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Help Us Stop HB563

February 28th, 2018

In a stunning development, the Idaho House Health & Welfare Committee approved legislation to provide Planned Parenthood of Idaho with a windfall of some $29 million in new public funding.

HB 563, sponsored by Democrat Leader Matt Erpelding, was approved on an 8-3 vote, with Rep. John Vander Woude missing from the Committee.

There were just 3 Republicans who opposed the legislation: Reps. Karey Hanks, Mike Kingsley and Bryan Zollinger.

That means a majority of Republicans backed the measure – which stated purpose is to provide additional “family planning” monies to low-income women. Voting for the measure:

  • Chairman Fred Wood (R- Burley)
  • Vice Chairman Kelley Packer (R-McCammon)
  • Rep. Christy Perry (R-Nampa)
  • Rep. Eric Redman (R-Athol)
  • Rep. Megan Blanksma (R-Hammett)
  • Rep. Jarom Wagoner (R-Caldwell)

We urge pro-Lifers from around the state to immediately contact their House members to urge a resounding defeat of HB563.

This is the same committee which has failed to give us a hearing on HB 572, legislation to end taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood.