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Posted on: 09/29/10
Yesterday, the DC Circuit Court reversed an order by federal Judge Royce Lamberth, so that the Obama Administration may proceed with giving federal grants to researchers who want to destroy embryos as part of medical research programs. Their action seems to be a patent contradiction of federal law - which prohibits the use of federal money for such "research".

While the case is not over, the ruling clearly spells great hope for those who want the government to pursue embryonic stem cell research. Even if Judge Lamberth goes ahead with the trial, finds that Obama is violating congressionally-enacted law, and reinstates the ban on federally funding - the circuit court sent a big signal yesterday that it would reverse him.

That sets up an eventual appeal to the Supreme Court, which may well rule against Obama's compulsive desire to destroy human embryos.

In the meantime, the American people and federal law will be defied. Most importantly, an unknown number of vulnerable, tiny humans will be destroyed. More of our national soul will be defiled. And money that could be focused on effective research will be squandered.


Posted on: 08/24/10
It was rather shocking to learn that a federal district judge, Royce Lamberth, issued an injunction against the Obama Administration yesterday, prohibiting it from spending federal tax dollars on embryonic stem cell research.

The lawsuit against Obama's plan to fund the destruction of human embryos in the name of "scientific research" is being brought by two private companies who are engaged in ethical stem cell research, and who objected to the diversion of federal resources to companies and universities focused on destroying tiny human beings in a mad search for the ills of human kind. The federal court had to agree that Obama's Executive Order (issued in January of 2009) violated the Dickey-Wicker language enacted by Congress as a rider to various appropriation bills. This law prohibits the use of federal funds in the destruction of human embryos.

It is unclear from news reports whether federal money has already been spent on embryonic stem cell research, or whether the court's injunction would halt money already awarded by Obama's government.

Nevertheless, it is an historic development in the battle to protect human life. It also underscores the importance of elections, and the brilliance of the checks-and-balances built into our constitutional government by the Founders.

We are not yet at the point where the Executive Branch alone governs our nation, and the Abortion Lobby will have to persuade both houses of Congress that the restriction on federal funds must be set aside - something not even Speaker Pelosi has been willing to do heretofore.

As an aside, we note that Judge Lamberth has been a federal judge since 1987, after being appointed to the bench by America's 1st Pro-Life president, Ronald Reagan.


Posted on: 03/09/06

A battle rages within the United States Senate – that institutional defender of abortion rights – to gut the President’s policy on Embryonic Stem Cell Research. The House has already passed the bill, and now pro-aborts in the Senate are pushing to get the bill passed and to the President.

Senators Craig and Crapo must hear from you. Urge them to vote against HR 810.

The legislation would open up the federal treasury to companies and universities engaged in killing prenatal children for their stem cells. Not only is such human research immoral – it is a colossal waste of our money. After hundreds of millions in private dollars, no effective treatments of any disease have been produced by embryonic stem cells.

By contrast, stem cells harvested from umbilical cord blood and adults have already produced important treatments for many serious diseases.

Please take a moment to call Senators Craig and Crapo. You can reach them at 1-202-224-3121.


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