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Each year, Idaho Chooses Life gives it’s “Friend for Life Award” to people who have made extraordinary contributions to the defense of preborn children. We are grateful for their leadership and commitment to the Gospel of Life. pdf

Gretchen Gardner Hon. Bill Sali
1996 1998
Hon. Stan Hawkins Hon. Ron Crane
1998 1998
Hon. Dan Mader Hon. Mark Stubbs
1998 1998
Hon. Jeff Alltus Hon. Helen Chenoweth
1998 1998
Hon. Tom Loertscher Debbie Roper
1999 1999
Joyce Baker Halli Stone
1999 1999
Trish Oak Hon. Mel Richardson
1999 2000
Dennis Mansfield Pastor Corbett Lynn
2000 2000
Hon . Jerry Thorne  Hon. Lawerence Denney
2001 2001
Hon. Gerry Sweet Linda Stevens
2001 2001
Pastor Tim Remington  Nancy Bloomer-Clark
2001 2002
Hon. Bart Davis  Pastor Bryan Fischer
2002  2002
Frank VanderSloot Hon. Shirley McKague
2003 2004
Marilyn Scott Christ Troupis, Esq
2004 2005
Mike Locknane Hon. James E. Risch
2006 2007
Hon. Mike Crapo Hon. Russ Fulcher
2008 2008
Hon. Bob Nonini Hon. Mike Moyle
2009 2009
Hon. Monty Pearce  

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