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War on Seniors?

November 18th, 2013

As more details are revealed about ObamaCare, it is becoming increasingly clear that seniors are under assault. A story over the weekend in the Wall St. Journal shows that health insurance companies are restricting access to doctors as a cost-cutting measure – “rationing” by another name.

Attention is focused on United Health’s Medicare Advantage coverage, a program many seniors rely upon to access quality care at a manageable cost. The company explains that deep government reimbursement rates are making it impossible for the company to make up the difference.

What does this have to do ObamaCare? Everything.

Remember that the cornerstone of funding for ObamaCare was a $700 billion reduction in funding for Medicare, primarily the Medicare Advantage program.

So much for the promise that “if you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor”.

This is part of an intentional, strategic plan to shift health care expenditures away from the biggest consumers of health care services by forcing seniors to find care from fewer and fewer providers.

While Democrats have been successful persuading foolish young women and media allies that the only question of import is whether taxpayers provide them with “free” birth control drugs, the horrific fact is that the Obama Administration is waging a deadly war against seniors that will have genuine, tragic consequences.