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May Your Christmas be Richly Blessed

December 24th, 2017

There is no more “pro-Life” event than the celebration of the Lord’s birth.  It is important, as we finish plans for presents and meals and visits, that we are celebrating the most mysterious and momentous event in world history.  The Creator of the Universe humbled himself to become man.  That humility is highlighted by the lowly station He assumed as He shed His glory to become a helpless newborn.  Born in a stable, straw in His crib.  At that moment Jesus became every man.  And it is so important to appreciate that He also became every precious baby.  He did not become the Savior at his birth… but became the Son of Man at His holy conception.

The heart of the pro-Life movement is a fight to honor that seminal moment in human history.  That precious baby Jesus is the reason for the season.  And He is the true energy and power behind the pro-Life movement. Hallelujah!


We pray that the Lord of the Universe richly blesses you and your family this Christmas Season.  We hope that your singing, and feasting and gift-giving and fellowship is full of His love.

And we want you to know how grateful we are that you are partnered with us in this great cause.  Thank you.  And Merry Christmas!