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Just What IS Life Chain?

September 28th, 2019

The annual Life Chain is coming up this next Sunday (October 6th).  It is an event that has been held since the 1980s to publicly challenge our nation’s slide into barbarity.  The event has grown to over 900 cities, held on the first Sunday in October.

Many churches mark that Sunday as “Pro-Life Sunday”, in which congregations are reminded of what the Lord thinks about the sacrifice of preborn children. Prayers for His help and mercy in ending this barbarous practice are lifted up.  In some churches, this commemoration led Christians into realizing that more had to be done.  It was not enough to talk to each other.  We had to take the Gospel outside of the meeting house and into the community.

The notion of Life Chain was born.

Pro-Life signs were printed, or hand made. Groups of pro-Lifers gathered on a busy street to hold up the signs while they spent time praying.  Messages like, “Adoption, the Loving Option” or “Abortion Kills Children”, or “Stop Abortion Now” confronted people on their way to shop or spend a nice fall afternoon in the park.

For just a moment, or maybe quite a few, our neighbors were made to recall that the lives of vulnerable babies were being snuffed out on an industrial scale, each and every day. An uncomfortable moment to be sure, but one that could lead to action.  Action that not only saves a baby – but a nation as well.

The Treasure Valley Life Chain will be held again on the 6th, from 2-4 pm.  Miracles often happen.  Several times we have had pregnant women intent on aborting their babies drive through the Life Chain, turn around and come to the table, asking for help in finding a better answer.  All they needed was to be reminded of what they already knew in their hearts.

We pray that you might take some time to join us. Join us on the line to rebuild the walls of protection around preborn children.  Give voice to your faith; action to your pro-Life convictions.