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America’s Long Winter Comes to an End

January 20th, 2017

America has endured a long, cold winter. Some eight years long.  But, by the grace of God, we have survived and there is promise of a vibrant spring.

Barack Obama has been relentless in his assault on America’s core values and conventions. He has rigidly pushed abortion, sexual perversion and illegal immigration.  Obama has seriously damaged a once-premier health care system.  He has freed drug lords, terrorists and traitors from prison – while fostering wide-spread hostility toward law enforcement.  He has expanded the capricious power of the presidency while undermining the public’s appreciation for the rule of law.  He has attacked free enterprise while greatly expanding dependency upon government.  He has imported Muslim terrorists while turning his back on Christians around the world who are fighting for their very lives.

Like a very bad winter, the snow storms and cold snaps have continued to come. Americans have been shoveling, sanding and huddling around wood stoves praying for spring.  Scraping the ice and snow off roofs, hoping we won’t see water spots in the ceiling.  Eight very long years.

Obama has assaulted our Jewish friends in Israel while making nefarious deals with our Iranian enemies. He has refused to address the mounting violence and hopelessness of America’s greatest cities, while insisting that those Americans still pulling the cart accept greater responsibility. He has encouraged ignorance of, and contempt for, the Constitution.

Freezing rain, followed by subzero temperatures. Slick roads for the morning commute.  Long nights of fatigue, afternoons of seething incredulity that another snowstorm has arrived.

Yet, today, America marks a time of renewal. The Republic has somehow survived the worst that Obama and his anarchist streetwalkers have thrown at Her.  Winter has come to an end as Obama flies off to play more golf in Palm Springs.

President Trump and Vice-President Pence have a daunting job before them. Rebuilding the Constitution’s institutions and restoring America’s core values to government will take time.  Surely they will make mistakes and good-hearted Americans must be willing to forgive and lend them a hand.  But spring has finally arrived.  Hope has returned to the land.

That proud, tattered flag still stands.

Thank you Lord.


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