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What Is Wrong With California?

October 14th, 2019

That’s certainly a big topic. Many conservatives in Idaho and across the country could produce volumes of critique.  Or we could open the phone lines to those new Idahoans who packed up and left one of the most beautiful places on earth to raise their families in the Gem State.

Taxes. Gun control.  Sanctuary cities.  Voluntary shutdown of the state’s power grid. Corruption.  Homelessness.  Just to name a few.

But we would submit this insanity as the core problem: California just passed a law requiring all state universities to become first trimester abortion centers, while simultaneously forbidding the sale or production of animal fur products in the state. The moral confusion among this state’s Democrat leadership is so profound that they now, legally, prioritize the lives of animals over the lives of human beings.

Under California law, every public university will now have to distribute RU-486 pills to students as part of their basic health plan. That means colleges in that left coast state will become abortuaries.  And there is no protection for health care workers in those student health centers who might object to becoming abortionists.  Nor is there any conscience protection for pro-Life students or taxpayers who object to seeing their taxes and fees being used to destroy innocent human life.

To make matters worse – if that is even possible – it turns out that Planned Parenthood will come in for substantial subsidies through this new expansion of abortion in the once-golden state. As we read the initial story, we wondered whether Planned Parenthood would be upset with the new competition.  But those concerns were clearly addressed by lawmakers who depend on the Abortion Industry to get elected and pay campaign bills.  Planned Parenthood will get millions in “consulting fees” as it assists the various health care centers on campus distribute the drugs.  We would not even be surprised to learn that Planned Parenthood will serve as the wholesale agent for the lethal drugs since it continues to benefit from a sweetheart deal with the drug’s manufacturer.

The course of self-destruction so eagerly sought by California lawmakers and a substantial portion of the electorate is really difficult to watch. And, at least on human terms, there seems little hope of a course correction.  What a travesty and blight on the Republic.