judiciary as the edifice of industrialized abortion is raised higher. The ending of the slaughter seems further out of reach.

But Christmas is a time of miracles. It is a time for celebrating God's merciful intervention on behalf of men. No mortal could envision the impact this tiny baby would have upon the future of mankind when a sojourning couple sought shelter in a barn. Yet this vulnerable new life would grow to become the Captain of the Heavenly Host, the mightiest Hope of mankind.

Arrogant politicians come and go, but the Hope of Mankind remains.

How magically appropriate that the true hope of the pro-Life movement should come in the form of a humble newborn wrapped in swaddling clothes. Through the power of that love the pro-Life movement will persevere. And what is more, the pro-Life movement will prevail.

May the Lord richly bless your family with His presence as you celebrate the Miracle of Christ.


Posted on: 12/13/12
A day after Governor Otter announced his decision to voluntarily implement ObamaCare, the governor of Pennsylvania declared that he would not.

Gov. Tom Corbett declared that it would be "irresponsible" to establish a state insurance exchange.

"Health care reform is too important to be achieved through haphazard planning," Corbett is quoted as saying. "Pennsylvania taxpayers and businesses deserve more."

Seeing a Democrat state reject ObamaCare makes Otter's decision all the more difficult to accept.

And Corbett's comments raise a profound problem with Otter's decision: By agreeing to chase the federal government around the table - awaiting word on its ever-changing decrees - Otter has assumed responsibility for making ObamaCare work. That would be difficult under the best of circumstances. But the ideological numbskulls running Washington make "success" impossible to imagine.

Even more disturbing is the simple fact that Idaho can no longer pursue meaningful and effective reforms of the health care system, especially market-based reforms which might produce economies and increased individual power. Otter's regrettable decision to implement ObamaCare means a huge loss of opportunity for Idaho to lead the nation in a completely different direction.

Perhaps the Legislature can persuade Governor Otter to reconsider.


Posted on: 12/12/12

Governor Butch Otter publicly threw in with his with friend Bill Deal and key allies at IACI to support creation of a state insurance exchange.  They persuaded him, despite an absence of objective fact or clear congressional authority, that Idaho would be best served by "being at the table".

Governor Otter correctly states that the federal take-over of health care is "onerous, unwiedly and fraught with unknowns".

What he fails to cite is an objective basis for concluding that Idaho will have any real impact on the specifics of how ObamaCare is implemented, or how much it costs the taxpayers and businesses of Idaho.  The claim by proponents that a state-based exchange is the ticket to protecting Idaho's rights seems the definition of circular reasoning: The only way a state exchange will qualify for federal approval is if it meets the demands of the federal government.

It would seem the best that Idaho might hope for is the kind of "flexibility" we are granted by the feds in running Medicaid: You take our money, you take our rules.

Otter's decision is a real disappointment.  He had the chance to join some 20 other states in defying the federal government's demand that he submit to this disastrous and immoral scheme.  With his leadership, Idaho might have pushed the cart toward a critical mass of defiance - whereby the federal government would be faced with a majority of states unwilling to put their credibility and public credit at risk.  Now the most Republican state in the Union has surrendered to Obama, giving the president a serious public relations boost.  That is downright discouraging.

In fairness to Governor Otter, it has been abundantly clear that he does not support ObamaCare and harbors great reservations about his decision.

Nevertheless, the bottom line is that the cry for "states' rights" has been reduced - once again - to mere rhetoric, suitable for discussion at conservative gatherings, but nothing worth going to battle over.  The price of liberty, it seems, has gotten too expensive.

Our understanding is that Otter has directed Bill Deal to go get a bag of money from the feds to help pay for the initial set-up costs, although no one in America actually knows what those costs will be.  Within weeks, the Idaho Legislature will convene.  That body will have ample opportunity to review the governor's decision.  They will have to authorize the expenditure of public funds received from the Obama regime.  And they will probably have to create the legal framework for this undefined government expansion through legislation.

And then they will have the thorny problem of resolving the blatant conflict with Idaho's Health Freedom Act - signed into law by Governor Otter just two years ago.  That law actually makes it illegal for state and local officials to use their public offices to enforce any part of ObamaCare against an Idaho citizen or business.

Will there be an attempt to actually repeal this law?  Or will there be a slight of hand in which legislators are granted a clever legal pass by the Attorney General's office?

Needless to say, a great deal of intrigue lays ahead.  The opportunity for Idaho citizens to affect this great debate has by no means passed.  We will have much more to say about this matter in the days ahead.

Posted on: 12/04/12
Want to know what ObamaCare will bring to America? Take a close look at the way health care works in Great Britain. Those of us who have been fretting over Obama's plans to remake America have taken note of the health care rationing used in England to cut costs. You've probably heard of seniors and the disabled being forced to wait months, years for treatment. In a number of cases, they are denied treatment in lieu of some pain regimen. In others, they are channeled toward "hospice care" and encouraged to accept premature death.

The shocking news broke this week that such callous disregard for human life is not limited to the aged and disabled.

A British doctor - whose identity was withheld - published an article in the prestigious British Medical Journal, admitting that he had personally participated in starving ten newborn babies to death over the last year. Turns out, the British health care system regularly withdraws food and water from babies they deem "unworthy" of life. In many cases, parents participate in the decision, after being pressured into accepting the premise that their child won't enjoy a very high quality of life. They are told it is merciful and quick.

But the reality is much different. Parents and staff are horrified to see the small person shriveling in agony over the course of many days.

Is this the barbarity awaiting America?


Posted on: 11/29/12
Idaho's Governor Otter has until the middle of this month to notify the federal government whether he will become its partner in the biggest expansion of government since the New Deal. Many powerful interests in Idaho have been pushing for him two years to submit. The fact that Otter has yet to comply surely indicates his great reluctance to embroil Idaho in Obama's health care takeover.

There is still hope that ObamaCare can be defeated - or at least greatly tamed - through a determined and coordinated effort by Congressional Republicans and the nation's 30 Republican governors.

Since the general elect ion, a number of key Republican governors have announced that they will not mortgage their states by partnering with Obama: Jan Brewer of Arizona is the latest. That makes 17 so far who will not mortgage their states. They have wisely chosen to leave the responsibility for costs and inevitable failure with Obama and his congressional allies.

In addition, we are encouraged by the fact that opposition to ObamaCare has, if anything, grown since the general election. Gallup just announced that 57% of Americans are opposed to a government-run health care system. (Apparently a number of people who voted for Obama did so under the delusion that someone else would save them from the president's scheme).

And then there is the widespread litigation going on across the country. We have learned that there are some 36 federal lawsuits moving around the country on the abortion mandate issue alone. This is just the beginning of massive litigation over the taxing, privacy and quality issues which permeate the entire socialist scheme of national health care.

Winston Churchill once said that in defeat, we should embrace defiance. We lost the general election, but we have no choice but to continue our battle against ObamaCare.

We must begin this phase of our struggle by encouraging Governor Otter to refuse his cooperation with an insurance exchange. Idaho should become the 18th state refusing to serve as ObamaCare's administrator.

One analysis shows that the growing resistance by the states will greatly impede the implementation of ObamaCare. The Socialist Triumvirate of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barack Obama never contemplated that they would actually have to make ObamaCare work. They truly believed that states would leap to promise of federal money and federal control.

We also urge our readers to contact local legislators - particularly House members - in support of Speaker Lawerence Denney's bid for re-election as Speaker. He and Rep. Mike Moyle have publicly declared themselves opposed to Obama's agenda for Idaho. They are the right leaders for this critical time in Idaho's history.


Posted on: 11/28/12
Planned Parenthood & Company are continuing to work the election by taking full advantage of President Obama's re-election. The organization had a lot of money at stake and invested heavily in his campaign. Not only are they in line to make millions from the federal treasury, they are seeking to establish a political narrative designed to scare Republicans and silence pro-Lifers into accepting their version of history.

While Planned Parenthood has a right to take a victory lap over re-electing the most abortion friendly president in American history - they do not have a justified claim to rewriting history. We must fight that effort because it will have long term consequences.

The suggested narrative is that conservatives - but particularly pro-Lifers - cost Romney the election. To win national elections in the future, Republicans must abandon moral issues, moderate on fiscal questions and open a bidding war to pander to Hispanic voters. That is the analysis and prescription being offered by the media, the faithful handmaidens of the Abortion Industry.

Many in the Republican Party are only too happy to accommodate.

Frank Cannon of National Review takes particular note of John McCain's unprincipled groveling on the abortion issue. In a piece entitled "McCain's Truce", they quote the erstwhile presidential candidate as proclaiming, "I can state my position on abortion but, other than that, leave the issue alone, when we are in the kind of economic situation, and frankly national security situation that we're in."

Mr. Cannon correctly chastises McCain as being morally bankrupt on this crucial issue. If he is actually pro-Life, then how can he agree, for political purposes, to "leave the issue alone"? If human lives are at stake, what kind of moral compass would allow a person of integrity to simply walk quietly away so as to not offend the Planned Parenthood acolytes who flocked to Barack Obama because he is an attractive black man promising free birth control pills?

And does John McCain actually believe that if we all quietly pretend that millions of preborn children are not being slaughtered, somehow these naïve and deceived young women will suddenly flock to the banner of men such as himself?

Not only is McCain's foolish political advice proof of his moral failings, it is confirmation that his defeat in 2008 stemmed in large part from his bad political judgment and lack of a coherent political philosophy worth following.

Many have rightly criticized the Obama Campaign's sordid enterprise of buying one constituency group after another with taxpayer funds and promises of more goodies to come. It is the Achilles Heel of a democratic society.

As a consequence, many profound questions have been overwhelmed by venal, pedestrian politics. 

But the prescription for this obvious social decay is not the abandonment of morally-sound politics. The hard truth is that America is in need of a re-education program about how economics, freedom and morality are inextricably bound together. Politicians like John McCain are incapable of providing such leadership.

It is impossible to say how long Barack Obama's America can function. But we know from history that it is an unsustainable dynamic. Sooner or later, you run out of other people's money. And sooner than later, the power of Sin destroys those who embrace it.

Reality will intervene, probably through social and economic unrest.

Rather than joining Obama's circus, Republicans must develop strong new leaders capable of speaking to average Americans about their vital stake in rebuilding a morally sound society. At the end of the day, this means a spiritual awakening that probably can't be led by politicians - but it can be aided by statesmen.

Pro-Lifers must rebound from the last election and vigorously engage Planned Parenthood over their attempt to write the history of recent events. We must fight the Lie that America has suddenly embraced their love of Death.  From history flows the future. And much more than politics is at stake here. Rather than jettison our proven values, we need to abandon has-been politicians like John McCain.


Posted on: 11/09/12
It will take many months to really understand why the national election came out as it did, and even longer to figure out how we move forward from here.

Certain obvious things need to be said upfront: The re-election of Barack Obama is a disaster for preborn children, and for the nation as a whole. As we have written many times, President Obama's assault on the preborn child is unprecedented in American history. Without hint of regret or guilt, he has traded their lives for his political profit. In fact, the centerpiece of his re-election message was not how he would put Americans back to work - but how he would expand government's support for the Abortion Industry. As the campaign developed this fall, our hopes rose - in part because of Obama's focus on the petty and sordid.

There seemed no way that America would re-elect a man - a father of two teenage daughters, by the way -- willing to pander for votes using the image of a young woman salaciously comparing her vote for Obama to her first sexual encounter.

Contrasting sharply with this demeaning abuse of girls and women, Romney rose in stature as a decent and strong man, capable of meeting the grave challenges facing this nation. He seemed to be the only adult in the conversation.

As we came to election night, it seemed all but certain that America would gladly accept the gracious offer of Mitt Romney to use his considerable skills and experience to restore American economic and moral strength. (One could almost feel sorry for Romney at the prospect of tackling a mountain of problems certain to leave him with few grateful friends after four long years of mending the torn national fabric).

With many of you, we watched in silent shock as the electoral map began to take shape. The painful reality that we will have to watch Barack Obama strut around the world stage for another four years is still seeping in. Let's say it: The prospect is downright depressing.

Some of that pain was salved by Romney's extraordinary concession speech Tuesday night. His earnest plea for prayers on behalf of President Obama and his family was but one element of an impressive, moving and mature moment in American political history.

First among the shocking realities is that ObamaCare is here to stay. As the years roll along, there will no doubt be amendments, changes, adjustments. But the nationalization of health care will be an accomplished reality by the end of Obama's second term. That will certainly bring some help to some people - but the general result will change America in important ways. The power of bureaucrats to interfere with our medical decisions will be greatly expanded. Our privacy will be greatly compromised. The costs will crush us. But the most tragic implication is that ObamaCare will extend the Death Culture into deeper crevices of American society. More babies and old people will die.

And within hours the perennial assault on the pro-Life movement began. Pundits and political operatives - most of whom are genetically hostile to preborn children and their adult advocates - began arguing that Republicans must "reach out" to young single women by co-opting Planned Parenthood's agenda. These cynics argue that Romney's pro-Life values hurt him badly with single women, cost the GOP seats in the U.S. Senate. The old values had to be discarded if the Republican Party is to compete in a "changing America".

Rubbish. Most credible national polls demonstrate that a majority of Americans are pro-Life, and deeply disturbed by the callous disregard for Life now embedded in the Democratic Party.

The pro-Life movement is the whipping boy after every national election, so this "soul searching" drama is nothing new. But what makes this year's version especially annoying is the simple fact that Mitt Romney was the paragon candidate of the Establishment. His campaign was notably disciplined about sticking to one - and only one - message. While Obama dissected the culture and pandered for votes, Romney talked only of the economy.

If anything, a case could be made that Romney made a mistake by not offering a broader vision to the American people. We have already seen evidence that some 7-10 million white voters failed to vote this fall. We don't know who these people are yet, but it is possible that a good chunk of that vote were comprised of conservative Christians who were not, for reasons difficult to comprehend, sufficiently motivated to vote against Barack Obama. Perhaps they needed to hear more from Romney about his pro-Life and pro-Marriage values.

But now we get too far into the weeds. In the days and months ahead we can seek deeper answers and what we need to do to recover.

For now, we can confess our grief and our need to turn to the Lord of Hosts for comfort, wisdom and strength. At the end of the day, we are simply sojourners on our way to a better land.

In closing, we offer our prayers for the Romney and Ryan families. They conducted themselves with honor. And we join them in praying for Barack Obama and his family.


Posted on: 11/02/12
As citizens prepare to cast their ballots on Tuesday, it is important to review President Obama's focused, unrelenting campaign to expand abortion in America. If there is a "war" going on, it is the war on the preborn child.

In truth, the public record of Obama's unwavering assault is too long to recount in its entirety, at least on a website. Perhaps someone will undertake the mission of compiling his unsavory record in a book after his regime is repulsed.

Still, there is great value in remembering some of the details. Perhaps readers of this column can share this posting with neighbors and friends who have not followed Obama's regime with much care.

From his first day in office, Obama began to execute the agenda prepared with help from his friends at Planned Parenthood. On January 23rd, 2009, Obama issued an Executive Order to rescind the Mexico City Policy - which President Reagan had established to prohibit the use of U.S. dollars in abortions overseas. He later backs this up with a special appropriation of $50 million to the UNFPA.

President Obama filled his cabinet and Administration with unsavory characters committed to a radical pro-abortion agenda: Kathleen Sebelius became Secretary of Health & Human Services; Thomas Perelli became Deputy Attorney General (he is attorney who represented Terri Schiavo's husband in his campaign to dispose of his wife).

In his first March, Obama signs another Executive Order allowing federal tax dollars to be used in funding embryonic stem cell research - cloning new humans only to destroy them for their stem cells.

Then Obama's representatives help press the United Nations to establish abortion as a fundamental human right. (A year later - March, 2010 - Secretary of State Hillary Clinton blast the Canadian government for being weak on its support for international abortions).

In April of 2009, Obama's new FDA expands the availability of "Emergency Contraception" to teenage girls. (This would be expanded even further: His federal government now helps schools in New York and California provide free EC pills to students without parental consent or knowledge).

After passing his federal take-over of the nation's health care system - which will do more to expand abortion than anything since the Roe v. Wade decision itself - President Obama continues his assault on Life and the religious values which infuse the pro-Life movement:

While Congress is in recess in 2010, Obama appoints Dr. Donald Berwick as Director of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services. The man is an express advocate of health care rationing for the disabled and elderly.

In January of 2011, Obama issues a public statement extolling the virtues of legalized abortion:

"Today marks the 38th Anniversary of Roe v.Wade, the Supreme Court decision that protects women's health and reproductive freedom, and affirms a fundamental principle: that government should not intrude on private family matters. I am committed to protecting this constitutional right."

In April of 2011, Obama lays down the gauntlet in a battle with the Republican House over continued federal funding of Planned Parenthood - America's largest abortion provider. In fact, the conflict intensifies to the point where Obama threatens to shut down the federal government if the pro-Life majority in the U.S. House persists in its efforts to stop funding Planned Parenthood. (The Republicans eventually back down, hoping to elect a more humane president in 2012).

Obama then took his defense of Planned Parenthood into the states: His Justice Department wages a campaign against Indiana when it dares to end its partnership with the leading death merchant.

Beginning in the summer of 2011, the Obama Regime begins its assault on the conscience and religious liberty rights of Americans by compelling insurance companies to provide abortion-causing drugs as part of basic policies.

That same summer, Vice President Joe Biden gives his approval to China's forced abortion policy during an official visit to that repressive nation.

In the fall of 2011, Michelle Obama's chief of staff (Tina Tchen) was the keynote speaker at a conference sponsored by NARAL - an organization of abortionists who work to protect their lucrative business. One focus of this conference was developing strategies for closing the doors of "dangerous" pregnancy centers.

The list could be doubled, then doubled again: Radicals appointed to his Administration and the federal judiciary; the assault on Christian churches; the expanded funding for abortions in Washington, D.C.

Hopefully these highlights of the depravity being systematically pursued by Barack Obama and his allies will motivate us to pray with genuine humility for the Lord to intervene on behalf of the innocent. There can be no doubt that Obama has more than earned his title as the "Abortion President" - a title he is likely to hold for many years to come.

With your prayers, we can hope that the Lord will spare us another four years of this evil.




Posted on: 10/27/12
Liberal Democrats Betty Richardson and Steve Berch have issued a blistering press release in response to a mailing done by Idaho Chooses Life in Boise's District 15.

They have accused us of "lying" about their pro-abortion politics. While claiming that she has never supported abortion-on-demand, Betty Richardson does not explain how she came to be endorsed by the nation's largest abortion merchant - Planned Parenthood - when she ran against Butch Otter for Congress in 2002.

She also offers no rebuttal to our challenge of her party's radical support for abortion, or the Idaho Democrat Party's demand that ObamaCare be implemented in Idaho. We have long contended that this abhorrent policy shift, rammed down the throats of unwilling Americans, threatens to produce the largest expansion of abortion since Roe v. Wade.

Ms. Richardson further fails to explain why she refused to respond to our questionnaire, sent to her more than a month ago.

Most all of which can also be said of her running mate, Steve Berch.

Without doubt, the true radicals in this district are Betty Richardson and Steve Berch. And she inadvertently confesses as much in her press release:

"My position [on abortion] also happens to be the position that the United States has taken for the last 40 years - a woman's access to an abortion in the early stages of pregnancy should be legal".

Let us translate, since Betty is attempting to pull another fast one by suggesting that the Supreme Court only allows first trimester abortions:

Richardson admits that she supports Roe v. Wade, the legalization of abortion through all nine months of pregnancy.  And that is the entire point of our mailing.

You can read the entire story on Dan Popkey's blog.

As an interesting - if disturbing aside - we would also recommend that readers take a look at a story now running on the liberal website Politico. This article details the increasing radicalization of the Democrat Party under Barack Obama's leadership. This is the party with which Betty Richardson and Steve Berch proudly associate; so committed to its radical social agenda that they are both willing to become local standard bearers.

Democrats are pouring a massive amount of money into District 15, a pretty conservative district.  Their only hope of winning is to deceive voters into believing the story that Richardson and Berch are somehow "moderates" who share the pro-Life values of most residents.

We are grateful for the chance we've been given to expose these two candidates.

Posted on: 10/25/12
The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled this week that Indiana cannot stop taxpayer dollars from flowing into Planned Parenthood. The so-called right to abortion for individual women has somehow morphed into special rights for the nation's largest abortion merchant.

Indiana became the first state in the country to enact legislation ending its partnership with the Abortion Industry in 2011. Planned Parenthood immediately filed a lawsuit, claiming that it was being discriminated against simply because its core business involved slaughtering millions of innocents. A federal district judge granted an emergency order preventing Indiana's law from going into effect, agreeing that Indiana's elected officials were being unreasonable and mean-spirited.

The more one ponders this turn of events, the more outrage attends.

Medicaid assistance is, after all, not a constitutional right. And no private interest group has a "right" to taxpayer funding of its agenda. Those seem to be unassailable truths - at least under a constitutional framework wherein elected legislative bodies have the unmitigated authority to collect taxes and appropriate those dollars to accomplish appropriate policy objectives.

Yet federal judges have assumed the authority to dictate not only the appropriation process for the Indiana Legislature, they have dictated that those monies must be spent on specific private vendors.

How did Planned Parenthood achieve such a lofty and special place in our modern society? In part through its political and media advocacy. Another report today states that Planned Parenthood has spent over $12 million on television advertising hyping the "War on Women" in hopes of helping Obama return for a second term. PPA President Cecile Richards has even taken a leave of absence so she can campaign full-time for Obama in the closing weeks of this election season.

This outrageous ruling by the federal courts is, in addition to other lessons, a glimpse of the future under full-throated ObamaCare. The states will become mere agencies of the federal government's social policies, powerless to control the direction or impact of the social engineering favored by federal bureaucrats.

Mitt Romney has pledged to end federal funding of Planned Parenthood. His biggest obstacle in doing so will probably not be Congress, but the federal judiciary.


Posted on: 10/18/12
As the Obama Campaign struggles to revive its desperate "war on women", the president made a false claim the other night about his bosom pals at Planned Parenthood. In trying to portray Mitt Romney as the cold-hearted "enemy of women", Obama reiterated a well-established lie.

Romney's plan to cut federal funds to Planned Parenthood, Obama claimed, would deprive women of access to breast cancer screening.

Of course, Planned Parenthood does not offer breast cancer screening. This whole public relations canard to soften PP's public image was well established during the brouhaha over Komen funding for America's largest abortion provider.

But, of course, facts - economic, social or moral - don't pose a big problem for the president.

(We are reminded of the frustrating incident during the 2011 legislative session, when Sen. Joyce Broadsword - a champion of Planned Parenthood - vehemently denied during a Senate hearing that Planned Parenthood performed abortions in Idaho. Of course, they are the state's leading agent of death for preborn children).

The unfortunate part of this incident is that Obama is still president. As such, he commands a certain level of attention among American voters who are likely being misled about this crucial fact.

Readers wishing more background information about Planned Parenthood's actual services should visit the American Life League's website: All.org

You can also check this story out at Life News.

Let us band together in diligent prayer for the Lord's intervention in exposing Barack Obama's deceptions as we head into the crucial weeks of this election.


Posted on: 10/16/12
The U.S. Conference of Bishops issued a public statement contradicting Joe Biden's claims during his debate that the Obama Mandate on abortion was no problem for Christian institutions.

Those of us who watched Biden proclaim on national television that the Obama Mandate requiring insurance coverage wouldn't affect religious institutions knew that he was, at best, mistaken. His adamant tone does nothing to change the fact that American employers are now required to provide contraception and the "Morning After Pill" as part of a standard health insurance package.

The Obama Mandate affects more than just the Catholic Church. Any Christian employer who understands that the MAP can destroy a new human life is now forced to submit his or her conscience to the higher law of Obama's social and political agenda.

The Catholic elders were right to take Biden to task.

But their public statement was disturbing for what it failed to address.

For the first time in history, the two major party nominees for Vice President of the U.S. are Catholic. Both claim to be practicing members of the Church. Yet one is a scandalous champion of abortion rights, using his public power to impose tax-funded death upon thousands, millions of innocents. And the Catholic Bishops say nothing.

Joe Biden proudly proclaims his Catholicism on national television to garner votes, while simultaneously defending his role in the most pro-abortion regime in history ... and the Catholic Bishops say nothing.

To make it even more painful, Biden's opponent, Paul Ryan, is a practicing Catholic who has spent a good many years fighting for the values proclaimed by the Catholic Church. And, yet, the Catholic Bishops say nothing.

Obviously the U.S. Conference of Bishops continues to be bewildered about the profound moral and theological challenge presented by public personalities like Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi.

We welcome the Bishops' public letter correcting Biden's misstatements. But their public statement is more remarkable for its timidity and avoidance than it is for its proclamation of truth.


Posted on: 10/02/12
Virtually everything Americans have been told about ObamaCare has proven to be, at best, incorrect. In selling this plan, the Obama Regime has issued many promises and falsehoods to convince working families that genuine progress can be had through a federal take-over.

Those of us who are publicly skeptical have been denounced as cold-hearted, ideological, misinformed, ignorant and worse.

Take the issue of health care rationing. It is obvious that rationing will have to be a part of this government scheme because the promise of "free" health care for everyone is simply unaffordable. The more government money is spent on health care, the higher the cost will be for even the most basic services.

Finally an Obama protégé has publicly admitted as much. Steven Rattner, the guy Obama picked to run the GM debacle, published a guest opinion in the New York Times last month saying that health care rationing was "inevitable" under the terms of ObamaCare. In fact, he called for "death panels" as part of a necessary, tough strategy to make ObamaCare work. The denial of benefits to elderly and those deemed to have a below average "quality of life" must be part of a government financed health care system, he argues.

In just five weeks, the American people have their last chance to derail this ObamaCare train. Do we really want faceless government bureaucrats deciding who lives and dies based upon some twisted notion of human value? 

Nancy Pelosi historically pronounced that Congress would have to pass her legislation in order to find out what it contained. But the truth is, the horror that is ObamaCare won't be fully understand for years to come. It is only when the entire tax and benefit structure is erected upon the chests of the American people that we will truly grasp the crushing weight being imposed upon us.

We urge our readers to be in earnest prayer for this nation in the weeks ahead.

see story on WorldNetDaily. 



Posted on: 09/25/12
Among the many promises peddled by Barack Obama the last time he was a candidate was his pledge to cut health care costs by $2500 per family. Many times during the intense debate over his signature legislative initiative this pledge of cost containment was renewed.

For those who have been around awhile, it will come as no shock that this promise remains unfulfilled. What may surprise even the most cynical is the magnitude of the increase under his regime.

Investors Business Daily reports that health care insurance costs have skyrocketed under Obama. The average national cost for working families has gone up by some $3000 annually over the course of Obama's first term.

Much of that rise is directly related to the new mandates imposed on insurance companies, as well as higher administrative costs associated with managing the thousands of new regulations and changes facing the industry.

But there is another fundamental economic law at work here: The more government subsidies an industry receives, the higher the costs of the product. Health care costs are rising because they can. Folks running these hospitals and insurance companies know that they have mainlined into the U.S. Treasury; the funding available is virtually endless ... until the Chinese stop buying our debt.

It is the same phenomenon at work in higher education.

The ObamaCare scheme is a blatant fiasco from beginning to end, and enough evidence is already present for the American people to make a sound judgment in November about the necessity of scrapping this horrendous strategy for remaking American society.


Posted on: 09/24/12
Students in NYC public schools are being given birth control and abortion-causing drugs without parental knowledge. So reports the NY Post on Sunday.

The school nurse can now distribute "Emergency Contraception" to girls without parental permission as part of a growing government effort to normalize abortion as part of a "preventive health care" regimen. Parents across the nation should be alarmed at this heavy-handed intrusion into the private world of families, because it is a preview of the new United States under the terms of ObamaCare.

Unlike condoms, Emergency Contraception does not prevent pregnancy. When it works, it helps destroy a new life.

Consider the darkness of school nurses becoming an extension of the abortion industry, their role being one of sexual facilitator and manipulator of young girls. Consider the impact of an official "stamp of approval" on both premature sexual activity and the killing of a prenatal human being. How could such official sanction not further corrode the innocence of a teenage girl? How could it not lead to an increase in the very sexual behavior we all agree can be so damaging to a young soul? And with the pills will come the lie: "Don't worry, this won't kill a baby".

This horrific indoctrination program may seem a distant threat. But we reported awhile ago that such an effort was underway in Los Angeles public schools. More to the point, this corruption of youth will be mainstreamed by ObamaCare. One of its little-noticed provisions includes the creation of "health care" clinics in public schools across the nation under the guise of "preventive medicine".

America's heart is hardening.

We must pray for the defeat of Obama and his radical vision for a new America.


Posted on: 09/21/12
A statewide poll commissioned by Idaho Chooses Life and 2 other conservative groups late last month found that Mitt Romney held a commanding lead over Democrat Barack Obama in Idaho.

Romney was garnering support from 58% of Idahoans, while Obama was backed by just 32% of the state's likely voters.

The survey of 600 voters found that 93% of Democrats were sticking with Obama, while 91% of Republicans were planning to vote for their party's nominee. Romney held a 42 - 27 advantage among unaffiliated voters.

With such strong numbers, Romney is on track to outpace John McCain's performance of 2008.


Posted on: 09/06/12
NEWS RELEASE                                             September 6, 2012

Idahoans remain strongly opposed to Obamacare and want the governor and Legislature to reject its big government ideas, including the expansion of Medicaid and creation of a state health insurance exchange. That's according to the results of a new statewide public opinion study commissioned by three prominent Idaho organizations - the Free Enterprise PAC, Idaho Freedom Foundation and Idaho Chooses Life.

Opposition to Medicaid expansion and a state insurance exchange was widespread and crossed party lines: 29 percent of Democrats, 51 percent of Independents and 83 percent of Republican voters oppose an insurance exchange.

"There are a lot of powerful lobbyists who want the Legislature and Governor to implement Obamacare," said Wayne Hoffman, Executive Director of the Idaho Freedom Foundation. "We thought it was imperative to find out what Idahoans really want. It is quite clear that Idahoans want less government control of health care, not more. They want free market solutions and they want little to do with Obamacare."

One key question asked 600 registered voters across Idaho whether they thought the Supreme Court ruling on ObamaCare was "good for the country". Just 23 percent said yes, while 61 percent said no.

The next question asked respondents whether they thought Idaho should create a state insurance exchange as part of President Obama's overhaul of the health care system. As an alternative, they were presented with the argument that the Legislature should allow more companies to sell insurance in Idaho, thus increasing competition and the choices available to employers and individual families. (See addendum).

Idahoans are emphatically opposed to implementation of Obamacare in Idaho:

Just 18 percent of those interviewed support the creation of a state insurance exchange. 64 percent of Idahoans are OPPOSED to an exchange. More than that - this vast majority of Idahoans wants to see the Legislature enact free market reforms in order to improve competition and create more choices for consumers and businesses in the state.

The interviews of 600 Idaho registered voters were conducted by a national survey firm on August 28 & 29. The poll carries a margin of error of 4% +/- at the 95% confidence interval.  

A second question asked voters whether they would support an expansion of Medicaid. Support for this proposal rose a bit - at least among Democratic voters - but an overwhelming 63.5 percent of all respondents believe that the Legislature should reject this expansion of government.

"I was struck by the fact that opposition to the insurance exchange flows into general opposition to President Obama's re-election," said Lou Esposito, Executive Director of the Free Enterprise PAC.

"This survey found that Mitt Romney leads Obama 58 percent to 32 percent in Idaho. Obama's attempt to take control of our health care system is a key reason he is in so much trouble in Idaho. Even among those who said they planned to vote for Obama, 31 percent want to see the Legislature expand free market competition in health care insurance, rather than implement Obama's exchange."

The study also found that opposition to a state insurance exchange was strongest among those Idahoans who held pro-Life values: only 6 percent of these Idaho voters supported creation of a state insurance exchange - while 79 percent opposed the policy initiative.

"Those of us who believe in the sanctity of life recognize that ObamaCare is the most profound threat to Life since the original Roe v. Wade decision," said David Ripley, Executive Director of Idaho Chooses Life.

"The threat to preborn children is clear from things like the Obama Mandate requiring abortion-causing drugs as part of every health care plan. But the threat goes at seniors and the disabled as well. It is significant that among those voters over 65 years of age, 64% opposed creation of an insurance exchange."

"I believe that the widespread opposition to an Exchange is more than money," Ripley added. "People are scared that government bureaucrats will be making life and death decisions for their families." 

The leaders of the 3 organizations urged Governor Otter and the Legislature to not only reject a state insurance exchange and Medicaid expansion, but come together to increase the choices available to businesses and families in obtaining affordable health care insurance.

"The time is now for Idaho to provide national leadership in health care reform," said Wayne Hoffman.

"We need more providers and greater flexibility. Competition will empower individual Idahoans."


Posted on: 09/06/12

As the Democrats celebrate one another at their national convention, some very disturbing decisions have been taken. Important changes have been made to the grand statement of principle known as the Democrat Platform.

They have finally emerged from the shadows and declared that not only do they support abortion rights, they truly believe that taxpayers should be obligated to pay for abortions when a woman or girl cannot afford the cost of killing.

President Obama's true sentiments were only suspected during the congressional debate over ObamaCare. He feigned support for conscience rights and for the dignity of pro-Life taxpayers in order to get his bill passed. Now that he is desperate to gain the votes of the feminist minority, all decent pretense is gone.

This policy is at deep odds with the American people - even among those who hold some soft "pro-choice" sentiment. We believe that it will contribute to his defeat in November.

But on another level, this "death wish" is more than a political prediction. In Obama's case, we are literally talking about the death of tens of thousands of preborn children. There is overwhelming statistical data available demonstrating that "free abortions" result in higher rates of killing.

It is beyond politics to watch a national party become so radically obsessed with the wanton destruction of human beings in order to achieve some political end. Things have gotten so dark within the Democrat tent that one must begin wondering about their drive to demonize preborn children for cheap political points.

You can read more about this sordid topic at the Weekly Standard.



Posted on: 08/18/12
At a meeting of the Canyon County Central Committee this week, GOP leaders adopted a resolution calling upon the Legislature and Governor to reject plans for a state insurance exchange, as demanded by some of the most powerful lobby groups in Idaho.

The resolution was accepted by a unanimous voice vote, but we are told that two members of the Executive Committee - Steven Kren and Rep. Darrell Bolz - voted against the resolution in a meeting of the Executive Committee earlier in the evening.

In part, the resolution argued that health care insurance was best dealt with through the private sector and increased competition.

In addition, local Republican leaders called upon the Legislature to reject President Obama's plan to expand Medicaid.

The resolve of local Republican activists could prove significant, as several Canyon County legislators are in key decision-making roles as we head into a critical period. Sen. Patti Anne Lodge, for instance, is on both the Legislative Health Care Task Force and serves on Governor Otter's Medicaid Working Group. She has already voted earlier this year to recommend that Idaho create an insurance exchange - but perhaps the resolution of party leaders in her home county could lead to a change of heart on the matter.

Rep. Gary Collins, another important player in the state's future health care policy, comes from Canyon County and serves as co-chairman of the Legislative Health Care Task Force.

There is a vast array of money and power behind the drive to submit to Obama's plan for a government take-over of health care. The governor and legislators are being worked hard to go along. What is lacking in this debate so far has been the voice and will of the people. The Canyon County GOP leadership has made an important contribution toward giving voice to ordinary Idahoans.


Posted on: 08/11/12
Mitt Romney's choice of Paul Ryan as his running mate provides real comfort and assurance to America's vast pro-Life community. There are lingering shadows of doubt about Romney's commitment to pro-Life principles, but not so with Ryan. And, in fact, Romney's selection of Ryan - his first major decision as the next leader of the free world - helps dispel those doubts.

Ryan has a perfect pro-Life record as a member of Congress.

More importantly, Ryan's public statements and writings make clear that he is not simply voting pro-Life because of political pressure from constituents. As with his leadership on economic and fiscal policies, Ryan demonstrates a clear intellectual and spiritual grasp of the pro-Life position. He has spent the time and energy necessary to think through a pro-Life position and the time-honored ethics which underlie it:

"I cannot believe any official or citizen can still defend the notion that an unborn human being has no rights that an older person is bound to respect. I do know that we cannot go on forever feigning agnosticism about who is human. As Thomas Jefferson wrote, ‘The God who gave us life gave us liberty at the same time'. The freedom to choose is pointless for someone who does not have the freedom to live."

This is a person who will not only support pro-Life policies as a critical member of the next Administration - he is a person capable of helping lead America back to its core values.

And it says a good deal about Mitt Romney that he would choose such a man. 

Posted on: 08/07/12
The coverage has been appalling - particularly given the magnitude of the issues on the table. About the only place to get news coverage is on the website of the Idaho Reporter - run by the Idaho Freedom Foundation.

They are carrying a report on the meeting of a group whose mission is to advise Governor Otter on the question of expanding Medicaid, as part of the Obama agenda to remake America.

Unfortunately for Idaho, the conclusion is already foregone.

There are 14 members of the panel, including 3 legislators who have a proven history of support for expanding the program. (Here is a list of the membership).

Many Idahoans may be surprised to learn that Medicaid has already been expanded under the leadership of Sen. Patti Anne Lodge, chair of the Senate Health & Welfare Committee. Medicaid spending has increased by 289% since 1996. But the steep increases have occurred since Lodge took over leadership of the committee: Medicaid spending has increased 48% in just the past 5 years.

The panel is chaired by the Department of Health & Welfare Director, Dick Armstrong.

One of his deputies, Leslie Clement, is quoted in the Reporter story as testifying this week that, "I think it's a smart thing to do, to expand the Medicaid program." No real surprise there.

Seven of the 14 panel members are involved in the health care industry - meaning they or their clients stand to directly benefit from a massive expansion of government subsidies for their services.

According to the news account, panel members learned that something like 105,000 Idahoans will become eligible for Medicaid benefits under Obama's expansion. The lure for many in the bureaucracy, the media and Idaho Legislature is that the initial costs of this expansion will largely be borne by the federal government.

Unfortunately, the federal government is broke. But don't be lulled into thinking that fact will impede this task force in the least.

More importantly, putting the lives of even more Idaho families in the hands of a government bureaucracy represents a dangerous development. Even as Obama seeks to expand government control of health care - a number of states are working to restrict Medicaid benefits already in place because of the overwhelming costs associated with the current program.

Last week, USA Today published a front-page story declaring that 13 states - Alabama, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, New Hampshire, South Dakota and Wisconsin - are cutting benefits. Some fear those cuts will mean fewer doctors able to deal with Medicaid patients.

There are now 4 different "working groups" tackling the project of writing recommendations for Governor Otter and the Idaho Legislature.  One is a legislative interim committee, co-chaired by Rep. Gary Collins and Sen. Dean Cameron.  Two are working groups appointed by Otter - one headed by Armstrong, the other by Insurance Director Bill Deal.

The fourth advisory group is the Leavitt Group - hired by Otter to provide him with some "independent" financial data.  Unfortunately, this outfit is headed by former Utah Governor Mike Leavitt - who spent time this past winter lobbying legislators on behalf of Obama's insurance exchange.

So it is clear that Otter has surrounded himself with stakeholders in building ObamaCare in Idaho.  The people of Idaho will have to defend themselves.  That means contacting Governor Otter, and that means paying close attention to legislative candidates this November.

You can leave a message for Governor Otter by calling his office at 334-2100.

We also recommend calling Rep. Gary Collins, the House co-chair of the Legislative Task Force.  Collins is a solid pro-Life guy from Canyon County.  His number at the Capitol is 332-1063.

Most importantly - we must pray for the Lord's mercy.

Posted on: 08/01/12
It took several reads to confirm that I was reading USA Today. The headline alone made me purchase the newspaper last week: "Forced Abortions, Broken Hearts". This Gannett-publication went further in the article, describing the brutal treatment of a 31-year old Chinese woman, Pan Chunyan.

Eight government thugs kidnapped the pregnant woman at her place of employment, a grocery store. They took her first to a government building, while her husband and family tried to raise the ransom money necessary to spare his son and wife from a forced abortion. Tragically, time had run out. The government forced Pan into a van and drove her to a hospital. They then injected her with drugs to kill her preborn child.

It is truly an extraordinary view of the brutality practiced in China - with the blessing of Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton.

But what is even more impressive is the language used in the front-page story:

"There [at the hospital], Pan - who was eight months pregnant - was injected with chemicals to kill the child. She delivered a fully formed, but dead, son."

Notice that the language reflects a clear understanding of the baby's humanity. No "fetus" or "product of contraceptive failure" - but they actually printed the word ‘child' and ‘son' to describe the reality of the preborn human being brutally attacked in the womb.

The article even quotes a Chinese pro-Life activist, who declares, "It's so cruel. It's an independent human, with its own character, too."

Of course, the language of the piece isn't perfect. But given that USA Today is part of the "Main Stream Media" - the content and placement of the story is truly noteworthy and even encouraging.

On the other hand, one learns of the staggering proportion of the organized murder being committed in this powerful nation, with U.S. taxpayer support. The official news agency reports that 13 million abortions are committed each year in China. 1.3 million of them are done at the point of a bayonet.


(USA Today story appeared on July 25, 2012).


Posted on: 07/21/12
Judge Andrew Napolitano gave a rousing talk on Thursday evening at the Idaho Freedom Foundation banquet, challenging his audience to appreciate the threat posed to the Great American Experiment by Obama's drive to socialize health care.

Not every generation is faced with such a fundamental challenge to personal and social liberty - but this one is, he argued.

The event was attended by many of the more conservative members of the Idaho Legislature, as well as Governor Butch Otter. State Superintendent Tom Luna and Treasurer Ron Crane were also in attendance.

KIDO Radio host Kevin Miller helped MC the dinner. Idaho Falls business leader Frank Vander Sloot was honored at the dinner, giving a lengthy account of his battles with the Administration over his passionate advocacy of Mitt Romney as the alternative to Barack Obama.

The big elephant in the room was the pending decision by Governor Otter and the Idaho Legislature to submit to Obama's requirement of a state insurance exchange, combined with a massive new expansion of Medicaid. Will the principles of personal liberty and limited government - so eloquently defended at the banquet - be put into action by Otter and the Republican Legislature? We don't yet know.

Reading the tea leaves causes us great concern. The Governor has appointed three "working groups" to advise him on the issue. All three - including the Leavitt Group, being paid some $100,000 by the taxpayers of Idaho - are decidedly packed in favor of the Insurance/Medical Syndicate which has pressed so hard to create an insurance exchange. It is hard to see how Governor Otter will ignore the advice he has requested.

We will have more to say on this matter as the situation develops. Suffice it to say at this point that pro-Life Idahoans have every reason to be concerned and to be seeking the Lord's intervention with Butch Otter and other policy makers in Boise.

This organization was a sponsor of the banquet, which may strike readers as odd. But IFF has been a most diligent partner in our fight to stop the implementation of ObamaCare in Idaho. Our reasons for doing so may be somewhat different, but our goal is the same: Protecting the right of Idaho families to make their own health care decisions. In our case, we do so primarily with an eye toward safeguarding the Right to Life, pushing back against the sinister, anti-Life agenda being imposed on Americans by Washington, D.C.


Posted on: 07/12/12
At a time of critical challenge to Idaho, it is encouraging to see strong leadership coming from House Speaker Lawerence Denney and Majority Leader Mike Moyle on the question of submitting to Blue Cross and the Obama Administration.

The pair of Republican leaders issued a public statement today arguing that Idaho should not create a state insurance exchange... nor should it allow itself to be enticed into expanding Medicaid. Both of these men deserve high praise for offering strong leadership at a time when many in the Statehouse are looking for a way to accommodate powerful interest groups while retaining their claim to being "fiscal conservatives".

Moyle raised the question of whether it is better for Idahoans to allow the federal government to implement its own program. One of the advantages of doing so is that more insurance companies would be participants - theoretically offering competition to Blue Cross.

In discussions with legislators this past session, we challenged folks to explain why an expensive and oppressive new bureaucracy was to Idaho's advantage - since only 3 companies are allowed to sell insurance in the state. They have neatly carved up the market between them, with Blue Cross controlling something like 70% of the market.

Why create a whole new "supermarket" when the only thing for sale in the store is loaves of white bread?

The notion that Idaho businesses and individuals can go on-line to "shop" for insurance deals is fundamentally flawed and, frankly, is no more than intentional deception. There will be no competition under a state insurance exchange. And the size of the bread loaves will be controlled by the Obama Administration.

This points out one of the fundamental problems with ObamaCare.

The major attraction for the Insurance Industry (and hospitals, for that matter) is that the federal government will offer substantial subsidies through the state insurance exchange. Blue Cross will be paid by the U.S. Treasury to provide insurance policies to a whole new segment of the population. And hospitals will have a whole new pot of money to pay for their ever-rising prices.

Under Obama's scheme to make health care decisions for all of us, Blue Cross will become a quasi-public creature - with a pipeline permanently tapped into the federal treasury. Perhaps a good analogy of the new arrangement would be to compare Blue Cross to Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. It will look like a "private" company, with all the protections of a private interest - but one operating with huge taxpayer subsidy.  (And need we remind anyone of the incredible difficulty Congress has experienced in holding Fannie Mae accountable?  Or changing their business practices?)

Like the Fannie Mae model, We the Citizens will become the silent and aggrieved partners.  Congressmen and legislators will wring their hands.  Citizens will have even less power to protect ourselves from rate hikes.  But of greatest concern is our inability to make health care decisions.  Those matters will be decided in private meetings between Washington bureaucrats and Blue Cross officials.

Make no mistake: It took tremendous courage for Denney and Moyle to stand up. Hopefully the People of Idaho will rally behind them to push back against Obama's scheme to control Idaho's health care.

And let us pray that their example will motivate other political leaders to take a stand in defense of the Constitution.

Posted on: 07/09/12
Texas Governor Rick Perry announced today that his state would not be "going along" with the Roberts Court in massaging the Constitution to accommodate ObamaCare. Despite the dangling "free goodies" offered to the states, Texas will not expand Medicaid and it will not create a state insurance exchange.

This development is critically important to Idaho. Our own governor has said that he will not convene a special session to accommodate the Insurance/Medical Cabal ... but otherwise he has been conspicuously quiet about what is being planned for Idaho.

We do know that the "Legislative Health Care Task Force" has announced that it will be meeting later this month (July 30th) to consider the Roberts Edict and push again for a state exchange. This same group already reached that conclusion in early January when it issued a recommendation to the Idaho Legislature urging acceptance of ObamaCare.

Of the 12 members - which, in January, included Sen. John McGee - only Rep. Janice McGeachin of Idaho Falls had the courage to say NO. Eleven members voted to help Blue Cross and the Hospital Association by accepting Obama's vision of a new America. (This is a key reason that we opposed some of these legislators in the May Primary).

The composition of this Task Force is cause for great concern. Four of its members work in the Insurance Industry. Two others are doctors and a third serves on the governing board of a local hospital. The apparent conflict of interest

To make matters worse: five of the members are "lame ducks" who will not be part of the 2013 Legislature. And the 3 Democrat members of the panel have already issued a press release demanding that Idaho submit to their Leader's plans to take-over the health care sector.

Here is a list of the membership:

Sen. Dean Cameron (co-chair)       Rep. Gary Collins (co-chair)

Sen. John Goedde                            Rep. Sharon Block

Sen. Patti Anne Lodge                     Rep. Carlos Bilbao

Sen. Tim Corder                                Rep. Fred Wood, M.D.

Sen. Joyce Broadsword                   Rep. Janice McGeachin

Sen. Dan Schmidt, M.D.                   Rep. John Rusche, M.D.

                                                             Rep. Elaine Smith


Posted on: 06/29/12
The initial reaction to the Roberts decision yesterday was, we dare say, universal shock. Not just for the content of the ruling on ObamaCare, but the way the five votes were pieced together. It just seemed impossible that Chief Justice Roberts could be the "swing" vote, banding with uber-leftists like Kagan and Ginsburg to uphold the biggest social engineering project since ... well, maybe ever in American history.

Please say it ain't so, John.

Our bet is that the shock extended to the White House and Democrat congressional offices. All the spin from the architects of ObamaCare was signaling that they anticipated a beat-down by the nation's high court.

With some 200 pages of legal writings being produced by the Court, it will take some time to digest the nuances and fuller ramifications.

But, as George Will and others have already noted, there are some important elements of the majority ruling from which to draw encouragement:

First, a majority of the Court apparently found that there was some kind of practical limit to the Congress' abuse of the Commerce Clause to justify their profligate spending and social experimentations. Long term, that is a good thing. Potentially a very good thing.

But in the immediate picture, one can see some real value in the Court's ruling. Conservatives should not be overly dependent upon an institution like the federal courts to save the nation. Perhaps this went through Roberts' mind as he set his course. The fallout from the decision is that the average citizen will now have the power and responsibility for determining America's future course. Will we accept the promises and delusions of the Obama Revolution? Or will we rise up this November to reject his vision and stage a counter-revolt?

Romney is not the ideal candidate under this scenario, but he is offering America a clear commitment to repeal ObamaCare while defending our historic constitutional republic. The president's re-election, on the other hand, would seal our fate as a social democracy.

There is reason to be hopeful. Dick Morris, for example, observed that Obama may have won the battle (over ObamaCare), but is destined to lose the war (for re-election). Another pundit commented that the Left reacted to the Roberts decision with a sigh of relief, while the Right has been breathing fire.

We will need that passion to defend America in coming months.


Posted on: 06/20/12
LifeNews is carrying an interesting guest opinion by Dr. Jack Willkie, the current president of Life Issues Institute. He acknowledges a certain skepticism about Mitt Romney's pro-Life commitment and goes on to relate his experience with George Bush, Sr. following his installation as Reagan's Vice-President.

Dr. Willkie writes about a lengthy meeting he held with Bush in 1980, during which he explained the scientific evidence demonstrating the humanity of preborn children from the moment of conception. He claims that this conversation resulted in a conversion by Bush, Sr. to a pro-Life position. In fact, Dr. Willkie claims that Bush ended the meeting with a commitment to support a state-by-state right to protect preborn children from the scourge of abortion.

He also describes a similar meeting between Mitt Romney and Dr. William Hurlbut when Governor Romney struggled with the issue embryonic stem cell research.

The article is well worth the read. Here is a link.

At the same time, one must confess that the issue of Romney's sincerity on pro-Life issues is now largely moot. No person of conscience could possibly support Barack Obama's re-election after considering the hateful and destructive record he has enthusiastically built over three-and-a-half years.

Still, the article by Willkie helps move pro-Lifers from a position of opposing Obama to one of supporting the de facto Republican nominee.


Posted on: 06/07/12
In a preview of Obama's plan for every public school in the country, the Los Angeles School District announced that it was moving past a "partnership" with Planned Parenthood. It is apparently too inconvenient to transport kids to the Abortion, Inc. offices. Now they will operate a sex clinic right inside Roosevelt High School.

The LA Times reports that the new arrangement will begin in the fall. Planned Parenthood will offer "counseling", test for STDs, and provide free birth control. The story doesn't indicate whether kids can get free abortions in between geometry and social studies, but it is fair to assume that such services will be made available one way or another.

Some of our more liberal friends may be disturbed that we are laying this at the feet of Barack Obama.

Such complaints would involve nothing more than deception. The health care take-over planned by Obama and Nancy Pelosi has many elements of evil - and one that has received precious little attention is their plan to extend Planned Parenthood's reach into public schools by establishing school-based clinics. The moral, emotional and physical destruction of America's youth which will certainly follow such a development is difficult to exaggerate.

The insane liberals running the schools in Los Angeles are merely jumping the gun on Obama's big plans for the entire nation.

Defeat of Obama's scheme to impose a new social order on America must happen. Hopefully we receive good news from the Supreme Court later this month. If not, conservatives of all stripes must unite this fall to ensure that Obama is turned out of the Oval Office.


Posted on: 05/31/12
Media is reporting that Congressional Democrats, backed by President Obama, have defeated legislation that would make sex-selection abortions illegal in America. Only 20 House Democrats voted to make destruction of baby girls in the womb in the illegal - simply because they are female.

House Republicans, meanwhile, voted in favor of the proposed law by a margin of 226-7.

The vote exposes the depth of the Democrat Party's commitment to abortion-on-demand, now going so far as to protect sex discrimination in the womb. There is literally nothing beyond the pale for national Democrats in their fealty to Planned Parenthood and the Abortion Industry.

So just who is conducting a "war on women"?


Posted on: 05/29/12
Drudge is carrying a link to a series of stories on Planned Parenthood's support of sex-selection abortions. Perhaps it will serve to awaken some people to the depravity of abortion-for-profit. Perhaps it will help people understand what can go wrong when we allow a government-sponsored corporation to market death. But only if we have the moral strength to ponder this ugliness.

Sadly, many will continue to motor down the road, distracting themselves with an inane text message until the discomfort passes.

Planned Parenthood has built a powerful conglomerate around the idea of enabling a "woman's choice", regardless of how morally corrupt or depraved that "choice" might be. It is even willing to destroy other women (in the form of preborn baby girls and in the form of their mothers who must live with the consequences of this desperate decision).

Surely even some pro-abortion folks around the nation will find it ironic that the feminist movement has matured into a machine for the destruction of baby girls simply because they are ... inconveniently female.

History tells us that when compelling ideas produce poisonous fruit, it is past time to re-examine the assumptions underlying those grand ideas. There is something fundamentally wrong.  Can the feminist movement find the moral courage to engage in such a soul search?

We in the pro-Life movement must so pray.

Here is a link to the story.

Posted on: 03/30/12
The 61st Idaho Legislature adjourned for good on Thursday. Many legislators who have served Idaho well won't be serving in the next one. It is right to thank them for their talents and sacrifices for the public welfare.

While much media hype was focused on the ultrasound bill this session, it is important to review the work of this Legislature with a wider lens. The 61st Legislature was good to the People of Idaho, and good to the pro-Life movement.

No doubt there is disappointment over the withdrawal of the ultrasound bill. But pro-Lifers across the state need to keep that single piece of legislation in perspective. It was wise for our friends at Right to Life to pull the bill back. With the help of the professional media, Planned Parenthood was able to frame the legislation in the public mind as some kind of attack on women. What's that old saying? A lie travels around the world while the truth is putting its boots on. That certainly seems to capture the essence of why the ultrasound bill stalled this session.

But that is no reflection on the Idaho Legislature, or upon its commitment to protecting the sanctity of human life. And, in fact, we witnessed a number of heroes, particularly in the Senate, wage battle on behalf of women's right to know the truth about abortion. That in itself is worthy of celebration.

In the last two years, 6 pro-Life bills were approved by these men and women and signed into law by Governor Otter. This year produced a very important step forward in securing greater protections for the elderly and disabled dealing with pressure from the medical establishment to prematurely relinquish their lives. SB 1348 establishes specific rights to food, water and medication; no longer can these basic human needs be classified as "extraordinary" medical intervention.

In addition, the Legislature did not impose President Obama's "insurance exchange" upon the good people of Idaho. This was our highest legislative priority and we give thanks for the victory. We have seen this week that ObamaCare is in deep trouble on Constitutional grounds, and we are hopeful that the Supreme Court will put a stake in the heart of this dangerous abuse of government power.

Thank you for your partnership through this sometimes difficult Session, and join us in honoring the accomplishments of the 61st Idaho Legislature.

Our attention now turns to the critical primary election. What happens on May 15th will set the table for Idaho's future and our hopes for ending the scourge of abortion.


Posted on: 03/15/12

The hearing room was filled with an odd combination of Planned Parenthood operatives and Occupy Boise activists, working together to intimidate members of the Senate into killing SB 1387. Despite very heated rhetoric and boorish behavior by opponents, the State Affairs Committee approved the Ultrasound bill on a 7-2 vote.

Only Democrats Edgar Malepeai and Michelle Stennett voted against the bill.

SB 1387 would require an ultrasound prior to performance of an abortion. It would also require that the woman sign a form indicating that she had been given an opportunity to view the image.

One of the more powerful moments of the hearing came at the end. A doctor had argued during testimony that the committee should set aside its "misguided" concern for the unborn and focus on the discomfort women might experience in undergoing an ultrasound. Sen. Brent Hill moved the bill, saying that he was doing so precisely because of his concern for preborn children.

There is no doubt that this legislation, if enacted, will save babies. It will also ensure that many women will be saved from a lifetime of regret because they will gain access to critical information.

The bill now goes to the full Senate for consideration.


Posted on: 03/04/12
Two European moral philosophers have caused a stir by arguing that babies should be vulnerable to "post-birth abortion" (otherwise known as murder) because they have not yet become a person. In their article, After-birth Abortion: Why Should the Baby Live?, Dr. Francesca Minerva and Alberto Giubilini take the position that it should be legal to kill newborns for the same reasons it is acceptable to kill them in the womb. If they are imperfect, too much of a burden - or simply unwanted - then it is moral for a woman to dispose of them.

Apparently Minerva acknowledges that babies are human, but believes that they don't acquire personhood until two years after birth.

Many in Europe have offered public condemnation of the two academics and their paper.

The London-based Daily Mail quotes Lord Alton, Chairman of the Parliamentary Group on Pro-Life as saying, "It is profoundly disturbing, indeed shocking, to see the way in which opinion-formers within the medical profession have ditched the professional belief of the healer to uphold the sanctity of human life for this impoverished and inhumane defense of child destruction."

Of course Minerva's views are shocking. But that is not the important point.

In a perverse way, she is doing a public service. She is extending the arbitrary logic of abortion to those of us who have survived the womb. Given her assumptions, it is difficult to logically argue with her conclusions. But given the evil which she embraces - we know something is dangerously wrong with her assumptions, indeed, the assumptions underpinning the whole abortion culture.

The heart of the problem is the willful belief that all human beings are not persons. Certainly Dr. Minerva did not invent that particular horror - she is just playing with it. Many cultures declared blacks to be non-persons; Hitler did the same with Jews. Feminists have done it to children in the womb, and some in the medical profession would so treat the disabled or elderly.


Posted on: 03/01/12

ICL Executive Director David Ripley public issued a response to yesterday's press release from Democratic leaders attacking several pro-Life bills pending in the legislature.

"The press release from the Democratic Party purports to speak for all Democrats," Ripley said. "I hope that's not true. In fact, I believe it is not."

"They claim that legislation which would require an ultrasound prior to an abortion threatens a woman's health," Ripley continued. "That is not only ridiculous, it is logically contradicted by the language of the bill. Ultrasounds pose no health threat, and, in fact, are important to protecting the health of women. Abortionists regularly use them to learn the baby's gestational age. That helps ensure a safer abortion procedure."

"SB 1349 will strengthen the Informed Consent Law by making sure that women and girls have the information they need to make a careful decision before undergoing a life-altering procedure. "

"The Democrat attack on this legislation also betrays a certain paternalism toward women," Ripley said. "Women and their babies are best served by having access to complete medical information before they undergo an abortion. This bill does nothing to deprive women or girls of their present authority to make that decision."

"That same ‘liberals-know-best' attitude is demonstrated by their attack on another bill - SB1348. The Democrat press release claims that this end-of-life protection constitutes an ‘attack' on the rights of patients and their families. Again, this turns logic on its head and is refuted by the plain wording of the bill."

"SB 1348 actually protects the rights of patients and their families," Ripley continued. "We are working to ensure that only a patient or her legal surrogate can decide whether to forego food and water. No one else should be able to deny a patient these most basic needs."

"It is especially important to construct these kinds of legal safeguards for patient rights with the threat of ObamaCare hanging over our heads," Ripley concluded. "Rationing of services by nameless bureaucrats is a near certainty if the federal take-over of health care is realized. We must act to protect health care providers and hospitals, as well as patients, from that threat."


Posted on: 02/23/12

ICL Executive Director David Ripley will be on the Kevin Miller Show at 7 am on Friday morning.

We'll discuss the presidential race and the Obama Mandate on insurance companies to provide free contraceptives, sterilizations and abortifacients (like the "Morning After Pill").

Join us - 580 AM - KIDO.

Posted on: 02/21/12
The House Health & Welfare considered two bills from Rep. Carlos Bilbao on Monday. HB530 would allow insurance companies operating in Idaho to decline coverage for sterilization, birth control and abortifacients. HJM10 would ask Congress to enact legislation being pushed by Congressman Raul Labrador to repeal Obama's mandate on insurance coverage for said drugs.

Planned Parenthood was able to generate quite a crowd to complain about the perceived threat to birth control pills - one of their more lucrative side businesses. Logic or the language of the bill had little to do with much of the testimony. Planned Parenthood had framed the bill as a conspiracy to deprive women of birth control pills.

Bilbao's legislation would actually have changed little because he was merely trying to assert a position entirely consistent with his Joint Memorial: Insurance companies or employers should not be forced to pay for sterilizations, birth control or drugs that cause abortion.

Many of those testifying declared that his legislation would deprive them of their "rights". More than one asserted that those holding religious or moral objections to abortion-causing drugs had no right to (potentially) deprive them of free birth control or abortifacient drugs. The hearing was quite reminiscent of those held in years previous around the conscience protection law. It is almost impossible to reason with those folks. They hold a completely self-centered view of the U.S. Constitution and a perception of their "rights".

But let us try reason one more time: Rep. Bilbao's bill would not deprive anyone of their birth control pills. If you want to swallow Plan B or any other abortion-causing drug, you are free to do so under the law. But you could no longer force taxpayers or other members of your insurance group to subsidize your decision.

There was a day when the public schools educated future citizens on the fundamental idea of "reciprocity" - that is, the social compact which undergirds our great experiment in self-government. Our civil liberties depend upon mutual respect and a mature understanding that one's "rights" end where your neighbors' begin. The failure of public schools to properly prepare folks was on grand display at the hearing this week - and is nearly as troubling as the demand for "free" abortifacients.


Posted on: 02/15/12
My son and I ventured out to hear GOP Presidential candidate Rick Santorum in Boise. It was an encouraging and historic event. Perhaps 2500 Idahoans came out on a chilly evening to learn more about the man most likely to challenge Mitt Romney for the nomination.

First, we must give kudos to Jonathan Parker and Norm Semanko of the Idaho GOP for engineering an historic moment. Not many candidates have found the will or interest to travel out here to meet real folks and talk about their vision for America. Idaho's March 6th Caucus date is meaningful and the presence of Rick Santorum proves it. Santorum's retail campaign effort has even forced Mitt Romney to hold his first public event when he comes to Boise on Friday to once again raise money.

Santorum is a rock solid conservative, but he is no rock star. The folks in attendance were hungry for the kind of battle cry that Newt Gingrich can dish up; Santorum seems almost shy about folks getting too worked up. A few times the crowd was on the verge of a standing ovation, but Santorum interrupted to continue with his lecture about the numerous threats posed by the continued reign of Barack Obama.

The presidential hopeful comes with a modest staff and a U.S. Constitution in his back pocket. He produced it to expound on the need for the next president to be steeped in its powers and limitations. He called upon the nation to restore the nation's founding vision, as articulated in the Declaration of Independence. Santorum recalled the courageous decision by the Founders to pledge their sacred honor at a time when they challenged the most powerful nation on earth: He demanded that those listening answer the call to service posed by these critical days.

No doubt that those in attendance were ready to answer that call. And there is the encouraging part of the evening: Ordinary citizens gathered in different parts of Capital High School to fight for their country at a time when she is in serious danger. Many, like me, brought their children. (Not only because of the historic opportunity to participate in history, but because these young people are the ones who will inherit the fruits of our present labor - or suffer most harshly the consequences of our failure).

No doubt these people will be present on March 6th. My guess is that most will be voting for Rick Santorum.

While Santorum does not have Gingrich's gift for the spontaneous battle cry, he does have a certain charisma. It is the kind of charm, alloyed with a few parts humility, that could wear well in the months and years ahead. That humility was best displayed by his insistence upon coming to the gym, used as an overflow room, to take a few questions and shake hands all the way around the floor.

                                                                 -- David Ripley


Posted on: 02/03/12
Boise's Channel 7 ran a story on Planned Parenthood's outrage over being dropped by the Komen Foundation. The impression they convey is that all of the Treasure Valley is up in arms because the local abortion clinic will no longer receive money raised under the auspices of "fighting breast cancer". Perhaps local donors will no longer be interested in finding a cure.

It has long been a curiosity that Komen got involved with the Abortion Industry in the first place. Setting aside the growing body of research which shows a linkage between abortion and increased risk of breast cancer - the simple truth is that Planned Parenthood does not do mammograms. The money they've been getting from Komen is in the form of "pass-through grants", whatever that is. (There is an informative article on this point now up on LifeNews.Com). The local news "reporter" failed to ask anything about Planned Parenthood's ability to actually screen for breast cancer. They simply gave Planned Parenthood staff the chance to publicly chastise and threaten Komen.

Channel 7 also failed to contact this organization for a fuller explanation of the upside for Komen. While there may be abortion zealots who are offended about not simultaneously helping kill babies while supporting cancer research - many in the pro-Life movement are energized. In fact, Komen is reporting that its donations have doubled since the announcement. That was, apparently, too much information to share with viewers in Idaho.

In truth, Channel 7 - the "Idaho News Leader" - rarely covers the pro-Life movement, despite the views and values of an overwhelming majority of its audience. How sad.


Posted on: 02/01/12
The pro-Life community is buzzing with the tremendous news that Planned Parenthood has lost the legitimizing cover of the breast cancer lobby. The Komen Foundation's decision to end its partnership with the Abortion Industry is a huge blessing - on many levels.

There is the money which Komen has transferred from life-loving citizens to those promoting the death of women and babies. Seeing Planned Parenthood lose several millions in charitable support is certainly encouraging.

And we are all excited by the fact that pro-Lifers will no longer have to argue or wince or boycott fundraising efforts designed to end the scourge of breast cancer. In fact, we encourage our readers to at least send the Komen Foundation an email to express our gratitude; a donation in the name of innocent children would be better. Komen deserves sincere praise for protecting the integrity of the effort to treat and cure breast cancer.

But in the long term, the best aspect of this development is that Planned Parenthood can no longer hide its evil behind the skirt of "fighting breast cancer" - as if it were principally concerned about the health or lives of women. Whenever their killing operations have been exposed, they seek to change the subject by pointing to their work with Komen.

That ruse just got a lot harder.



Posted on: 01/30/12
The Board of Idaho Chooses Life has voted to oppose the creation of a state insurance exchange because of the myriad dangers it poses to Idahoans. Implementing ObamaCare, even as we challenge it before the U.S. Supreme Court, just doesn't make sense. The pending lawsuit provides with a great exit ramp. 

But the nation's best hope is a rejection of Barack Obama at the polls this fall.

We have distributed a "Policy Statement" on the idea of a state exchange to key members of the Legislature and are now meeting to reinforce our message. Rather than voluntarily submit to the edicts of Obama and Secretary Sebelius, Idaho must offer national leadership by choosing a private-sector path to better, cheaper health care.


Posted on: 01/23/12
Americans United for Life has released its pro-Life rankings of the states for 2012. They rank Idaho as the 19th "safest" place for preborn children in the country - at least in terms of the legal protections afforded our preborn brothers and sisters. That is an improvement of four spots from the year before, reflecting our strong 2011 legislative session. In 2009, AUL ranked us at 26 among the states.

Leading the list for the past several years has been Louisiana, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania.

A deeper look at the rankings shows that, generally speaking, the states governed by the ultra-liberal 9th

Circuit are the deadliest. California and Washington have been fighting over dead-last for several years. The average ranking for states in the 9th Circuit - without Idaho and Arizona - is an appalling 45th. Part of that phenomenon reflects the Abortion Lobby's death grip on the political culture in states like Montana, Washington, Oregon and California. But one cannot discount the deleterious impact of 9th Circuit judges on the pro-Life movements operating within their political orbit.

The rankings from AUL are by no means the last word on the subject, as the organization does come at the question with certain biases. However, it does give us a feel for state of the nation and the great disparity between the states.

It also reminds us of the work we have left to do.


Posted on: 01/17/12
Pro-Lifers will gather once again on Saturday, January 21st to mark the 39th year of our national suffering under the Supreme Court edict legalizing abortion.

In Boise, folks will meet at the Julia Davis band shell at 1 pm. A rally on the steps of the Idaho Statehouse to defend preborn children will follow the march down Capitol Blvd. 

Our best estimate is that over 54 million children have lost their lives under the Roe regime. May the Maker of Heaven and Earth reach down and save us from our great national sin.


Posted on: 01/06/12

A story last month in Newsweek attempts to portray Pocatello woman Jennie McCormack as the next Norma McCorvey, more victim than perpetrator. She is the woman at the center of a lawsuit which seeks, among other things, to create a "right" to easy abortion access.

This woman apparently killed her preborn child - during the late 2nd or early 3rd trimester - using RU-486 pills she obtained over the internet. McCormack tells her sympathetic media confessor that she decided to end the baby's life for the sake of her other children. (Quite a burden for those siblings to carry).

In a lawsuit against Bannock County prosecutor Mark Heideman, Ms. McCormack argues that not only does she have a right to an abortion - she has the "right" to access an abortion provider. Her constitutional gripe is that there aren't enough abortion providers in Southeast Idaho. So far, she has found a sympathetic audience in federal judge Lynn Winmill. (In fact, we are hard pressed to recall a single instance when Winmill has denied demands from the Abortion Lobby - but that is fodder for a congressional investigation).

The upshot of this lawsuit is a drive by the Abortion Industry to legalize the use of RU-486 at any stage of pregnancy and without medical supervision. Such a circumstance would contradict regulations issued by the FDA when it approved the deadly drug - in which they limited its use to the first 49 days of a pregnancy, as well as requiring a physician's involvement to protect the health and lives of women using it).

This lawsuit highlights one of the great lies behind the Abortion Industry's claim that it is all about protecting women. The strategy to remove any restrictions on the sale and use of RU-486 is all about money.

We encourage you to read the disturbing account of McCormack's crusade to expand abortion in Idaho for yourself by clicking here.

As an aside, we would urge Ms. McCormack to be cautious about her present role as professional victim for the Abortion Industry.  We had a chance to meet and talk with the original Norma McCorvey when she came to Boise in 2010.  She continues to carry a heavy burden for the role she played in moving Planned Parenthood's agenda.  It is hard to see how this ends well for Ms. McCormack.

Posted on: 12/29/11

The Idaho Statesman shares the important story of a young Pocatello woman, Jenni Lake. Her death from cancer was at least expedited by her decision to protect her preborn baby from the dangers of chemotherapy. She gave birth to Chad on November 9th. She died on November 21st, just prior to her 18th birthday.

Ignoring the unfortunate circumstances surrounding the pregnancy, we must marvel at the pure courage and strength this young woman displayed in choosing life for her baby.

We are more familiar with stories of courage coming from men in combat. But most of the time those heroic moments are built upon split-second choices. Jenni's decision to put herself at greater risk for the sake of her baby is bravery of a different magnitude. Each day, each hour - her decision could be reversed. One can be sure that many times over the course of her pregnancy people urged her to save herself by destroying the vulnerable baby within her womb. No doubt, as she lay in the quiet of the night, doubts and fear challenged her decision.

Yet she was a person committed to defending and honoring the gift of Life within her. Unlike many in our society whose moral vision extends only to the boundaries of their own skin, Ms. Lake had a deeper, richer, more truthful understanding of our unique value as God's creation.

By her actions Ms. Lake lived a good life, turning her personal tragedy into a deeply hopeful searchlight of hope for people around the world. (Her story has already appeared in London papers).

There is no doubt that God will continue to use her story to teach and inspire us. Perhaps she will even change the culture.

Here is a link to the story.


Posted on: 12/08/11
It seemed all but certain that women and girls would be able to get "Emergency Contraception" straight from the grocery store shelves after intense lobbying by drug makers seeking to expand their profits. They were partnered with the Abortion Industry, which blindly seeks to increase the number of babies killed in the womb.

And the heck with those girls and babies who may be destroyed in the process.

Under regulations adopted during the Clinton Administration, Emergency Contraception can be obtained by women "behind the counter", at the local pharmacy. Girls under 17 need a doctor's prescription.

Responding to the long-term lobbying campaign, the FDA approved changes in regulation of the deadly drug - treating "Emergency Contraception" essentially like Tums or aspirin.

This drug regimen contains super-doses of the hormones contained in "The Pill" - which, by the way, requires a prescription. The reasons that normal contraceptive pills need professional involvement are known to anyone watching television commercials, in which drug manufacturers list many potential serious complications stemming from the use "The Pill". (We have also seen many lawyers trolling for clients in lawsuits against those drug companies).

The point is that "Emergency Contraception" pills are potentially dangerous to both girls and the babies who may be killed by their use. It is unbelievable that the FDA would ignore the dangers and obvious opportunity for abuse. We have heard direct testimony from counselors at Idaho pregnancy centers regarding the prevalent abuse by teenage girls of the "Morning After Pill". (Readers should also know that the FDA has NEVER conducted research on the long-term impact of EC on the health of teenage girls who avail themselves of the drug).

Imagine how much worse it could be without any kind of hurdle to obtaining the drugs!

And that says nothing about the ease with which predators could buy supplies of the drug to enable their continued abuse of teenage girls.

So - how to explain the completely uncharacteristic decision by Kathleen Sebelius to overrule the FDA? This rabid abortion champion has gone to unseemly lengths over her public career to advance abortion-on-demand; going so far as to facilitate the shredding of Planned Parenthood records during her tenure as Governor of Kansas.Abortionist George Tiller With Kathleen Sebelius

One can only say that some sort of miracle has taken place. There may be more mundane explanations available - but we can say with certainty that the Abortion Industry must be as stunned as we at Sebelius' intervention.  

Photo at right shows Sebelius with late abortionist George Tiller.  Tiller was a large donor to her political campaigns in Kansas.

Posted on: 11/28/11
In his greatest act of public service, Congressman Barney Frank announced that he will not seek another term.

Liberals lauded his extensive career, in which he managed to push policies leading to extensive economic instability.

But we remember him for his exuberant support for Planned Parenthood's deadly agenda. Perhaps a few babies will live now that he will be leaving the Congress.

To read more: click here.

Posted on: 11/04/11
The Family Research Council announced this week that it gave its "True Blue" Award to both Idaho Senators - Mike Crapo and Jim Risch.

Idaho's servants in Washington were recognized by the pro-family group for their 100% records on key family issues - including the defense of preborn children. They were among just 8 members of the U.S. Senate to earn a 100% grade.

Senator Crapo issued a statement in which he said, "Voting to defend traditional, pro-family policies in Washington is just part of the overall effort to protect the family."

"This award is just a reflection of the values of Idahoans," said Sen. Risch. "They have placed a great trust in me to represent their pro-family values in Washington."

Tony Perkins, head of FRC, singled out the senators' votes to defund Planned Parenthood, repeal ObamaCare, and prevent tax-funding of abortions as critical components of their record.

We offer our congratulations to these fine men, and express our gratitude that Idaho is so blessed.


Posted on: 10/27/11
Hear about the case of the Democrat turned out of Congress last year launching a lawsuit for "loss of income"? Ohio Democrat Steve Driehaus was fired by constituents over his breach of faith with pro-Life voters. He was one of those "pro-Lifers" who followed Bart Stupak over the cliff, abandoning his supposed principles to support Barack Obama's scheme for nationalized health care - which includes massive subsidies for the Abortion Industry.

Most defeated politicians find some reasonably honest way to support themselves. A good number devote hours and months plotting a return to power. But Driehaus has filed a federal lawsuit against the Susan B. Anthony List for defaming his "good" name. They committed the offense of informing Ohioans that Driehaus had betrayed his commitment to defend the innocent.

One could reasonably assume that any federal judge would dismiss such nonsense - but Driehaus had the good fortune to locate an Obama appointee who is happy to waste his time and the public's money. It gives the judge a chance to do a little favor for the most abortion-happy president in U.S. history. 

But there is an even darker aspect to this story which moves it from the curiously self-abusive to outright dangerous: It turns out that Federal District Judge Timothy Black is the former head of Planned Parenthood of Cincinnati. Since he obviously did not have the integrity to recuse himself from the case - and the U.S. Senate did not have the wits or courage to deny Black's life-time confirmation to the federal bench - our friends at the Susan B. Anthony List have good reason to worry about this otherwise ridiculous case. One can see it becoming a serious financial liability for the pro-Life organization going into next year's election year.

The ramifications of the lawsuit go beyond Susan B. Anthony's finances: Judge Black and former Congressman Driehaus may be working a scheme to do criminal damage to the First Amendment.

Posted on: 10/21/11
WorldNetDaily is carrying a story regarding grave health concerns - including 26 additional deaths - related to Gardasil injections.

Judicial Watch has obtained a batch of new documents from the FDA which show not only previously unreported deaths - but other serious reactions, like seizures, blindness, paralysis, and memory loss.

"These reports raise additional concerns about Gardasil's questionable safety and provide ample reason to end the push to give it to young girls and boys. And the CDC's continued caginess about reported deaths is disturbing. [Government officials] need to stop promoting this vaccine for children," said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

The 26 deaths are in addition to another three dozen already documented. All told, there are something in the range of 20,000 "adverse events" associated with Gardasil vaccines in the public record.

In the WorldNetDaily article, Dr. Christian Fiala argues that, while the number of devastating health problems is rising - the basic science justifying the vaccine's usage remains in grave doubt: "[T]here is no evidence that HPV vaccine reduces the overall number of cervical cancer cases."

Is this another example of women and girls being abused by the medical establishment? Some nations have moved to block the use of Gardasil - but the CDC continues to champion its use, estimating that 48% of American girls have received at least one dose of the vaccine.


Posted on: 10/19/11
Planned Parenthood is pushing a new business model - remote control abortions. Talk to someone who claims to be a doctor via the internet. He or she pushes a button, which opens a drawer containing death pills. Fast and profitable.

America's Merchant of Death has been providing this "service" to women and girls in Iowa, and is now working to make the same offering available in Minnesota.

RU-486 was legalized by Bill Clinton in the waning days of his presidency. The regulations of the FDA required that the lethal drug regimen be used only during the first 49 days of a pregnancy. That means a doctor must confirm the gestational age of the baby prior to prescribing the drug.

The question naturally arises: How can a doctor make such a determination without a physical exam?

Obviously RU-486 is lethal to babies. But there is mounting evidence that it threatens women and girls as well. LifeNews reports that dozens of mothers have died from complications. And the FDA is collecting reports from over 2,000 girls and women of serious health problems.

If a girl uses the drugs from the remote-controlled drawer, what is she to do if she gets sick? Will the blinking computer screen help her get to the hospital if she starts bleeding?

Profits before women. That is the simple truth of Planned Parenthood's business model.


Posted on: 10/13/11
HR 358 passed the House of Representatives on Thursday by a vote of 251-172. Idaho's Labrador and Simpson voted for the measure.

The measure passed despite hysterical debate from Nancy Pelosi and a veto threat from her pal, Barack Obama.

Among other components, the Protect Life Act would prohibit any federal subsidy for abortions under various aspects of ObamaCare. It would also strengthen conscience protections for medical professionals and institutions who object to performing abortions.

Thank you to our congressmen, as well as lead sponsor Joe Pitts from Pennsylvania.


Posted on: 10/13/11
HR 358 passed the House of Representatives on Thursday by a vote of 251-172. Idaho's Labrador and Simpson voted for the measure.

The measure passed despite hysterical debate from Nancy Pelosi and a veto threat from her pal, Barack Obama.

Among other components, the Protect Life Act would prohibit any federal subsidy for abortions under various aspects of ObamaCare. It would also strengthen conscience protections for medical professionals and institutions who object to performing abortions.

Thank you to our congressmen, as well as lead sponsor Joe Pitts from Pennsylvania.


Posted on: 10/05/11
As you've probably read, the Congress reached agreement on another short-term funding resolution for the federal government on Tuesday. That authorizes spending through November 18th. While the action avoids more D.C. drama - the abortion industry is still getting its large slice of the pie.

Work is underway in both the Senate and House on appropriation bills to fund the government through the end of FY2012.

Pro-Lifers in the House are putting their energies behind several important measures to restrict taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood and its abortion agenda:

The draft House bill includes language to protect health care facilities from discrimination simply because they refuse to participate in abortions. It seems this has a good prospect for surviving the inevitable fight with Senate Democrats.

House conservatives are again going after the $330 million taxpayers give Planned Parenthood each year. Specific language would require that no taxpayer money would be given to the nefarious organization unless it can certify that their affiliates and clinics no longer perform elective abortions.

Title X is also targeted for elimination by House Republicans.

There are other provisions of the House spending bill which go after elements of ObamaCare. The most important is probably the language which delays implementation of the whole law until 90 days after all legal challenges to the law are resolved. It is hard to see how Reid & Company will swallow this idea, since they have banked the future of their party on jamming ObamaCare down our collective throat.

Harry Reid has already proven that he would rather shut down the entire federal government than give away funding for his partners at Planned Parenthood. Given the fact that House Republicans have folded once on the question of funding for Planned Parenthood, much of this language should be viewed as a statement of principle - or perhaps a commitment to enact such cuts if pro-Lifers can gain a majority of votes in the Senate following next year's elections.

That certainly is frustrating. The simple truth is that pro-Lifers control just 1/3 of the federal government's spending apparatus. But we must not let discouragement excuse us from pressing the battle. The end of taxpayer subsidies for Planned Parenthood is within sight.

There is probably no more effective more way to reduce abortions in America than to cut funding of the nation's largest provider - short of reversing Roe itselfOur job is to continue to press until the spigot is turned off.

Posted on: 10/03/11
Many faithful pro-Lifers came out on a beautiful Sunday afternoon to lift signs and prayers for the babies threatened today and tomorrow by abortion. As thousands passed through the Boise Mall, we pleaded with our neighbors to spend a moment with us - calling to heart the silent carnage which daily occurs in Idaho's Abortion Capitol.

Most people were friendly: many honked, gave a thumbs-up.

Of course not everyone was receptive to our message. One middle-aged woman honked and began yelling out her window at a friend who held a sign, "Take my hand, not my life". The sign carried a photo of a baby's hand inside the protective hand of a loving mother.

"I've never seen such an offensive sign in all my life! You people should be ashamed! I'm a good Christian and I am totally offended!"

We'll assume she is, in fact, a good Christian. And we are certainly safe in believing that she was offended by the photo and message. The question remains, "Why?"

One can only speculate, of course. But the odds are extraordinarily high that she is one of those women deeply wounded by abortion - hers, or that of a loved one. It is easier to strike out in anger than it is to look at the pain and take responsibility for whatever decisions she has made in the past. The Lord of Us All paid the price for whatever sin this woman committed; but the healing He offers is more complex. The defenses of anger and blame will have to be eroded by His love so that He can reach down into that deep place and stop the bleeding. There is no doubt that He is at work in her life even as this update is posted.

We can trust that our annual foray to the Boise Mall is a fruitful  opportunity for the Lord to touch hearts.  In cases such as this, perhaps that touch feels more like a prick of the conscience.

We ask for the Lord's complete healing of that woman. And His blessing of all the faithful who took the time to stand with us.


Posted on: 09/24/11
As has become customary with him, Federal Judge Lynn Winmill issued a late-Friday bombshell. He has established a de facto right-to-self-abortion in Idaho for first trimester abortions. Such a ruling apparently defies Supreme Court precedent. And he has gone farther: Winmill has now made it impossible to hold a woman accountable for virtually any behavior connected with killing her child. He has also provided protection for anyone aiding a woman in obtaining an illegal abortion.

Winmill has done this by granting a "temporary restraining order" against enforcing two provisions of Idaho law which have been in effect since the 1970s.

Planned Parenthood must be giddy. Idaho women will no longer have to consult with a physician before obtaining an abortion. In fact, it seems a fair interpretation of Winmill's aggressive policy-making that Idaho women will no longer be required to involve a physician in first trimester abortions.

The only wrinkle in their plan would be the FDA requirement that RU-486 be prescribed by a physician. Surely the death merchants at Planned Parenthood will be able to work their way around that little problem - particularly since Winmill has removed any effective means of enforcement.

The way now seems open for Planned Parenthood to deliver RU-486 chemicals to women and girls without fear of prosecution, using mere clerks to take phone and internet orders from across Idaho.

Naturally, this will lead to increased rates of abortion. It seems fair to guess that many of those will be unreported to the state, because current law limits reporting requirements to physicians.

It is also certain that Winmill's decision will put many girls and women at serious risk. Deaths have been reported to the FDA as a result of RU-486, and his order invites dangerous abuse of the drugs. Both Planned Parenthood and Judge Winmill seem unconcerned that the FDA has legalized RU-486 for use only during the first 46 days of pregnancy. Their guidelines require that a physician confirm the gestational age of the baby before offering a prescription for RU-486; and it requires a follow-up visit to ensure that the girl is not carrying the remains of her baby.

The deadly abuse of RU-486 seems to be of little concern to Judge Winmill as he continues his zealous search for ways to expand abortion in Idaho.


Posted on: 09/12/11
We learn from a report out of the American Life League that Obama's Department of Health & Human Services has issued new regulations designed to eliminate the birth of children with Down's Syndrome. As part of its guidelines for a national prenatal screening program, HHS has formally set its sights on "preventing" the birth of babies suspected to have Downs Syndrome.

One must always be careful about using over-the-top language - but it is very hard to avoid the conclusion that Obama and his people have determined to encourage women to kill babies through abortion if testing suggests they have Downs. It is even more difficult to avoid seeing the relationship between such a campaign and history's other heinous programs aimed at "cleansing" the human race.

As the American Life League starkly put it - a government program designed to increase the rate at which Downs babies are killed in the womb can hardly be called "preventive medicine".

It should be rightly called what it is: eugenics, simple and evil.


Posted on: 09/06/11
British researchers have just put out a new study finding that women are suffering much higher rates of depression than women of a generation ago. In fact, they claim that depression rates have doubled since the 1970s.

A similar study was produced by American researchers about a month ago.

Both research efforts argue that the epidemic of depression among women 16-42 has been brought on by the desire to "have it all" - that is, conflicts between the duties of marriage, career and motherhood.

There may be something to that. But we are certain that those same researchers have skimmed over the most obvious factor contributing to this widespread emotional trauma: abortion. As women wrestle with the largely false promises of modern feminism - they are often persuaded to use abortion as a method of controlling their futures.

Numerous other studies, conducted by people with a deeper thirst for the full truth, have uncovered the fact depression, guilt, remorse and even suicidal fantasies are part of the abortion experience for many women. Too late they discover one more lie of the modern feminist movement.

These studies - flawed as they are - should remind us that there are many victims of the Abortion Industry. The "walking wounded" need our prayers too.


Posted on: 08/22/11
During his tour through China this week, Vice President Joe Biden officially blessed China's forced abortion policy:

"Your policy has been one which I fully understand -- I'm not second-guessing -- of one child per family." (Remarks of VP Biden in Chengdu).

What a tragic milestone in America's moral leadership. Gone is the fight to protect women from being forced into killing their own baby in order to accomplish the eugenics and population control aims of the all-mighty Chinese state. Erased is the external political and moral pressure from leaders like Ronald Reagan and George Bush - both of whom refused to see American tax dollars used to brutally assault vulnerable mothers.

We've yet to hear a single voice of protest from the elite media or the professional feminist class over this outrageous and official abandonment of those women and babies.

Today, Joe Biden is the face of a false feminism, which will no longer bother the Chinese leadership over the trifling matter of millions of women forced to commit unspeakable crimes against themselves and their babies.


Posted on: 06/21/11
The Wall Street Journal is carrying a superb article on the chilling disregard that elite feminists have shown for the rampant destruction of girl babies through abortion. Sex selection is a terror in much of the developing world - none more staggering than the forced abortion policies at play in China.

Those policies have largely been embraced by leading elites of the Left as part of their embrace of legalized abortion and population control.

The fact that girls are the most likely victims of such evil policies seems not to trouble feminists at all.

How can such a movement and leadership have any credibility to speak for women?

Read the fascinating, disturbing article for yourself: The War Against Girls.


Posted on: 05/24/11
Despite the imposition of an immoral abortion regime by a ruling elite, the American People remain committed to pro-Life values. According to a fresh Gallup Survey, 61% of adults believe that abortion should be illegal in most or all circumstances.

Furthermore, most Americans believe that abortion is morally wrong. Just 39% believe the killing of an innocent baby in the womb is "morally acceptable". Interestingly, just as many women as men agree with on that value judgment.

Here is a link to the Gallup Report.


Posted on: 05/18/11
The media reports that a slew of San Francisco businesses received special relief from the burdens of ObamaCare. Clearly it is good to be Nancy Pelosi's friend.

Of the 204 new "waivers" granted by the Obama Administration last month, 38 are for nightclubs, swanky restaurants and hotels in Nancy's district. Given Pelosi's penchant for the privileged life, it is easy to imagine that she traded guaranteed seating for a little influence with her pal, Kathleen Sebelius.

But that is all vanity and petty corruption.

What should be obvious here is that we are witnessing another element of why ObamaCare is so dangerous for the nation and the cause of liberty. Buried in the thousands of pages of this law are heretofore unknown powers delegated to bureaucrats to dispense favors, like medieval barons with the power to terrorize or lift burdens. This is dangerous. This is not America.

The monumental achievement of the Founding Fathers was to place all men under the rule of law - written law. Rich, poor, bright, dumb or powerful: All would be subject to the written constraints and protections of the Constitution. The immense and arbitrary powers granted an unelected bureaucracy sorely undermines those historic principles and jeopardizes the liberties of every American.

Let us continue to pray for relief from this whole mad scheme.


Posted on: 05/16/11
Abortion advocate Brian Schweitzer has issued his second pro-abortion veto of the session by throwing out a law which would have required parental notification before a girl can get an abortion.

News reports indicate that pro-Lifers in our neighboring state may be working to put the measure on the ballot.

In tossing the effort to protect families and parental rights, Schweitzer cited a Montana Supreme Court decision from 1999 which vitiated most of the pro-Life laws on the books. Their high court found that Montana's Constitution has a separate "right to abortion" under its privacy clause.

Last week, Schweitzer vetoed a bill to protect preborn children who were the victims of violence. It is similar to Idaho's Noah's Law - which makes it a felony to injure or murder a preborn child outside of an abortion context. In his veto message, Schweitzer claimed that the Unborn Victims legislation was merely a political ploy designed to undermine legalized abortion by suggesting that babies in the womb were human beings deserving of legal protection.


Posted on: 04/14/11
This legislation would ban almost all abortions after 20 weeks' gestation based upon a legislative finding that a preborn child is able to feel pain during an abortion. Testimony during the legislative session from several medical experts offered substantial scientific evidence that a preborn child has developed the neurological means to experience pain by at least the 20-week mark.

But, as we testified, the fact of prenatal suffering is hardly a revelation.

During the 1990s, the late Bernard Nathanson offered the world a chance to confront what "abortion" means by filming a live abortion of a late first-term child. It is, appropriately enough, entitled, "Silent Scream".

Attacked by forceps and a scalpel, we can watch the baby writhe to get away, fighting for its life.

No human can see this video without having to confront the horrible suffering to which we are subjecting these tiny brothers and sisters. It rightly undermines our proud claim to being the most advanced civilization in history.

The primary virtue of SB1165 is its focus on the preborn child and his irrefutable status as a defenseless human being, too often the target of our cruel selfishness.


Posted on: 04/13/11
The recently concluded session of the Idaho Legislature was a learned picture of conservative principle in action.

Most importantly, the Legislature and Governor reaffirmed in several important ways their commitment to the proposition that government's most vital mission is the protection of human life. We have, for example, a new law which makes it a felony to assist another in committing suicide. We believe that Idaho is the first state to add such a criminal provision in many years.

The Ban on Assisted Suicide is particularly important given the Death Lobby's national movement to create a "right to die" under the misguided banner of "compassion".

We have also taken steps to prevent the expansion of abortion coverage in Idaho through ObamaCare. If we are ever forced to accept a federally-run "insurance exchange" in Idaho, we can at least take some comfort from the fact that it will not cover elective abortions.

Speaking of ObamaCare, it is important to acknowledge the Legislature's leadership in stopping the Idaho Department of Insurance from taking federal funds to build the infrastructure necessary to implement that federal power grab. Persistent work by folks like Vito Barbieri, Monty Pearce and Judy Boyle helped move legislation to the governor's desk which prohibits other departments in state government from moving to implement ObamaCare.

And then there is the success we achieved this session in fixing the rules being used by the Department of Health & Welfare to pay for abortions under state Medicare rules. Hopefully those changes will help reduce teenage abortions in Idaho.

We are also encouraged by the Governor's signature on the amendment to the state's Conscience Protection Law. The amendment came about in part because of Governor Otter's concern last year that the Conscience Law did not sufficiently protect patients facing the end of their lives. With his signature on the amendment, the law is now quite clear that doctors must abide by the provisions of the Living Will section of Idaho Code. That law seems to have worked pretty well since its creation in 1988. Hopefully, with this latest action, Idaho seniors will be reassured that their wishes are still protected by Idaho Law despite the rhetoric and manipulation of groups like AARP.

Conservatives will rightly applaud accomplishments like the balanced budget without tax increases and the passage of a law closing Idaho's primary to those voters who identify with the Republican Party.

But it is the tremendous work done in rebuilding a Culture of Life which deserves the greatest applause.


Posted on: 03/29/11
The Idaho House of Representatives voted 61-8 to approve SB 1070 on Monday, which represents final legislative approval for a bill which would make it a felony to assist another in committing suicide.

All but one Republican supported the measure, while House Democrats split.

"This is a terrific victory for the pro-Life movement," said David Ripley, Executive Director of Idaho Chooses Life. "We take the threat from the Assisted-Suicide Crowd quite seriously given their success in neighboring Washington, Oregon and Montana. Idaho is blessed to have visionary leadership."

Ripley singled out the key legislative sponsors, Sen. Russ Fulcher and Rep. Cliff Bayer, for praise.

"These gentlemen are to be heralded for the time and energy they devoted to shutting the door on Compassion & Choices before their propaganda could take root in Idaho," Ripley said.

Idaho Chooses Life was greatly helped by other pro-Life organizations, including Americans United for Life and Right to Life of Idaho. The Idaho Medical Association also weighed-in on the bill, supporting the effort to protect the integrity of the medical profession in the Gem State.

During debate on the measure, the pro-Life movement was able to present compelling testimony about the cancerous effect of assisted suicide in those societies which have opened the door. Oregon and Washington, for example, are struggling with rising suicide rates among young people and others not burdened with disease.

"Young people in particular have powerful hypocrisy radar screens," said Ripley. "If suicide is alright for some, why not others? How can the state sanction the death of some while fighting the self-destruction of others? It becomes subjective, arbitrary and - ultimately - abusive."

"Death comes soon enough for all of us," Ripley added. "This legislation defends the value that every life has value. Assisting someone in ending her life prematurely is not compassionate, and is certainly not health care."

The legislation now goes to Governor Butch Otter for his signature.

Our thanks for the terrific support we've received from Idaho's many pro-Life households.  Your prayers and calls and financial support have made the difference!

Posted on: 03/24/11
The Idaho House approved SB1115 on Wednesday (03.23.11), by a whopping 56-13 vote. This is the final legislative step for this critical bill - which now heads to the Governor's desk.

SB1115 takes advantage of a provision in ObamaCare which allows states to "opt-out" of covering elective abortions which may eventually be established in Idaho under Obama's scheme to take over health care in the country.

This legislation is largely defensive in nature - and protects Idaho's policy on tax-funded abortions established back in 2001. Under the Davis-Loertscher Amendment, tax-funded abortions are available only in cases of rape, incest or life of the mother. Without the passage of SB1115, Idaho would have been forced into paying for elective abortions. That would certainly have led to increased abortion rates.

Perhaps the most contentious element of debate over the legislation, particularly in the House, was Democrat sensitivity over the term ‘ObamaCare'. During our presentation in the House State Affairs Committee, the Executive Director of Idaho Chooses Life was rebuked by Rep. Phylis King for use of the term.

Idaho Democrats would prefer that we all use the Orwellian terminology developed via focus groups: "The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act". But such terminology is, to be kind, misleading. There is nothing "affordable" about the federal health care take-over. And our greatest concern with the legislation - increased abortions and rationing - certainly prohibits using the word, "protection". 

And how can one use languid words like "reform" or even "overhaul" when discussing such a massive government intrusion into healthcare decisions?

We'll continue using the term ‘ObamaCare', thank you. It is probably the kindest terminology we can speak with integrity.

Our gratitude to Sens. Curt McKenzie and Rep. Brent Crane for leading the charge on behalf of SB1115. Our friends at Americans United for Life were extremely helpful in preparing the legislation. Hopefully it will encourage other states to take decisive action to mitigate the devastating effects of ObamaCare.

We pray blessings upon the wonderful pro-Life grassroots folks who continue to support this ministry's work in the Idaho Legislature!


Posted on: 03/22/11
The House State Affairs Committee approved SB1070 on a unanimous voice vote this morning (Tuesday). The action sends the legislation to Ban Assisted Suicide to the full House for its final leg through the legislative process.

The motion to send the bill to the House was made by Rep. Elfreda Higgins, a Boise Democrat.

No opposing testimony was presented at the hearing. During the Senate deliberations, the Idaho ACLU testified against the bill.

Supporting testimony was provided by Cornerstone Institute, Right to Life, the Idaho Medical Association and attorney Bob Aldridge.

This is a tremendous victory for the pro-Life movement in Idaho. Such overwhelming votes should make it clear to the Death Lobby that they are not welcome in our beloved state.

Here is a link to coverage by the Idaho Reporter .

Posted on: 03/16/11
The Idaho House has soundly rejected a rule being used by the Department of Health & Welfare to fund teenage abortions. 

In theory, the Department rules were written to implement the Davis/Loertscher Amendment, adopted by the Legislature in 2001. That statute limits public funding of abortions to cases of rape or incest - or when the woman's life is at risk. Most of the Department rule is logically related to those three criteria, like the woman producing a police report in which the crime has at least been reported.

But in dealing with teenage abortions, the Department merely requires a girl to prove that she was under 18 at the time of conception.

Our reading of the rule is that it would allow the Department to finance virtually any teenage abortion.

We are grateful that the Idaho House has taken the time to address this matter, given the many difficult challenges it faces this year. We also want to publicly thank Rep. Janice McGeachin, Chairman of the House Health & Welfare Committee, for leading our efforts in the House of Representatives.

Every Republican - except Tom Trail of Moscow - voted to strip this rule from the Department's playbook. Sadly, every Democrat, including Boise freshman Democrat Cherie Buckner-Webb, voted to support the Department's abuse of its rule making authority.

We are now looking to the Senate leadership to provide us with a hearing for HCR 23.


Posted on: 03/11/11
The Idaho Senate approved SB1070 on Friday morning (03.11) by an overwhelming 31-2 vote, with two members of the Senate missing from the floor.

Sen. Russ Fulcher led debate for the bill, pointing out that the legislation was intended to protect current medical care standards in Idaho. He was joined by Sen. Steve Vick, one of the co-sponsors, in pointing out that Idaho's current lack of statute in this area leaves us vulnerable to the efforts of groups like Compassion & Choices - the organization that brought assisted suicide to Montana, Oregon and Washington.

SB1070 is a top legislative priority for Idaho Chooses Life.

Several Democrats voted for the legislation, including Sen. Minority Leader Edgar Malepeai of Pocatello.

The legislation now goes to a House committee for hearing.


Posted on: 03/09/11
The House State Affairs Committee took decisive action on Wednesday morning to prevent abuse of a state law restricting tax funded abortions. 

In 2001, the Legislature enacted the Davis/Loertscher Amendment to restrict Medicaid abortion to those involving a threat to the mother's life or in cases of rape or incest. However, in 2007 the Department of Health & Welfare maneuvered a rule change will basically created an exception that ate the law:

The way we read their rules implementing the 2001 law, any teenage girl in Idaho would be eligible to have a "free" abortion so long as she could prove that she was 18 or younger at the time the baby was conceived. That rule certainly violates the intent of the key law. But it also compromises the spirit of Idaho's Parental Consent Law.

Fortunately Health & Welfare Chairman Janice McGeachin and members of the State Affairs Committee have ridden to the rescue of taxpayers and these girls - so susceptible under H&W rules to manipulation by Planned Parenthood & Co. And fortunately Idaho allows for the Legislature to override agency rules which violate the intent of statute.

The House Concurrent Resolution was sent directly to the House floor - which greatly increases the odds that we can get this abusive rule stripped from the playbook before the end of this legislative session.

This may well be the important pro-Life issue of the session. The latest figures available indicate that there are about 300 abortions done in Idaho on girls under 18. No doubt many of those were the direct result of this back-door funding scheme, by which Planned Parenthood could offer troubled girls a "free" abortion to solve all their problems.

As important as the abuse of tax dollars is in this matter - witness the wrenching stories of families impacted by proposed cuts in Medicaid dollars - the most important element of this outrageous rule is the implied sanction of abortion as a morally acceptable choice for girls in crisis. After all - if the taxpayers of Idaho are willing to pay for it, it must be right - right?

We ask for your prayer support as we work to ensure this rule rejection is adopted by the full House and then in the Senate.


Posted on: 03/08/11
The Idaho Senate is expected to take-up technical amendments to SB1070 on Tuesday. This legislation will make it a felony to assist another in committing suicide.

SB1070 has been on the Amending Order in the Senate for awhile now to resolve questions raised about how its language interacts with current homicide laws. The amendments, brought by bill sponsor Sen. Russ Fulcher, make the line between assisted suicide and homicide brighter and cleaner.

This legislation is a top priority for Idaho Chooses Life. It comes in response to the threat posed by "Compassion & Choices" - the former Hemlock Society, and the group which brought assisted suicide to neighboring Washington, Oregon and Montana. They are now targeting Idaho.

Our bill has enjoyed strong support from Senate leadership and we expect it easily clear the upper chamber later this week.


Posted on: 03/08/11
The Idaho House of Representatives approved HB187 on a 51-17-2 vote Monday morning. This legislation resolves a narrow conflict with a section of the Natural Death Act - the part of Idaho Law which allows for "Living Wills".

Enacted in 1988, the Natural Death Act allows physicians to withdraw from providing care to a patient if he/she has a moral or ethical problem with the patient's directives under a Living Will. In that case, a physician must make a good faith effort to find another doctor willing to follow the patient's choices.

Rep. Ellsworth did a good job of explaining the issues.

Unfortunately for Idaho seniors, AARP continues to resist the bill - even though it reaffirms the Living Will provisions they claim to be defending. All Democrats in the House joined them, as did four Republicans: Tom Trail, Leon Smith, Eric Anderson and George Eskridge.

The bill now heads to the Senate.


Posted on: 03/02/11
The House State Affairs Committee approved an amendment to the Conscience Protection Law on Tuesday morning. Sponsored by Rep. Julie Ellsworth of Boise, the amendment resolves a potential conflict between the Conscience Law and the Natural Death Act. The latter is that part of Idaho law which provides for Living Wills and Advanced Directives.

Idaho Chooses Life did not oppose the change to the Conscience Law because we recognize that a lot of fears have been engendered among Idaho seniors that their Living Wills are no longer valid.

That fear, of course, is the direct result of bad information coming from AARP - the ostensible advocate for Idaho seniors.

In fact, despite the concession, AARP showed up to oppose the Ellsworth Amendment - which makes it explicit that a physician with conscience objections in an end-of-life situation has to abide by the provisions of the Natural Death Act. One would think that AARP might have declared a victory of sorts and gone home.

Instead, they took the curious position that the change does not go far enough. In fact, it would appear that their ultimate position is to strip all health care professionals of any conscience protections whatsoever. One of their witnesses argued that a doctor or nurse with conscience concerns ought to leave the profession.

Apparently these liberal activists believe that the Bill of Rights was written just for them, a very special present to their generation from James Madison & Co. (Or, to be more precise, a gift for only the "enlightened" members of their generation).

Setting aside that contorted view of the social compact, one is tempted to view AARP's continued campaign as little more than a cynical effort to raise money for their organization by causing needless anxiety among Idaho's seniors.

That is just not right.


Posted on: 02/23/11
The Senate State Affairs Committee approved SB1115 this morning on a voice vote. This legislation would prohibit any insurance exchange which may ultimately be set-up in Idaho under ObamaCare from covering elective abortions.

Under the proposed law, abortions could only be paid for in cases when the mother's life is in danger, or in cases of rape and incest. The legislation means that any new federalized insurance plan would have to conform to current Idaho law - which dates back to 2001. 

SB1115 was modeled on legislation crafted by Americans United for Life for use in the states. It takes advantage of a provision in ObamaCare - called the Reid-Nelson Amendment. That provision requires each state to enact an "opt-out" specific to ObamaCare and its envisioned insurance exchange scheme.

The bill will be sponsored on the Senate floor by Sen. Curtis McKenzie (R-Nampa), who also serves as Chairman of the State Affairs Committee.

Five states have already taken action to protect preborn children, women and taxpayers.  About a dozen more are working to prevent expanded public subsidies for abortion in the current legislative season.

Posted on: 02/23/11
Dr. Bernard Nathanson died earlier this week after a lengthy battle with cancer. He left this earth repentant for his work in establishing America as a cradle of legalized abortion.

Nathanson was a key architect of the plan to legalize abortion through a carefully crafted public relations effort aimed at persuading America that killing preborn children would prove a blessing to women. After his success in legalizing abortion in New York, Nathanson helped found the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL), primarily comprised of abortionists. That organization played a key role in preparing the way for Roe v. Wade.

By 1979, Nathanson confessed that he had performed over 75,000 abortions - including one of his own child.

But the Lord's mercy knows no bounds. As Nathanson detailed in his book, Hand of God, the overwhelming evil that was his life became intolerable. The Lord reached down and took hold of him, leading Nathanson to convert to Christianity and a pro-Life appreciation for His gifts.

In the years since, Nathanson has worked to educate Americans about the deceptions he helped perpetuate upon our society. He called the Roe v. Wade decision "the greatest mistake this nation has ever conceived".

In God's hands, Nathanson became an unanswerable witness to the truth about abortion.

As we remember this courageous man and his profound contributions to the pro-Life movement, it is most important to take encouragement from the Lord's intervention in Nathanson's life. It reminds us that there is hope and love available to all men; that the evil of abortion will not stand because it is based upon the lie. A great mountain of lies, in fact.

We give thanks to you, Lord, for the witness of Dr. Bernard Nathanson. May You grant him your peace.


Posted on: 02/20/11
There are inalienable rights, and then there are those the Left would grant us in limited circumstances.

An important lawsuit is highlighted in Sunday's Washington Times. It puts flood lights on the disturbing trend within both academia and the medical professions to deny Christians the right to practice medicine unless they are willing to leave their spiritual and moral values at home.

Julea Ward was dismissed from a graduate program in psychology a couple of years ago because she referred a potential client to another graduate student. The issue? The client was suffering depression related to his/her practice of homosexuality. Ms. Ward is a devout Christian who felt that she could not, in good conscience, affirm the patient's lifestyle during counseling sessions.

Rather than defend her professionalism in referring the case to a more sympathetic counselor, as well as her Constitutionally-protected right to live her faith - administrators at Eastern Michigan University dismissed her from the program. In doing so, they found her to be an unsuitable candidate for the counseling profession because of the "conflict between [her]values and those behaviors expected of [the counseling] profession".

It was not good enough that she made a good faith effort to obtain alternative services for the patient.  As the author of the article so aptly put it: If you are a conscientious Christian, we don't want you in our profession.

The young lady sued the school on the grounds of religious discrimination. A federal district judge denied her claims in the summer of 2010. She has appealed to the 6th Circuit.

Those ever-vigilant champions of the Bill of Rights - the American Civil Liberties Union - have now weighed in, against Ms. Ward. The Washington Times reports that the ACLU amicus brief argues that "compelling someone to act against [their] religious beliefs does not violate [their] freedoms of religion or speech".

[If you can't follow that last bit of logic, you obviously did not go to a prestigious left-coast law school].

One would like to assume that this is an isolated case. The scary truth is that it is not.

The Times article documents several cases of students being tossed from graduate program for similar reasons. And we've seen New York City attempt to force all medical students participate in abortions as a "core" requirement of their medical education.

But we need look no further than the Idaho Legislature to see how common this totalitarianism has spread. Liberals in our own Legislature continue to fight the new Conscience Protection Law because they firmly believe that a nurse or doctor or pharmacist who will not participate in abortions or assisted suicide should not be allowed to retain their license to practice medicine.

Interestingly enough, we have also faced this same ACLU in court around pro-Life laws we have worked on over the years. They have vigorously defended abortion doctors from being compelled to share evidence of abortion's negative effects with would-be victims on the grounds that such informed consent laws violate those doctors' free speech rights.

It is important to note that this ideologically-restrained view of freedom has now become rather common: Ms. Ward's own case shows that members of the legal profession are compromised - including the federal judge who denied her claims.  And what to say about "academia", once so proud of its pursuit of intellectual freedom? 

The Bill of Rights obviously no longer applies to all Americans.


Posted on: 02/16/11
The Senate State Affairs approved a motion by Sens. McGee and Hill to send SB1070 to the Senate floor with a "do pass" recommendation. The motion passed on a voice vote without dissent.

Testimony was provided by a number of pro-Life groups, including Right to Life of Idaho and Cornerstone Family Council. Attorney Bob Aldridge and representatives of the Idaho Medical Association also spoke in favor of the legislation.

The Assisted Suicide Ban legislation is being carried in the Idaho Senate by Sen. Russ Fulcher and in the House of Representatives by Rep. Cliff Bayer.  A number of legislators have signed up to co- sponsor the proposed law: Sens. Steve Vick, Sheryl Nuxoll and Reps. Pete Nielsen, Lynn Luker and Reed DeMordaunt.

The only opposing testimony to the legislation was presented by a representative of the American Civil Liberties Union.

Idaho currently has no law specifically addressing the practice of "aid-in-dying" or assisted suicide, though a number of attorneys believe it would be illegal as a matter of common law. An opinion from the Attorney General's office last fall found that prosecution in Idaho would be nearly impossible, and recommended that the Legislature address the issue through statute.

Interest in the matter became acute after organizers for "Compassion & Choices" became active in Idaho last spring. This organization, formerly known as the Hemlock Society, has been working to recruit doctors to establish case law in the state.

Supporting testimony by Dr. Sherri Brown of Caldwell confirmed that SB1070 would uphold current standard of care practice in Idaho - while giving doctors clearer protections as they treat patients in difficult situations.

"We are very encouraged by this strong start to our legislative effort," said ICL Executive Director David Ripley.  "We are blessed to have solid pro-Life leadership in Idaho and we have every hope that the Legislature will take action to prevent our state from going the way of Oregon, Washington and Montana."

Follow coverage of the day's work in Idaho Reporter.

Posted on: 02/07/11
LifeNews.Com is reporting that the Obama Administration's attack on conscience rights for health care professionals continues apace.

Congress has, on several occasions, passed legislation to protect conscience rights. However, rule changes pushed by Obama may mean that those rights will be largely unenforced by the federal government. They are continuing to press for repeal of Bush Administration rules allowing for agency enforcement in any institution receiving federal funds.

Without an enforcement mechanism, how will nurses like Cathy DeCarlo deal with demands by hospital administrators that she assist with performing a late-term abortion? Ms. DeCarlo has already been told by a federal court that she cannot bring a lawsuit - but the Department of Health & Human Services could on her behalf. (Zero chance of that happening, given Secretary Sebelius' rabid support of abortion-on-demand).

This horrific abuse of the Constitution by the national government demonstrates why Idaho's Conscience Law is so important to retaining high-quality health care professionals in our state.


Posted on: 01/25/11
The Associated Press is reporting that the Idaho Board of Pharmacy has dismissed Planned Parenthood's complaint against a Nampa pharmacist because she did not violate Idaho law or the professional standards the Board is charged with upholding.

This must be very frustrating for the political operatives at Planned Parenthood - Idaho's largest abortion mill.

Yet even in reporting the story, the media is continuing to carry the Abortion Industry's water by trying to wrap the incident around the axle of the Conscience Law. 

This whole story was ginned-up to challenge Idaho's new Conscience Protect Law for health care providers - yet the simple truth is that the Conscience Law has nothing whatsoever to do with this incident.

The Board of Pharmacy dismissed the bogus complaint on two grounds:

1. The purported refusal to fill a prescription did not violate Idaho law, because no law in Idaho exists which compels pharmacists to fill a prescription - any prescription.

2. Planned Parenthood alleges that the pharmacist broke the law by inquiring into the patient's medical history. That, too, is a bogus charge.

The simple fact is that even if we accept everything Planned Parenthood is saying about this incident as true - a willful act of credulity - it has nothing whatsoever to do with the Conscience Law. The drug at issue is not an abortifacient, and is therefore not covered by the very specific protections of the new law.

The pharmacist in question was not applying the Freedom of Conscience Law to the situation. Period. And the Board of Pharmacy did not dismiss the complaint because of the protections of the new law, but on other grounds which existed prior to its enactment.

It is also significant that the Board did not find a violation of stringent standards of conduct regulating the profession of pharmacy.  Despite Planned Parenthood's best efforts to smear Idaho pharmacists, that should serve to bolster public confidence in the men and women who serve us every day at the medicine counter.

Posted on: 01/15/11

A story on LifeNews.Com reports that Idaho's pro-Life movement has earned the honor of an "F" grade from the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) because of the progress we've made in narrowing the abortion industry's field of play in our beloved state.  This organization speaks with some authority because it comprised of the nation's abortionists.

This is one of the most encouraging pats on the back we've had in the fifteen years of our organizational life.

NARAL applauds the killing fields located in California, Washington - they receive A+ grades.  Right behind them are Connecticut, Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, Orgeon, Alask, DC, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York and Vermont.

Idaho was one of 19 states to earn an 'F' grade.

But lest we succumb to temptation - we have a long road yet to travel.  Idaho was ranked at just 39.  That means there are 11 states which have made greater progress in restricting abortion.  (Utah, for example, ranks 44). 

We applaud North Dakota pro-Lifers for their success in pushing their state to the 50th ranking, just ahead of Mississippi.

With our efforts in the current legislative session, perhaps we will be able to move up a bit on NARAL's hit list.

Posted on: 01/13/11
We have been hitting the outrageous partnership which has grown up around Planned Parenthood and various government agencies. New data from the abortion industry itself shows that this partnership is not only a colossal abuse of the public trust - it is downright evil in its effects.

The Guttmacher Institute - owned and operated by Planned Parenthood - recently showed that the abortion rate is slowing climbing again across the nation. That is no wonder given the monumental increase in government subsidies.

More shocking is the admission that 54% of those women submitting to abortion were using contraception.

This single fact undermines the entire rationale for government support of the abortion industry via Title X.

Many times Planned Parenthood lobbyists have lectured us in legislative hearing rooms about how they are the only ones actually doing something to lower the abortion rate: Contraceptives are the key, they sing. And too many elected officials are suckers for this superficial claim.

LifeNews.Com quotes Thomas Peters of CatholicVote.org summarizes the deadly effects of Planned Parenthood's contraception gospel:

"In fact, Planned Parenthood has no way of guaranteeing that even more birth control will result in fewer abortions. In fact, there is evidence to suggest the opposite happens: people are more likely to have ‘unplanned pregnancies' if they falsely believe birth control will save them, making them in turn less prudent about their sexual choices."

Mr. Peters could have added another salient fact: Planned Parenthood and government officials (like Central District Health) enter high school classrooms, preaching the security of contraceptives. By doing so, they legitimize premature sexual activity as an inevitable choice. The end result is more children experimenting with sex at an earlier age. Their lives are destroyed - or at least mangled. And that says nothing about the many preborn children murdered at Planned Parenthood clinics as they double down on profits.


Posted on: 01/06/11

The chart below demonstrates quite clearly how destructive government funding of Planned Parenthood has become.  As the federal government increases its investment in America's largest killing machine, the number of dead babies increases accordingly. 

The correlation of ever-higher federal funding to increasing abortion rates proves that the Hyde Amendment is ineffective at preventing the abuse of taxpayer money into the direct killing of preborn Americans.

Planned Parenthood now receives something north of $363 million in federal tax dollars.  Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics has broken the staggering figure of our involvement as representing $42,000 per hour, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - every week of the year.

In addition, Crutcher observes that as much as $1 billion in our tax dollars, donated to Planned Parenthood's operation, remain unaccounted for.

The only effective answer - particularly in light of staggering federal deficits -- is for the new Congress to turn off the spigot.


Posted on: 01/05/11
Most pro-Lifers are aware of the financial support given to Planned Parenthood by the political class. Most of us deeply resent the fact that they use our tax dollars as if it were their personal property, to embroil us as stockholders in an evil corporation.

But the partnership between government and the abortion industry goes far beyond mere tax dollars.

Let's consider Idaho's own Central District Health, a public agency centered in Ada County. This agency of local government has the purported mission of protecting the public health. One must assume that a good part of their activities are actually effective at fulfilling that charge. However, a recent article from the Idaho Reporter demonstrates that they are also a driving force behind the Left's social agenda here in our beloved, conservative, Idaho.

"Central District Health forgets abstinence for birth control on new teen website," written by Dustin Hurst informs us that the public agency is no longer interested in promoting abstinence to Idaho's teens. Following the lead of Planned Parenthood, its website all but concedes that teenagers will be sexually active and our job is to help them do so "responsibly". Their section on birth control doesn't even bother to mention the most-effective form of pregnancy avoidance: abstinence.

In an interview with the news website, Dave Fotsch, public information officer for CDH, explains that his agency believes teenagers probably don't want to talk with their parents about sexual issues. Even more striking is the outrageous assumption that "parents probably aren't comfortable talking with their kids about it." Therefore, the liberals controlling this public agency are, obviously, compelled to act on their biases.

But Central District Health's working partnership with Planned Parenthood goes well beyond promoting their shared social and political agenda.

We have learned that employees of CDH are now pimping Boise high schools students, promoting their website and giving area teenagers handouts about sexual issues - including promoting HPV vaccination and abortion.

The handout explicitly states that CDH staff will refer pregnant girls to Planned Parenthood abortuaries if they are interested in "terminating their pregnancy". All without parental involvement, of course.

In essence, this public agency is functioning as an arm of Planned Parenthood: Encouraging premature sexual activity among vulnerable children, then happily shipping them off to Planned Parenthood's abortion business when the inevitable happens. 

Everyone wins: CDH gets more grant money from the Obama social engineers to spread the "gospel of promiscuity", Planned Parenthood makes more dough killing babies.  Even the pharmaceutical industry reaps financial reward from birth control pills, vaccines loaded with side effects.  Yep, great for everyone - except the babies killed, the children abused and the families betrayed.

And let's not forget about us dumb taxpayers, who pay for most of this destruction.

It is an outrageous and immoral arrangement that warrants legislative scrutiny.


Posted on: 01/04/11
Even for those of us engaged on the front lines of the pro-Life struggle, there is some disagreement and confusion about the full implications of Obama's latest move in health care: The Christmas Eve regulations dealing with end-of-life consultations.

Of course, we can assume that if Obama is for such regulations, there is plenty of reason to worry. That anxiety is greatly heightened by the fact that the "death panel" regulations were promulgated by Dr. Donald Berwick - the head of CMS, and self-confessed champion of health care rationing. 

Wesley Smith, for instance, wrote an early column on the new regulations indicating that he wasn't very concerned.

But a deeply troubled doctor, Milton Wolf, published a very persuasive article in the Washington Times on the subject: "Lies, damn lies and death panels". It persuades us that the new regulations are indeed, cause for deep concern over the future of government-run health care. Here is one key statement:

"Promises from the White House notwithstanding, Mrs. Palin was indeed right. Death panels are all too real, and no family deserves to be caught up in them."

It is imperative that the new pro-Life majority in Congress pursue repeal of ObamaCare with vigor. If that is not attainable in the short term, then every possible means must be used to stop ObamaCare and its attendant regulatory scheme from taking root until the American people can remove Barack Obama from office.


Posted on: 12/30/10
As we close another year in the battle to restore protections for human life at all stages of development, it is important to pause - taking time to give thanks, time to reflect on the challenges ahead.

Here is our take on the most important pro-Life developments of 2010. Not all are positive, nor are they necessarily ranked in the correct order - but will prove to be critical moments in the campaign to rebuild a pro-Life social order.

1. The election of a new pro-Life House of Representatives. Without doubt, this is the most important and encouraging news of the year. After suffering two years' under the combined power of Pelosi, Reid and Obama, the pro-Life movement gained much needed strength by the addition of some 52 new pro-Life members to Congress. Hopes are high that we will finally see an end to tax funding of Planned Parenthood - and that effective strategies will be implemented to prevent the federalized health care system from greatly increasing the number of preborn children slaughtered in the womb.

2. Closer to home, we give thanks for the election of Raul Labrador to Congress as one of that new and (hopefully) mighty number of tough reformers. Raul developed a strong pro-Life record while in the Idaho Legislature. We know without doubt that he has a heart to fight this mechanized attack on babies on the womb. What a blessing to have him in Congress rather than the rabid abortion champion, Walt Minnick!

3. We actually made some very important gains in the Idaho Legislature as well through our political action efforts this year. Gone are pro-abort Republicans Gary Schroeder and Chuck Coiner. (Thank you!) All in all, we should be working with the strongest pro-Life legislature in recent memory.

4. We are also most grateful for enactment of a new Conscience Protection Law in Idaho, which became effective this past July. It provides legal safeguards for health care professionals, not just in the area of abortion but in critical end-of-life situations as well. Two years' worth of hard work went into securing this fundamental protection, but already there is talk by opponents that they will bring amendments in the 2011 Session to "fix" problems with the law. The "Death With Dignity" crowd is very upset over the notion that conscience protections will interfere with their drive to establish physician-assisted suicide in Idaho.

5. Norma McCorvey comes to Idaho. This was a big deal for the pro-Life movement here in the Gem State. For the first time we had a chance to hear from "Jane Roe", the woman who played a critical role in establishing legalized abortion in America. After years as an ardent supporter of a woman's right to abort her baby - including a stint actually working in an abortion clinic - the Lord of mercy restored her sanity and brought her to a natural appreciation for Life.

6. Defeat of the Burris Amendment. It was a very difficult story to follow, and the MSM did its job of obscuring this major pro-Life victory - but Planned Parenthood's obsessive drive to turn military hospitals into abortion mills was finally defeated in the "Lame Duck" session of Congress earlier this month. Obama and pro-abort forces had an extraordinarily "good" legislative run after suffering ignominious rejection by voters in November; but, thankfully, forcing the military into the abortion business is not one of them.

7. Speaking of that historic election: There can be no serious argument that the American people have soundly rejected federalized health care. (Recent polling by Rasmussen puts support for complete repeal of ObamaCare at about 60%). That was the core issue of the mid-term elections, Obama's spin notwithstanding. Not only does this mean real energy for the drive to stop rationed care and expanded abortion rates - it gives us all hope for a newly reinvigorated Republic.

8. The betrayal of pro-Life principle by Bart Stupak and his Democrat cohorts must be recalled, if only to be mourned. It seems a lifetime ago that the nation watched Stupak repeatedly declare that he would never back in March. While there is hope now that we can retake the ground he yielded to Obama, the sad truth is that Bart Stupak has great responsibility for the fact that we lost said ground in the first place. Had he held his ground, Stupak would have joined the immortals of the American Republic. Instead, he finds himself friendless and without office, burdened by a lifetime to ponder his cowardice.

The coming year will be another of struggle against the systematic destruction of God's gift. We are hopeful, with your prayers and active involvement, that we will make more progress.

In the meantime, please accept our sincere gratitude and prayers that you and your loved ones enjoy the full measure of God's goodness in 2011!


Posted on: 12/09/10
A disturbing, if fascinating, article was published this week by the Weekly Standard. Jonathan Last wrote "Ted, Teddy and the Natalist Impulse", and keyed off a public pronouncement by Ted Turner. One of the last defenders of "Global Warming" - Turner traveled to Cancun to offer his sage insight into what needs to be done to save "Mother Earth".

As with many leftists, Turner's prescription hangs on the elimination of human beings. Specifically, his grand idea is to create a world-wide market, whereby rich white folks like Turner could buy "fertility rights". Blacks and Hispanics in underdeveloped parts of the world - who keep making too many children - could make some money by foregoing their privilege of having children. Presumably Turner would want to guarantee fewer children by requiring those doing the selling to undergo sterilization.

This kind of elitist social vision is straight out of some Nazi handbook. Oh - it is cloaked in "love for the environment" and "saving the planet". But beneath the surface is a very disturbing view of humanity. A view which has its roots in the kind of "progressive" social order first, and most loudly, articulated by Margaret Sanger, the mother of Planned Parenthood.

Her progeny pretend to run from Sanger's world view because it has become politically incorrect to defend eugenics; however, it is now clearly acceptable to push for the "cleansing" of humanity if it is cloaked in the language of environmentalism.

To put Turner's dark radicalism in perspective, Mr. Last included quotes from one of America's greatest historical figures, Teddy Roosevelt, on the great blessing of bearing children:

"Finally, even more important than the ability to work, even more important than the ability to fight is to remember that the chief of blessings for any nation is to leave its seed to inherit the land .... The greatest of all curses is the curse of sterility, and the severest of all condemnations should be that visited upon willful sterility."

It may surprise the reader to learn that Teddy Roosevelt, a "progressive" often heralded as the first environmental president, would offer such strong opinions on a modern problem. But he lived at a time when eugenics and social engineering were first becoming "respectable". Roosevelt was well-acquainted with people like Margaret Sanger and her war on the womb.

Ted Turner's hubris and smug elitism is patently detestable. But we cannot afford to simply dismiss him as a leftist crackpot. It must be firmly and vigorously confronted, for he speaks for many powerful individuals and organizations working their agenda today.


Posted on: 12/07/10
There can be no serious debate about the fact that we live in strange times. Illogical, sometimes troubling days.

Let us consider the fact that the Komen Foundation provides substantial funding to Planned Parenthood as part of its campaign to prevent cancer. In fact, the Idaho affiliate of the Susan G. Komen organization announced in October that it was distributing some $525,000 in grants to local health care groups - including Idaho Planned Parenthood.

That may strike some readers as a nice thing.

But consider the indisputable linkage between rising cancer rates among American women and the 2 primary "products" hawked by Planned Parenthood: birth control and abortion.

We have talked about growing research linking abortion and breast cancer. Many blind devotees of the women's "liberation" movement simply cannot get their minds and heart around that data. And it that is true - imagine their hostility to the mountain of data proving that birth control pills dramatically increase a woman's risk of contracting a host of deadly cancers - breast, cervical and liver.

Doesn't it seem strange that the flagship organization of cancer "prevention" is funding the nation's largest cancer retailer?

But perhaps you are not convinced that the Pill has anything to do with cancer.

A detailed discussion of existing research was published by the Washington Times on November 27th. Among the facts which warrant loud and repeated publicity:

  • The deadly hormones contained in birth control regimes have been identified as carcinogens by the International Agency for Research for Cancer - a research arm of the World Health Organization; right besides well-known killers as asbestos and cigarettes.
  • Recent studies have found that a woman who uses birth control pills for four years prior to a pregnancy may increase her risk of breast cancer by some 52%.

What makes this matter even more urgent is President Obama's drive to dramatically increase funding for Planned Parenthood and its "pop-the-pill" crusade. That is public tax money. And it may well be money being used to (literally) destroy the lives of our sisters, mothers, wives and daughters.

(Imagine, if you can, a Congressional program to distribute free packs of cigarettes to girls in American high schools).

Will the new Congress have the guts to hold hearings on the health threats posed by the Pill? And the federal government's role in foisting Planned Parenthood's agenda on our families?

Normally one cannot put much hope in Congress taking the high moral ground - especially when faced with the wrath of the Feminist Movement.  However, there is some hope that the new pro-Life majority will take action to end Title X, if only to help patch together a solution to our deficit crisis.


Posted on: 11/25/10

As we gather at tables across this wonderful state to reflect upon all the great blessings bestowed on us by a loving Father - we pray that your Thanksgiving Day is filled with great love and special dishes.

We give thanks for the strength He has given us to wage this battle for His little ones.  We give Him thanks for the progress made.

And we look forward to the victories ahead.

Posted on: 11/13/10
Former state Senator Claire Wetherell passed away this last week. Idaho has lost a great lady.

Claire was a feminist of a different stripe. She demonstrated a character and strength born of service in World War II - harkening to the kind of traditional feminism which settled the West.

While Claire Wetherell was a Democrat, she acquired her politics in a different era. Her politics were built on regard for working people, the family and her Christian faith. During her time in the State Senate, Idaho Democrats moved toward an increasing emphasis upon entitlement and abortion as their core organizing principles - but Claire remained unapologetically pro-Life.

I had the privilege of knowing her, and working for her election even before coming to the pro-Life movement myself.

She was gracious, gentle and principled. There can be no doubt that Claire left the world a better place for her innumerable contributions to Mountain Home and Idaho.

Our sincere condolences and prayers go out to her family.

David Ripley


Posted on: 11/08/10
A fascinating analysis has just appeared on the Politico website, detailing the massive defection of seniors to the Republican Party in last week's election. Not only does this represent a major rebuke of the Democrat leadership - the vote serves as a wholesale rejection of the "advocacy" served up by groups like the AARP in the past few years.

There can be no doubt that the national election served as a referendum on ObamaCare. There can also be no sober argument over the fact that the country has expressed its profound opposition to federalized health care; the polling data reviewed by Politico demonstrates conclusively that America's senior citizens led the way. That should serve to minimize the future credibility of groups like AARP - which sold its soul to support ObamaCare.

Despite the earnest propaganda efforts of AARP, seniors in New Hampshire supported pro-Life Republican Kelly Ayotte over her Democrat opponent by a whopping 33%. The victorious Mark Kirk was elected by a margin of 22% among Illinois seniors.

Politico quotes Jim Martin of the 60 Plus Association:

"I've been saying since August, 2009 that there was a tsunami - in this case, a senior citizen tsunami - headed towards Capitol Hill. That tsunami came ashore."

That uprising among American seniors is obviously directly tied to the draconian threats posed by ObamaCare: health care rationing and massive cuts to Medicaid.

With such clear repudiation of their leadership in hand, the AARP is going to have to figure out what seniors actually want - or relinquish any claim to "represent" them in public policy discussions.

Posted on: 11/05/10
This week brought renewed hope for the pro-Life movement and our nation: The election of a strongly conservative majority to Congress has purchased time for the nation to right itself after a long and continuous assault by the Left. A measure of fiscal sanity is all but certain.

Most importantly, Tuesday's general election saw the election of a mighty host of new pro-Life advocates to the U.S. House. That is not accidental or coincidental. While the media focused on the fiscal and economic issues, many Americans were also paying close attention to the unprecedented assault on preborn children being waged by Obama and Pelosi.

Idahoans were obviously paying attention as well.

Raul Labrador's defeat of Walt Minnick is a testament to the common sense and wisdom of Idaho voters. They saw through the smoke of Minnick's many advantages - and were repulsed by his decision to wage a personal, nasty campaign. And they also clearly rejected Minnick's radical pro-abortion values.

Idaho's great call to moral clarity echoed through the land. As a result, we learned that at least 51 other pro-abort congressmen have been turned out, replaced by men and women who share our respect for human life. With ten other races still in recount - the gains could yet be greater.

This week's election was - notwithstanding the president's dull rhetoric - a resounding rejection of his scheme to federalize health care. That rejection certainly includes the Pelosi/Obama scheme to expand abortion through tax-funding.

It is not quite morning in America - but we may have survived the darkest hours of Obama's regime.


Posted on: 10/27/10
The president of Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards, made explicit what many of us already knew: Planned Parenthood is part of a larger anti-human coalition best identified under the banner of radical environmentalism.

In a radio interview this week, Richards argued that public funding of her organization was good public policy because eliminating new children meant fewer demands on other government services. It was part of a public relations campaign to increase her group's share of the slaughtered pig known as "ObamaCare".

The power of her argument, like many other evil ideologies, is that there is a certain simplistic logic to it.

But a little reflection should alarm average persons of decency. At the core of her thinking is the failure to recognize the immeasurable worth and value of each human being. People are mere commodities in Richards' world.

Even if you are one of those who don't put much stock in the value of each person because we are created in God's image, you should still be anxious about the implications of Richards' argument.

"Demographics is destiny", as the axiom goes - and America's declining birth rate, spurred by Richards' abortion business, has profound economic implications. An ageing population and shrinking productive labor pool portends some very difficult economic shrinkage on the horizon.

Richards fails to appreciate not only fundatmental spiritual truths but the economic ones as well. Destroying babies in the womb destroys consumers, producers, entrepreneurs and vast potential talent.


Posted on: 10/19/10
Conservative candidates across the nation have been complaining about the failure of "establishment" Republicans to support GOP nominees who defeated moderates in primary contests. In some cases, like Alaska, the defeated moderate has actually gone so far as to continue the primary campaign forward - for the distinct purpose of defeating their conservative Republican nemesis.

Much of the same dynamic is playing-out up north, in Latah County.

Many were shocked to see long-time liberal senator Gary Schroeder defeated in the May primary. Not because he didn't deserve defeat by Republicans - but because he has long survived conservative challenges via substantial cross-over votes from Democrat activists who believed he was the best deal they could get. But this year, Democrats decided they wanted a real Democrat to serve in the Idaho Senate and let Schroeder fend for himself.

After some 18 years in the Senate, Schroeder was finally turned-out by Republicans.

Needless to say, the newly-minted "Citizen" Schroeder is quite angry about his new civilian status. So angry, in fact, that he has actually written letters to the editor urging that Latah County voters oppose the Republican to whom he lost the Primary. Despite holding the office of precinct committeeman, Schroeder makes it clear that he intends to vote for the Democrat senate candidate.

There seems to be no mechanism in place for the Republican Party to discipline Mr. Schroeder for his gross lack of loyalty to the party which has put up with him for decades.

Be that as it may, things took a very ugly turn last week. Thousands of postcards began showing up in mailboxes across the county, supposedly from a group called "Friends of Bouma". In the postcard, the ugly spectre of religious bigotry is played in the hopes of alienating voters from supporting Gresham Bouma for Senate.

The only problem is that Bouma knew nothing of the mailing, nor is there any such group.

Even the Democrats have been forced to denounce the mailing, which attempts to pit Evangelicals against Mormons, Catholics against agnostics.

As of this writing, no one has stepped forward to claim "credit" for this sordid campaign sleaze. And no one probably will. The only hope is that the prosecuting attorney will be able to uncover evidence about the project: where it was printed, who purchased the stamps, when they were mailed.

It may be unfair to wonder if Gary Schroeder is at the root of this whole affair. But the defeat of Bouma would certainly rebound to Schroeder's benefit. It would open the door for him to run again in 2012 as "the only Republican who could hold the seat". And certainly Schroeder has made it publicly clear that he is very troubled by Bouma's Christian faith, which is the basic thrust of the postcard smear.

If Gary Schroeder is not involved in this dangerous, dirty campaign trick - he would be well advised to join other responsible persons in publicly denouncing it as beneath the dignity of Idaho's electorate.


Posted on: 10/18/10
As we enter the closing days of the 2010 election season, abortion is becoming a key battleground issue in a number of contests around the country.

California's Barbara Boxer, desperate to hold onto her seat in the Senate, is trying to rally her base by attacking the Republican nominee for her pro-Life views. In fact, Boxer has gone so far as to equate her election contest as a de facto referendum on abortion rights. (Beats trying to defend a sorry legislative record).

Much the same dynamic is playing in Colorado, where Democrats are trying to derail the winning campaign of ken Buck because he has taken a strong pro-Life stand.

Here in Idaho, the National Right to Life Committee has just made a modest investment in explaining Walt Minnick's pro-abortion politics.

In Nevada, Harry Reid is attempting to defend himself for backing the expansion of abortion under ObamaCare by asserting that, somehow, the Hyde Amendment will limit tax funded abortions. (Sen. Reid has never been too quick on picking up the details).

But the sorriest example of the fight over abortion rights may be in Florida, where Charlie Crist - the former pro-Life, Republican - has taken to attacking Marco Rubio for being pro-Life. As we've noted before, Crist's use of preborn children to fuel his crude personal ambitions makes him the paragon of all that is rotten with the political class which has too long ruled this nation.

What are we to make of all this late focus on abortion? In its simplest form, it is largely a sign of Democrat desperation. They know that the nation is fired-up over their economic failures and the threat of ObamaCare to freedom and financial security. Democrats certainly know they must avoid talk about jobs and rising unemployment. What's left?

They are desperately trying to motivate their radical base by raising the spectre of abortion rights, racism and Social Security.

Fortunately for America, this strategy will not gain them electoral victories. Most voters do not support their abortion radicalism, and see the expansion of abortion through ObamaCare as yet another example of their abuse of the public trust.


Posted on: 07/06/10
Two news reports from late last week indicate that Planned Parenthood and its various affiliates are coming in for long-overdue scrutiny from the courts and public officials.

In one case, the ACLJ won an important victory in the 9th Circuit - an exceedingly rare event. The pro-Life group is representing Victor Gonzalez, a former employee, who has publicly charged that the group is stealing money from taxpayers. Mr. Gonzalez alleges that Planned Parenthood's Los Angeles affiliate has been overbilling the federal government for fraudulent services.

Planned Parenthood defended itself in federal court by alleging that Mr. Gonzalez could not bring the charges because he was relying upon a federal audit of the local organization. Fortunately, the 9th Circuit dismissed their legal stratagem, and Planned Parenthood will now have to answer questions in a federal lawsuit brought under the "False Claims Act".

Another story, from WorldNetDaily, demonstrates that the LA scam is far from an isolated case of local mismanagement.

A GAO Report, requested by Leader Boehner, found that something on the order of $1.3 billion in tax money given to Planned Parenthood between 2002 and 2008 remains unaccounted for.

The story quotes Rita Diller of STOP as saying, "The report shows that Planned Parenthood spent $657.1 million [over the period], but their own reports show they took in about $2 billion in federal money.... That leaves the question, ‘where's the $1.3 billion ...?"

It is important to note that the missing money comes during the period in which the Bush Administration was responsible - meaning that much greater amounts are likely being poured out today under the increased funding provided by Obama and Pelosi's Congress.

In commenting on the story, American Life League President Judie Brown made some crucial and disturbing points:

"Money has been pouring into Planned Parenthood and the amount of it has been increasing for thirty to forty years," Brown said to WorldNetDaily. "We have had several supposedly pro-Life presidents and never has a single president opposed an increase in the funding for Planned Parenthood. Never in the history of Title X.

"My firm conviction is that we have to elect someone who is willing to put principle above politics and rid the government of any funding or any organization that is involved in destroying the family."



Posted on: 06/08/10
The London Times reports on a new medical study finding that babies as young as 6 months old demonstrate moral discernment. The research comes out of Yale University's Infant Cognition Center.

One of the tests used involved an animated film, in which different colored geometric objects were depicted as trying to get up a hill. Other objects were shown pushing the yellow square back down, while others were pictured as helping push the yellow object toward its objective. 6 month old babies were then asked to pick out the "good" objects and "bad" objects. In 80% of the cases, babies chose the objects shown as helping the other up the hill.

Professor Paul Bloom said his research contradicted the assumptions of leading psychologists like Freud and William James who believed moral impulses were social contraptions imposed late in life.

"There is growing evidence that supports the idea that perhaps some sense of good and evil is bred in the bone," Bloom is quoted as saying.

Indeed. What does the Bible say?

"I will put my law in their minds and write it on their hearts...."   (Jeremiah 31:33)

But will such scientific research, suggesting that we are sentient, moral beings from the moment of our conception, make any difference to ideologues like Elena Kagan?


Posted on: 06/04/10
Americans United for Life has done an excellent job of fleshing-out the judicial and social views of Obama nominee Elena Kagan. A brief review of that academic and political record follows, but it demonstrates clearly that she will be a radical advocate for abortion rights as a member of the Supreme Court.

Ms. Kagan has vehemently denounced the Supreme Court's decision in Rust v. Sullivan, where the key issue was whether Congress could prevent the use of Title X funds in programs providing abortion. The Supreme Court held that it was not unconstitutional to prevent the indirect subsidization of Planned Parenthood's abortion business.

Kagan, however, views those restrictions on federal funds as "sex discrimination".

Even worse, Kagan believes it is "unconstitutional" for the government to use tax money to promote childbirth over abortion.

Her radical views not only pose a challenge to Supreme Court precedent - they may end up threatening Idaho's law which makes it clear that the State of Idaho will encourage child birth over abortion as a matter of fundamental public policy.

AUL reports on an awards ceremony held at Harvard Law School (2006), in which Kagan, then serving as Dean, described Israeli Supreme Court Justice Aharon Barak her "judicial hero". The award presented to Justice Barak noted his international reputation for "championing an activist judiciary.

Perhaps most chilling, Justice Barak has a long paper trail in which he has argued for legal principles at direct odds with the fundamental tenets of the American judicial system. One such expression is this disturbing statement:

"Every human act is encompassed in the world of law. Every act can be imprisoned within the framework of the law."

How far does Kagan's idolization of Barak go?

Williams Saunders, AUL's Senior Vice President of Legal Affairs said on Wednesday,

"Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan's paper trail, even in its limited form, offers ample evidence that she is pro-abortion, with little sympathy or understanding of the pro-Life perspective. Moreover, Kagan has stated, unequivocally, her deep admiration for a judge [Barak] who is considered, by his admirers, as the leading judicial activist in the world."

But what else could be expected from a President bent on remaking America in his image?

The most compelling argument for Kagan's radicalism on abortion and other social issues is the simple fact that she was nominated by Barack Obama.


Posted on: 05/29/10
Idaho's primary election this week brought numerous blessings to the pro-Life movement.

There was plenty of concern that grassroots conservatives would not participate in the numbers we needed to overcome serious cross-over threats. In fact, as the election day drew closer - that threat increased as Mayor Dave Beiter issued a clarion call to Democrats to help elect his candidates to the Ada County Commission.

While Beiter's effort was partially successful - pro-Life conservatives across Idaho participated in strong numbers to nominate one of the most conservative legislatures in memory.

Idaho Chooses Life lost a couple of our endorsed candidates, but those losses are mitigated by the fact that the victors are also pro-Life. We want to thank Sens. Lee Heinrich and Mike Jorgenson for their consistent votes in defense of the innocent.

The clearest set-back came in Canyon County, where Steve Kren lost to newcomer Christy Perry. We don't know where she stands on the abortion issue. Rep. Kren offered strong opposition to the Abortion Lobby's agenda.

We are grateful for the return of a strong team of pro-Life leaders in Districts 21 and 20. Sens. McKague and Fulcher, Reps. Hagedorn, Palmer and Bayer have been a blessing and it is nice to see the voters of their district express their appreciation as well. It will be great to have John Vander Woude back in the Idaho House.

The victory of Lynn Luker in District 15 is another blessing. His legal background and attention to detail has proven invaluable to the pro-Life movement many times in the past several years.

There were some very exciting developments on Tuesday.

Voters in Twin Falls gave the Republican Senate nomination to Lee Heider over incumbent Chuck Coiner. Sen. Coiner had, without possible dispute, one of the most liberal voting records in the Idaho Senate. He was particularly hostile to the interests of preborn children and pregnant women. We are very hopeful that Mr. Heider will provide the kind of family-friendly leadership Idaho deserves.

And nothing short of a miracle occurred in Latah County. Sen. Gary Schroeder was finally turned out of office. Our analysis was that Democrat cross-over had helped keep him in office for some 18 years - during which he developed a consistent pro-abortion record. But this year, Democrats apparently abandoned him. Gresham Bouma won a strong majority of Republican voters to gain the nomination. We will have to work hard this fall to ensure that he gains a seat in the Senate.

Of course, everyone is talking about the amazing victory of our endorsed candidate in the 1st District - Rep. Raul Labrador. He graciously acknowledged the contribution pro-Lifers made to his victory on election night, and we will have to re-double our efforts this fall. Abortion is one of the major differences between Labrador and Walt Minnick.

There are many other races to discuss - but suffice it to say that the Lord provided us with a tremendous election night. A little rest, a little rebuilding, then on to secure these advances in the General Election!

Thank you so much for your prayers, time and financial support.  May the Lord bless you many times over for your generous hearts.

Posted on: 05/05/10
May 5, 2010


2010 Gem State Voter Guide hits the internet

Contact: Jeff Anderson (208) 343-3982

BOISE - The 2010 version of the Gem State Voter Guide is now available to view online at www.GemStateVoterGuide.com.

This is the sixth edition of the online publication which was first produced in 2006 and covers each Idaho election on both a state and federal level - excluding judicial races and superintendant of public instruction.

Candidates throughout the state were asked 26 questions on subjects covering: Life, Marriage and Family; Education; Freedom and Liberty, Fiscal and Tax Policy as well as various other subjects.

The Gem State Voter Guide is a joint project of the Idaho Chooses Life and the Idaho Freedom Foundation and is designed to serve both the voters and candidates in Idaho's upcoming primary election.

This guide is designed for the Idaho Primary Election to be held May 25, 2010.

For further information on the positions of the candidates, the Gem State Voter Guide encourages voters to contact candidates directly. Contact information may be obtained through the Idaho Secretary of State's office at (208) 334-2300 or by visiting the Idaho Secretary of State's website.

The purpose of the Gem State Voter Guide is to allow candidates to answer some of the many questions they may face in the upcoming election. Whenever a candidate's answer did not fit within the scope of the questionnaire or the candidate expanded on their answer, additional comments were scanned and also appear on the website.



Posted on: 04/28/10
Perennial candidate Steven Ricks was officially censured by the Ada County GOP on Tuesday night for his audacity in filing a lawsuit against the State Republican Party. The lawsuit has been chewing up time and money for nearly one-and-a-half years, and stems from Rick's misuse of the GOP logo during his last failed campaign in 2008.

His lawsuit against the Republican Party comes despite his ostensible status as a district chairman of the GOP.

To make matters worse, Ricks attempted to embroil Idaho Chooses Life in his bizarre lawsuit. He presented us with a five-page subpoena last year, seeking to gain access to emails, documents, personal correspondence and board minutes. Nor were we alone. He vendetta extended to two other organizations who did not support his last campaign - the Idaho Realtors and the Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry.

All three organizations responded by going to court. We asked Judge Timothy Hansen to protect this ministry from Ricks' blatant harassment and abuse of the legal system.

Judge Hansen issued a decision on our motion last week. He blocked Rick's subpoena, finding that his quest posed a serious threat to the constitutional rights of Idaho's pro-Life community:

"...Plaintiff [Ricks] has provided the Court with no compelling reason for the disclosure of the information he seeks. As a result, he has failed to meet his burden of proof and the Court therefore finds [giving Ricks access to this] information would have an impermissible chilling effect on the associational rights of the members ... of Idaho Chooses Life."

This decision is a big relief. The threat posed by Ricks' vendetta could have led to a scenario where confidential information about the ministry was laid bare not just to Mr. Ricks but to the Abortion Lobby itself.

This whole episode raises profound doubts about Ricks' claim to being "pro-Life", and additional questions about his judgment and obsession to gain political office. 

Once again, he is a candidate for the state senate, challenging Sen. Russ Fulcher in the Republican Primary next month. His victory would be a big set-back for the pro-Life movement at a time when we face serious problems as a result of ObamaCare being imposed on the states.

But even if he doesn't win, he has already seriously hurt the movement. Thousands of dollars and many hours have been wasted in dealing with his unseenly ambition - resources that should be going into advancing the cause.


The Idaho Statesman has a story about the Ricks attack on the Idaho Republican Party in its Thursday (04.29.10) on-line edition.

Posted on: 04/12/10
It seems like there is no bottom to the ways in which Planned Parenthood seeks to destroy this nation's youth.

We learn that the organization has produced a pamphlet aimed at teenagers, urging them to disregard laws which require an AIDS sufferer to disclose his/her condition to new sexual partners. Planned Parenthood claims such common sense protections for unwitting people "violate the rights of people living with HIV".

This lethal advice comes from an organization funded largely by American taxpayers.

Not only does this latest insanity demonstrate the evil heart of Planned Parenthood, it provides damning evidence of the moral emptiness of our national political leadership who back this organization to the hilt.


Posted on: 03/29/10

On Saturday, Idaho Governor Butch Otter allowed SB1353 to become law without his signature.

While that is an admittedly disappointing development, we cannot allow that to take away from the huge pro-Life victory this legislation represents. Frankly, it is also rather surprising given Otter's strong constitutional orientation. SB1353 codifies the very spirit of our 1st Amendment's promise of religious and moral liberty.

After some two years' worth of work, Idaho joins a handful of other states with comprehensive conscience protections for health care professionals. It couldn't have come at a more opportune moment.

With the federal government now busily erecting hundreds of new agencies with which to invade our hospitals, clinics and insurance providers' offices - this new law may well prove vital to protecting the integrity of our vital health care professions. We are confident that it will also help protect the very lives of vulnerable Idahoans.

Our special thanks to the Idaho statesmen who went beyond the call of duty to make this new law reality: Senators Russ Fulcher, Chuck Winder and Representatives Tom Loertscher and Erik Simpson. We received support and encouragement from many tremendous legislators - who offer Idaho courageous and principled leadership at a difficult time in our nation's history.

And thank you ... our many readers and supporters from across the state who help us fight these battles. May the Lord continue to prosper you for your active and powerful love of neighbor and community.

Posted on: 03/17/10

The Idaho House voted 51-18 to approve SB1353, legislation designed to protect the conscience rights of all licensed health care providers practicing in Idaho. Only two Republicans voted against the measure (George Eskridge of Sandpoint and Tom Trail of Moscow).

Two courageous Democrats, Jim Ruchti (Pocatello) and Branden Durst (Boise) broke with the majority of their party to support the measure; in fact, Rep. Ruchti was a co-sponsor of the bill. After some two years' work on this issue, today's floor debate was somewhat anti-climactic.

Reps. Rusche and Burgoyne made formal statements of opposition and debate was closed. Much of the energetic opposition to the legislation was spent yesterday during a floor session, in which Rusche attempted to move the bill to the amending order in order to remove conscience protections in end-of-life situations.

As the legislation moved through the Capitol, the focal point of opposition shifted from emergency contraception to end-of-life treatment and care.

By the time the legislation arrived in the House, the AARP became the most vocal opponent, expending big resources to mislead seniors into believing that SB1353 would deprive them of rights under Idaho's Living Will statute. In fact, the legislation which gained final legislative approval today does nothing to change patient rights.

But it does make clear that no patient can force a medical professional to violate his or her conscience.

This legislation may, in fact, become a vital part of protecting patients under the threatened health care rationing now on the verge of passage by Congress.

There are many heroes in this long struggle, but the victory belongs to the Lord.

Thanks to all who carried us through prayer and legislative contacts and financial support.


Posted on: 03/11/10

The House State Affairs Committee approved SB1353 this morning on a party-line vote, 13-5.

After two days of testimony, the committee voted for Rep. Crane's motion to send the bill to the floor with a "do-pass" recommendation. Democrats Higgins and King made substitute motions to kill and/or amend the legislation. Those motions failed both failed 4-14.

The legislation will now go to the House floor for final legislative action.

more to follow ...


Posted on: 03/09/10

Despite the serious threat posed to every Idaho family by ObamaCare, three Idaho Senate liberals joined with their Democrat compatriots in opposing the Idaho Health Freedom Act this afternoon.

The legislation is part of a strategic defense of Idaho against the threatened federal take-over of health care called for by Gov. Butch Otter. It authorizes the state to resist federal legislation, and prohibits the enforcement of mandatory provisions by any state or local official.

Senators John Andreason, Joe Stegner and Chuck Coiner are the only Republicans in the Legislature to oppose this crucial bill.

These gentlemen also joined Democrats in undermining the religious liberties of Idaho health care professionals when they voted against SB1353 - the Freedom of Conscience for Health Care Professionals Act this session.

With candidate filing now open to the voters of Districts 7, 15 and 24 - one can only pray that righteous men and women will answer the call to public service at this difficult time in our nation's history.


Posted on: 03/09/06

We mentioned last week that two more deaths have been attributed to RU-486, the Abortion Pill. What we didn’t get into was the fact that these women died after receiving the pills from Planned Parenthood. In fact, it is my understanding that virtually all the deaths of American women have been linked to Planned Parenthood.

One possible reason is that Planned Parenthood has refused to abide by the FDA’s directions. For years it has been telling women to use the 2nd drug vaginally – perhaps because it seems more convenient. But after eight deaths, the national offices of Planned Parenthood have announced that “effective immediately” it will start giving the 2nd drug orally.

One would like to think they might be motivated by concerns over women’s health; I suspect it has more to do with pending lawsuits. For those who think I am too cynical- I would point to the fact that Planned Parenthood and its various affiliates have consistently opposed the enactment of “Right to Know” statutes. These laws guarantee that women and girls receive solid information about the health risks of abortion.

The more you ponder that – the more peculiar it is. After all, isn’t the abortion thing all about “empowering women”? So why the paternalism?

In any event, let us pray that Planned Parenthood is held to account for its treatment of these women victimized by the lie of “safe and easy abortion”.

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