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Biden Leads America Into a New Darkness

April 24th, 2021

There are so many difficult and enraging things being promoted by the Biden Administration that it is difficult to keep up.  And those things we notice likely fill most Americans with anxiety over the nation’s future.  So it would not be surprising if you missed Biden’s most gruesome action yet: He has issued an executive order encouraging the federal government to purchase aborted baby parts and conduct medical experiments using those same baby parts and tissue.  If the corporate media have covered the story at all, they have clouded it into a larger narrative of Biden reversing President Trump’s policies.

Let’s spend a bit of time developing the context and evil meaning of Biden’s action.

Remember the public outrage of just a few years ago, when we learned that Planned Parenthood was harvesting and selling aborted baby parts?  Congress called for hearings.  Politicians and bishops issued press releases.  The public demanded that public funding be cut off for America’s largest death merchant.  Other officials, including Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi, used their public power to shield Planned Parenthood from deadly political scandal.

Years have passed.  The disgrace and story have faded from the public square.  Planned Parenthood escaped unscathed.  In fact, the only penalties being levied are against those – like David Daleiden- who publicized proof that Planned Parenthood was trafficking in aborted baby parts.

But, today, we have the federal government becoming a willing partner with Planned Parenthood in monetizing the destruction of preborn children.  This is a new level of evil.

For a generation, the federal government has forced American taxpayers to subsidize Planned Parenthood under the guise of “birth control” and “reproductive health services”.  It has created programs to pay for certain abortions in limited cases using tax dollars.  But it has largely stood aside, as a rather neutral party, enforcing a woman’s “right” to kill her preborn baby – while not being an actual promoter of abortion.

Biden’s decision to engage in medical experimentation with aborted baby parts changes all that.  He is now actively promoting the notion that it is a public policy “good” for aborted babies to be harvested like a commodity and used in government-funded medical experiments.  The federal government, our government, has become a willing participant in the greatest evil of our time. 

There is so much more to say about this.

Let us briefly mention, however, that it is very difficult to see a distinction between America’s new embrace of human medical experimentation and that of Germany’s under the notorious Hitler regime.  Doctors and political leaders were tried at Nuremberg for their role in using the prisoners of Auschwitz and other camps as tortured guinea pigs.  America led the world in holding those barbarians to account.  Out of the Nuremberg Medical Trials came a new international ethical standard forbidding human experimentation without the express, informed consent of those participating.  Again, it was America who led the world.

Where has that America gone? 

Today, we have a president actively promoting the destruction of innocent human beings to supply the medical industry with the raw materials it cravenly demands to create new drugs and profitable treatments.  We have an America paying for, and promoting, COVID-19 vaccines produced with aborted baby tissue.  We now have an administration paying Planned Parenthood for the body parts of the human beings it destroys.  Friends, this is shameful barbarity.

Where is the outcry from our churches?  Where is the public outrage from leaders of academia or the medical profession?  Where are the press releases from politicians mimicking the moral pain of their constituents? The story is but a passing headline, hardly noted even by pro-Life organizations.

America has sunk to a new level of spiritual and moral darkness.