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Once More We Must Witness a Public Execution

April 25th, 2018

Many of you have probably been following the tragic story of baby Alfie Evans in England. He is a toddler whom the medical community and courts have determined must be killed, despite the heart-wrenching pleas of his parents for his life.

Doctors determined that this little boy would not recover from his condition. They determined that he was going to die.  So they told his parents that he should be removed from a ventilator and denied food and water.  In order that he be helped in dying faster.

The logic is truly inexplicable.

The parents fought for his life. They went to court and asked that they be allowed to take him to another hospital for treatment.  The courts – many courts – have upheld the right of the London hospital to play God.  No, said the UK High Court just yesterday, the parents cannot transport to a hospital in Italy or Germany.

The last report we read indicated that the hospital had yet to withdraw water from the little boy, but they have begun starving him.   They also withdrew him from a respirator, but the little Alfie continued to breathe for some 19 hours – defying predictions of hospital staff.

We have seen any number of such examples of growing arrogance within the legal and medical community. It is almost as if people like Alfie are being executed because they defy the medical oracles by continuing to live.  It is hard to accept that modern society is willing to tolerate such attacks on parental authority and human dignity.

But it is even harder to grasp why our institutions are so psychotically committed to ensuring that vulnerable people like Alfie die on their schedule. Why is it necessary to deprive the boy of food and water?  Can one imagine a more horrible method of death?  Can you imagine the ACLU standing by if death row prisoners were executed over the course of days through such a method?  Yet we stand around wringing our hands when the highest authorities of the land wreck such havoc upon the innocent.

It is truly more than barbaric. It is plain evil.